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Hello, and Welcome to SEEZ-IT.COM. We would like to present to you the information on one of the best opportunities to hit the internet. This company is changing the paradigm of how to market and earn money online.

A NEW Internet Experience is Coming SOON!

Are you making the money you desire? Have you thought about making money online and working from home? The current condition of the world; many people are finding themselves confined to their homes for the first time by mandatory quarantines.

That is bad enough, but if you have lost your income as well, that makes the situation more dangerous. After this pandemic, people face the possibility of it happening again. What can you do to prepare yourself?

There is a brand new Global IT Company that has a solution to this problem. ONPASSIVE has a Smart Business Solution (SBS) build into one platform to take care of everything that a person needs to be successful in earning money from home.

Are you ready to learn about this fantastic business? It is massive and takes some time to cover the basics. We have an excellent series of videos that explain it very well. It is worth your time to listen and see if this is a smart business solution for you.

The ONPASSIVE Movement video series prepared by one of the Founders with ONPASSIVE is the best presentation I have seen to help a person understand what ONPASSIVE is all about so that they can make an educated decision.

Five videos are ranging from 7 to 15 minutes each, to watch all takes a total of 45 minutes, below are the links for convenience. Please take your time over the next couple of days and see if this business sounds useful to you.

Chaos – 7:38 minute video

Done For You – 10:41 minute video

Customer Tools – 14:45 minute video

Show Me The Money – 14:39 minute video

Changing The World15:05 minute video

Thank you for taking the time to watch these videos!

To participate; start by merely registering to become a Founder for a one-time $97 fee to lock in your position.

Once you are paid and sign the NDA, you gain access to the GoFounders back office.

Becoming a Founder and at launch become a customer with a one-time fee!

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Email me for the details and if you have any questions about ONPASSIVE or the GoFounders position.

If you would like to have a conversation, we can set up an appointment to discuss it online or over the phone.