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We started this website to help people, to improve people’s lives through knowledge, and inspire people to pursue the best things in life. We want people to succeed! Helping people is rewarding and a better approach to building a sustainable business. Making sure the customer is happy is priority one!

I have been thinking and working on the idea of a website since the ’90s; it wasn’t until I came across Wealthy Affiliate that I got the training I needed to build a website. Wealthy Affiliate was the best training that I could find on the internet for the task, and to learn how to generate excellent (SEO) content.

Part of the training is selecting a niche for your website. I choose to start with the Health and Wellness area because it is something that I needed to work on personally, and there are so many different ideas and recommendations that get thrown at people online every day in this field.

That is why we wrote so many posts on health-related topics.

My expertise is “NOT” the health care field, but, in my career, I troubleshoot and research issues that have to do with operating a chemical facility to provide solutions to problems. The problems range from safety-related topics to technical problems. I train people to overcome the difficulties in their professional life, as well as assisting people with issues they face away from the job. This experience has developed into a very keen skill that allows me to enjoy researching for articles.

I have worked with many home-based businesses over the years. I know most people trying to make money online, are not successful; that is why we need innovative ways to make that a real possibility.

The real purpose of SEEZ-IT.COM is to develop a systematic approach to team building that works!

We have all observed the MLM and Network Marketing Industry push their version of team building and it goes something like this:

The pace of the team is the pace of the leader

Focus on their dreams to Reach YOUR MLM Success

Increase the frequency of your meeting to Increase Team Building

Engage a new team member

Spend less than 1 hour a week on a training

Give one message of duplication at each event

Unite your leaders for ALL of you to Create MLM Success

While there are some excellent lessons to learn from this philosophy, how many people are hurt team-building this way? Too many! Nobody who joins a system or tries to start an online business wants to fail; that is obvious, so why do the so-called guru’s tell people it is their fault when the problem is usually “THEIR PROGRAM” that does not work?

It is time for a new approach that unites people by their common goals first then finds a solution to the issues they face. A group working together in a team will find better solutions to the problems at hand. When thinking about online business and making money from home, many people want to gain financial freedom and time. Teamwork is the best way to make that happen!

Before ONPASSIVE, none of the Home-Based Businesses, MLM’s, Network Marketing, Direct Selling, or Financial Businesses, were worthy of promoting. Every time the business model or program looked promising, it would be after getting started, I would always find problems with the company or the program an tell people to warn them about the issue. Needless to say people would not join, and I am glad they didn’t join.

It always comes down to people making money; everyone quits a program or company when they are not making money. Many online companies form to exploit this and run a cycle of promoting the next best thing and take advantage of people who have the desire to make money. Only to be disappointed and left without anything to show for their efforts.

Our Approach is Different & Takes Longer!

We want to get to know people and build a team before starting a business. That is why ONPASSIVE works so well with SEEZ-IT.COM and the plan we have to help people achieve their goals while helping others do the same. The GoFounders platform has allowed us the method to build teams before the launch of ONPASSIVE.

My Vision is to Help People and that is why I chose SEEZ-IT.COM as my domain name. When thinking about the idea it came to me that people need to see the vision, then seize the opportunity!

SEEZ-IT.COM domain name is more of a play on words to capture the act of seeing something metaphorically (like seeing the vision that someone has for a business), then the second part is to seize the opportunity and act on it right away.

My motto in life; it is better to grab the proverbial bull by the horns and take control of your actions.

What you can expect from this blog is honesty!

Our display of information will help people become better informed on any subject that we cover.

Being open-minded and thick-skinned allows me to appreciate all points of view from any commenter, and I will do my best to understand the other persons’ point of view.

Many of the subjects covered on SEEZ-IT.COM are very controversial, and what I have found is that there are differences in “Expert” opinions, and not all the answers apply to everyone! Many times that leaves us with more questions than answers.

I hope that you enjoy the diversity of topics that we cover and, please leave any comments, opinions, questions, and thoughts in the comment sections, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Let’s Talk About Team Building

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Have a Great Day!