Bad Product Reviews

The subject of bad product reviews or even giving a useful review without making a purchase, or using the product first is the topic of today’s post. This practice is something that I see many bloggers doing, both novice and experienced.

It is a sad truth that they receive training on how to do that practice; and while attempting to become recognized as a subject matter expert in the field.

How can anyone rationalize this behavior? You cannot give a useful review of a product or a company without using the product or the company’s services. Yet, it is happing millions of times every day. The demand for generating fresh content can easily cloud people’s judgment if not careful.

Better not to write anything than to write some non-sense that anyone who is diligent in their research will uncover very quickly. It is one thing to make some mistakes, but a whole other thing to begin a review process with your mind already made up.

How Can You Write a Review Without a Purchase?

My view on this question is that you cannot review a product without either buying it or getting it from another source that is not involved with the company who produced it; that is a conflict of interest.

New bloggers who do not have any revenue coming in are at risk here because they do not have the resources to go out and buy products used only for a review. What I have witnessed many times is bloggers in the make money online niche writing about opportunities that they have no experience with before.

Most bloggers do not even buy the starter package and see it for themselves. Instead, it is evident they get their research from another popular review, afterward re-writing it in their own words to make it unique.

This form of cheap imitation is never going to establish a blogger as a subject matter expert; what it does do is make readers not trust the content and go somewhere else for an honest opinion. Clickbait is going on here too, attempting to get stats artificially high, but the search engine AI’s are not going to recognize it anyway.

Bad Company Reviews

Bloggers who are speaking negatively about another company, with their end game to promote their opportunity as a better option for the reader, is a shady practice and unethical.

Experience bloggers and readers of the post will pick up on this method quickly and navigate away from the website, I usually check a couple of their articles and if there is a pattern not pay attention to their blog.

People bombarded with unethical practices for the last thirty years are sick and tired of it and demanding honest, transparent communication from their online sources. This principle is great for the future of online business and relationships.

Better to report the facts and let people make an educated decision on whether the product or opportunity is right for them.  It is much more essential to develop trust with people, and even if they do not buy your product or service, they will be an ambassador for you to other people they speak within their circle.    

Major Problem Today

Most of the products and services in the Information Technology niche do not deliver the advertised results. On top of that, people have to use multiple vendors to get all the things they need to run a successful business. I use many different services and want to use more but cannot afford them, and do not know if they are any good.

An excellent example is my hosting for my website is with the platform where I started training to build websites. It was excellent training, but now I never get any value from the platform but still pay for the training yearly.

Traffic is the hardest thing to get, and there is not an affordable option for getting targeted traffic to your content. When you are promoting an opportunity, it is more complicated than advertising a product. Even with your content indexed and on the first page of Google, it does not matter if the right people do not see it.

Paying for traffic does not deliver the best results; organic is better, but people today move very fast, and if you do not get them to pause long enough to get engaged, they are gone. And the money you spent is evaporated as well.

Setting up lead generation through Facebook is relatively inexpensive once set up, but it is not easy, and you have to have an auto-responder system set up to send to your leads. Bulk email systems can get expensive, and they can kick you out if you make a mistake.

As you can see, it gets expensive, finding all the tools you need to be successful with an online business. All of the platforms I have used to have some of the tools and features you need, but you must use other vendors for missing items.

Remove Bad Reviews

Getting bad reviews removed is not easy to do, and most company’s need to get content management assistance to monitor and deal with things that attack your online reputation. This service is typically not affordable to beginning bloggers.

One thing you can do is respond to a bad review through the comments section. It is tricky because you have to be respectful and keep your tone friendly, or they may not approve the comment.

The only time I engage in this method is when they are ranked right next to my post on Google, especially if they bump my position from first to the second position. If you make long comments with multiple replies engaging the topic, you can get ranked in their target audience as well.

We would all like to be able to delete what is disagreeable to us, but that is not the way life works. Best to make the best of our situation and keep the right attitude.


