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Chad and Yuliya Trader

This website was started to help people get healthier.

Our mission is to increasing people’s understanding of the role that diet plays in their general health.

Doctors have always been preaching this message… Why is it so difficult? Because it’s more fun to eat whatever you want!

That is until it damages your health to the point that it demands your attention and making some changes.

How Diabetes Affects People

Type 2 Diabetes changed my life was drastically. In my case, the warnings from the Doctors, were listened to and some changes made, but not enough!

Diabetes, pills , and blood glucose meter

By addressing the issues that cause someone to become a diabetic; we can help those who are at risk, Type 2 Diabetes is primarily self-inflicted through poor diet and exercise habits.

Many times, we hear this message, but do not “really” listen to the advice of the doctors.

Are you someone who is affected by the conditions?

Maybe you have a close friend or family member who is struggling with this condition and would like to be part of a support network in helping them make the necessary changes.

What You Can Expect from Our Post

Through the articles posted on SEEZ-IT.COM, we will discuss different diet options, how to better use supplements and natural remedies, to help others improve their health.

Good news is coming from our post!

Explaining how to look at food differently, such as reading the nutrition facts label with purpose, and understanding what to look for. Better equipping people to make the right food choices.

We use research to gain knowledge, along with personally experience that may help the issues that people face, such as motivation, inspiration, mental health, depression, etc…

The focus will always be with the approach of finding a solution to the problem and not allowing the problem to become bigger than it really is.

Ultimately, the goal is to improve people’s lives with the information and discussions that will come from our post.

Commitment to Reliable Health Related Content

Our pledge and promise in everything that we participate in, whether from the website or out in the regular business world.

The information that is presented in our articles will be checked for accuracy and have “NO” exaggeration for the purposes of selling more product.

Honest Opinions, Comments, and Feedback

All opinions are genuine; all comments, suggestions, and questions are to be answered promptly..

Our goal is posting two or more times a week, content that adds value to the reader in the following areas: general health topics, vitamins and supplements, diet options, food choices, protein bars and weight loss ideas.

Our goal is to build an online business focused on helping people to solve problems in with health-related issues, when appropriate organize groups to use products and generate funds for good causes.

How to Help Many Charities or Projects

With the spirit of helping others, we are searching out like minded people who are looking for solutions to their fundraising needs.

People who desire to be part of a community that helps others with their efforts, we will find these people and organize willing participants to raise funds.

Groups that already exist can easily participate if they find the product suitable for them.

Primarily the funds will be raised through distributing the supplement Sustain produced by Avisae.

I have been taken this product for over four years and am thoroughly convinced it is the best vitamin I have ever taken.

Helping Hands!

This is confirmed with many blood tests to verify my vitamin levels. Plus, I have shown the information to my Doctors for their approval and have not had any negative comments from any of them.

People who want to get involved; may do so, at whatever level they are comfortable with. Passing the information on to others or participating in a more active role.

Example could be participating in a group who wants to raise funds for diabetes research.

The system; can be applied to other groups focusing on their own charities or projects, such as:

  • American Red Cross
  • American Heart Association
  • American Cancer Society
  • Feeding the Hungry
  • UNICEF USA – Put Children First

These are examples of giving back to people in some way… which is the purpose of doing this.

People who are currently supporting a Charity, or participating in a good project to help others, they are good candidates to participate in this program, because their hearts are already in the right place!

Giving Back Vision – Developing for Years

This idea started several years ago when being introduced to the Avisae products. The products are amazing, and after taking the time to verify this by using the products now for years.

Giving Back!

I have been using supplements from many sources since the 80’s. But this is the first one that has past my test!

In dealing with any type of business or personal arrangement the most important thing is to have trust and honesty.

Anything built upon a lie will ultimately crumble… so the most important quality, is the integrity of the participants.

People who are caring and operating from the place of compassion will think of others before themselves.

This quality is necessary when generating Charitable funds because it must be dealt with honestly.

Personal Commitment to Success

After many years of using your talents and energy working for an employer; one lesson stands out. While it is good to accomplish goals for “The Company”, the rewards of helping to build a company have a certain level of satisfaction and rewards.

Getting the job done!

But, how much better would it be? To be part of something, that is truly making a difference in this world!

Focusing on how to get things done; while building from the strengths of other people, and not critical on their weak points.

This quality has carried me through my career and will be an asset in this business as well.

Organizing people according to their skill sets, working together towards common goals, will build a great working relationship that will be a joy to be part of.

For more information on how to participate in raising funds for your Charity or Project follow this link:

How to Participate…

8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Thank you for sharing your website. I found your website very timely. I’m sixty-eight years old with good health, but both paternal grandparents have afflicted with   diabetes. My understanding is that there are two types of diabetes and both are chronic diseases that affect how your body regulates blood sugar or glucose. Being insulin the key

    One, I think, type 1 people don’t produce enough   insulin and type 2 don’t respond   as well as they should &nbsp, and later in the disease often don’t acute;t make enough of it. Both types of diabetes leading to chronically high blood sugar levels. That increases the risk of diabetes complication. I remember my grandfather going blind and one leg being amputated.

    Last year my physical and lab exams show no sign of diabetes, and even though both my late parents never exhibited symptoms of the disease, I´m always afraid I may catch it.
    Hence your website showing me to prevent diabetes. You mention Avisae products, as well as diet and exercises, as a good way to preclude insulin deficiency. Can you easily find these supplements at CVS or Walgreens? 

    1. Good that you do not have diabetes, diet and exercise is what will help prevent getting type 2 diabetes. In my experience with taking the supplements from other sources the quality never seem to be very good when getting the cheaper brands.

      Even when buying from reputable sources, I did not get the good results on my blood test as I do taking the Avisae products. Before finding the Avisae products I was buying my supplements online from Swanson. I was taking  20 supplements just before switching to Sustain.

      During that time my blood test were still a little low on some of my vitamin levels, but my diet was not very good back then. Now with a much better diet and taking just one pill of Sustain a day my vitamin and mineral levels have been good on my blood test. 

  2. Thanks for the sharing this great information  and thank you for helping other .

    I never been part of a charity before, but I do like to help when others are in need, one charity that I like to help the most is the st Jude children hospital. Or when is a catastrophe I try to help the best I can. Thank you for doing this and I hope more people start helping others.

    1. Giving back is the best feeling in the world and part of the goal is to help those who know this come together and combine their efforts to be able to make a bigger impact.

  3. Kudos for the post! Thanks for helping people to get healthier with your website! I equally believe that your website will become a citadel of health for most people out there including myself to learn how one’s health can improve. I know I’m going to learn what needs to be taken as a diet and what needs not to be taken to improve health. Wish you success in your online endeavors! Thanks for the innovations!

    Israel Olatunji

    1. Thank you for your remarks and encouraging words. We are working very hard to gather information and present  it to people in a way they can relate too.

  4. Hello Chad

    I really like your About us page it is very complete and clearly states the reason why you have this site. My father and Grandfather had diabetes and so far I have not got it. I do control my weight and try to exercise as often as I can. I really want to dodge this bullet. Any recommendations most welcome !

    I also avoid sugar as much as possible. I do like some of your recommendations for supplements and will review your posts to see what else I can do to control my blood sugar. Thanks for the wonderful information on your site.



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