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Chad & Yuliya Trader

Our website was started with the thought to help people get healthier, to improve through knowledge, and inspire people to pursue the best things in life.

Wealthy Affiliate provided the training on how to build a website because it is the best training that I could find on the internet for the task.

We had to pick a niche to proceed with the training, and I decided to start with the Health and Wellness area because that is something that I needed to work on personally.

My specialty is troubleshooting and researching to come up with solutions to problems and issues faced while running an operating facility. To my surprise, I enjoy researching for articles and learn a lot while doing it!

SEEZ-IT.COM domain name is more of a play on words to capture the act of seeing something metaphorically (like seeing the vision that someone has for a business), then the second part is to seize the opportunity and act on it right away.

That is my motto in life; it is better to grab the proverbial bull by the horns and take control of your actions. What you can expect from this blog is the utmost honesty and display of information that will help people become better informed on any subject that we cover.

Openminded and being thick-skinned allows me to appreciate all point of view from any commenter, and I will do my best to understand the other persons’ point of view.

Many of the subject covered on SEEZ-IT.COM are very controversial and what I have found is that there are differences in “Expert” opinions, and not all the answers apply to everyone!

Hope that you enjoy the diversity of topics that we cover and, please leave any comments, opinions, questions, and thoughts in the comment sections, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Have a great day!

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