Artificial Intelligence

ONPASSIVE has created it’s Artificial Intelligence from the ground up with the purpose in mind to build businesses and maintain the company matrix. There are multiple functions that the AI monitors to keep the system and automatically place new people where they belong in the structure.

Learning more about the AI and all of the things that it does to streamline the business process will amaze you. The brains behind the vision have brought a fresh approach. Ash Mufareh has committed to keeping the programmers and engineers who developed the technology so that they can continually improve.

Many people giving testimonials to what they have seen with ONPASSIVE, and the best is yet to come. At the time of this writing, ONPASSIVE is still in pre-launch, Founders engaged with the process have witnessed the evolution of ONPASSIVE from the beginning, and the scope grew exponentially.

The best part about the AI taking care of the company matrix is that everyone knows that the work follows the programming parameters. This practice makes it fair for all involved, and you can focus on the task of building your business or enjoying life.

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