The take away here is that even though people are going to operate unethically and produce content biased to their ulterior motives, it is better to take the moral high ground.

It is always better not to react to negative emotions and feelings when presented with ignorant people’s non-sense. Instead, take a long deep breath and think about how to respond or to just ignore it altogether.

Look for the best solution and never quit you will eventually find a solution that you can live with, and be content. I hope that this article may reach people and inspire them to think about what they are doing.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this post, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

9 comments on “Bad Product Reviews

  • Tyler says:

    Great article, I couldn’t agree more when you said people are demanding honest, transparent communication from their online sources. Honesty is what people want. When I read a review, I want to know how the reviewer feels about a product to help me decide, so having some honesty even if it is negative helps me determine if I can deal with the cons of a product. I sure hope that your article can help to change the trend we see of bad reviews. It can be challenging to take the moral high ground sometimes, especially when it’s so easy to post a comment.

    Thanks for the great article. 

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and that is a good point you bring up about how hearing all the points, good or bad, helps to educate people and enable them to make a better decision. People need to realize that everyone will buy what they feel is best for them and not let greed drive them to promote their products unethically.

  • Christine says:

    The reason that we search for a product or service review is to help us make a decision. What we want is a real review that has the correct information.You’re right. It is better not to react to other people’s nonsense. For me, I’ll just ignore it.

    Thank you for the information.

  • Andre says:

    Hi Chad,

    To be honest, when I saw your headline, I thought to myself, Oh my! I wonder who this guy is going to take out this time…!

    To my surprise, you actually have done an excellent article. I also believe, that if you have to put someone else down, to get ahead, then there is serious shortcomings in your own product(s) and/or service(s). I totally agree with your advice. People should rather focus on becoming better in promoting their own business. I think to build on positive energy brings you much further in life, than trying to cash in on someone else’s downfall.

    What I do exclude from this, is the obvious scams and gimmicks that floats around, especially on YouTube, which some individuals do, just to get some quick traffic to their videos.

    Thank you for your insightful article. 

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for the compliment and for sharing your thoughts on the subject. It’s sad what lengths people will go to get attention, people, including myself, are much more impressed when someone takes the time to learn before they try to present themselves as an expert. 

  • Hamish58 says:

    Well, I am very interested in testing the challenge you may have unknowingly passed my way when you say in your post that it is better to be honest because my full expectation is that you will not publish this comment because either you will not be able to answer the question or will choose not to, or because you do not honestly believe what you have said in your post.

    So here is the kicker; in your post, you say that most digital products marketed online do not deliver what they say they will, in fact, your exact words are: ”Most of the products and services in the Information Technology niche do not deliver the advertised results.”

    So what does “most” mean in this context, 60 – 70 maybe 80%, and where is your qualitative and quantitative scientific evidence to back your statement, or is it merely your untested personal opinion?

    Great post, and as you say in your ‘about me’ post, you are indeed controversial. But let’s also see if you are as you say honest.



    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for your comments, and I appreciate the challenge. What I refer to as “most” is from my experience and what I see online every day; my estimation would be somewhere around 50%, at best, that is delivering what they claim. All of the services I have used do not live up to the hype. And the ones you want to use are too expensive for the beginner to afford.

      My goal is to help people become financially independent and be able to support themselves through an online business that frees them up to pursue their dreams. Most of the opportunities claim outrageous money for doing nothing; anyone with common sense knows that nothing in life is free. You or someone has to work or provide value to get paid.

  • Brandon says:

    I can agree that most people re-write reviews to make it look like they are an expert in a field. I’ve come across lots of these people. But the real, trustworthy guys get their information straight from the source. Or at least very close to it, from the ones that have used a product or service and not going off of speculation. I was going to ask how we can write a review if we can’t afford the product?

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for your question, and to the point of being honest, there is no way to write a real review unless you have used the product or service for your self. How can anyone give their opinion on something without first-hand experience? It is impossible, too many people are trying to do that, and in the end, they only hurt themselves in their business.

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