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Chad & Yuliya Trader


We started this website to help people, to improve through knowledge, and inspire people to pursue the best things in life. We want people to succeed!

In the beginning, Wealthy Affiliate provided the training on how to build a website, because it was the best training that I could find on the internet for the task.

We had to pick a niche to proceed with the training, so I decided to start with the Health and Wellness area because that is something that I needed to work on personally.

That is why we wrote so many posts on health-related topics.

In my career, I troubleshoot and research issues to come up with solutions to problems. The issues range from safety-related topics to the technical ones. That has developed into a very keen skill that allows me to enjoy doing the research for articles.

Realizing that most people, who are wanting to make money online, are not being successful; we need innovative ways to make that a real possibility. I have been involved with many home-based businesses over the years.

Before ONPASSIVE; none of the Businesses that I have participated in have been worthy of promoting, every time the business model looks promising, and after getting started I always find problems and point them out to people.

My Vision is to Help People and that is why I chose SEEZ-IT.COM as my domain name. When thinking about the idea it came to me that people need to see the vision, then seize the opportunity!

SEEZ-IT.COM domain name is more of a play on words to capture the act of seeing something metaphorically (like seeing the vision that someone has for a business), then the second part is to seize the opportunity and act on it right away.

That is my motto in life; it is better to grab the proverbial bull by the horns and take control of your actions.

What you can expect from this blog is the utmost honesty!

Our display of information will help people become better informed on any subject that we cover.

Being open-minded and thick-skinned allows me to appreciate all points of view from any commenter, and I will do my best to understand the other persons’ point of view.

Many of the subjects covered on SEEZ-IT.COM are very controversial and what I have found is that there are differences in “Expert” opinions, and not all the answers apply to everyone!

I hope that you enjoy the diversity of topics that we cover and, please leave any comments, opinions, questions, and thoughts in the comment sections, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Chad,
    I sent you a question earlier to an OnPassive Blog. Are you a Texas? If so, I also live in Texas between Austin and San Antonio. If not, I must of misunderstood and apologies for assuming. So I have also received a weird email from a Stuart Clark about OnPassive, yet no directly link. Very frustrating, so I searched OnPassive and found your link. I hate to trod on anyone’s toes; however, I am seriously considering hoping on as a Founder. I do want to know; however, if it is absolutely necessary to work OnPassive as a business or is that optional? I have my own online business with a company called CTFO and they just pre-launched a product called CelluVie and I wish to maintain my focus on this company. This is why I am inquiring about OnPassive. Can OnPassive help me grow this business for me? I appreciate your candor! Thank you, Merrie

    1. Hello Merrie,

      I do live in Pasadena, Texas, and glad to help you understand ONPASSIVE. You do not need to focus any time on ONPASSIVE; that is why it’s created. Becoming a Founder will place you in the company-sponsored marketing campaigns that will build your ONPASSIVE business in auto-pilot, and your focus can remain on your current business. The targeted traffic will help you to build your brand and sell more products. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    1. Hello Mordi,

      SEEZ-IT.COM is my blog website and members of the group you are referring to are the Founders with ONPASSIVE. I am a Founder with ONPASSIVE and will send you an invite to your email for your review. Please let me know if your have any other questions or concerns. Also, here is a link to an introduction video of what is ONPASSIVE.

      ONPASSIVE Video

      Best Wishes,

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