Best Natural Supplements for Diabetes

In today’s article, we are searching for the best solution to the topic of healthy eating habits, and the need to use supplements to make up for the shortfalls in our diets.

Most people will agree that it is best to eat the freshest foods that have the least amount of processing done to it.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are at the top of the list and if available; choose the organic options from the market of produce department of the grocery store.

The price is higher for the organic stuff, but it is better for you, so if it does not put you in a financial bind then better to choose the organic.


This topic of natural fruits and vegetables came up during a conversation with an Environmental Engineer; she was emphatic about the importance of not eating the skin of fruits or vegetables exposed to pesticides.

The effects on lab animals that she described made me change my outlook on the subject!

Before eating fruits and vegetables sprayed with pesticides, the skin must be removed to be safe. You cannot remove the pesticides from the surface!

Big news to me because I thought that most of the vitamins are in the skins.

Apples were the main fruit she mentioned that she would not feed to little children (with the skin on). — just something to think about

Best Supplements Diabetics – What will help?

Are Diabetics any different from regular people when it comes to what kind of supplement they take and the food they consume?

Well, that is something being debated about all the time now.

Researching the studies that have been carried out, reveals plenty of reports of people getting entirely off of their medications, just by changing their diets.

My Doctor told me the same thing last year, and it has been brought to the forefront of my thinking on this subject the more that I study what to do.

It is so funny that even with being told all of our lives to eat right and take care of yourself we still feel the need to study this! At least for me; I need the studying, it brings the issue back to the top of my list of things to do.

With that said, it is still hard to keep the right things around. My young children mostly eat noodles and maybe some rice, with very few vegetables. But they will eat all the sweets you bring in the house in a minute! Fast food is the same thing!

So it is a blessing when they like the supplements that have vitamins and minerals they need. The things that are good for us tend to be more expensive, so we have to adjust the way we think about food and the cost involved.

Factor in the cost of ill health in the equation; with the rising cost of healthcare it is much better to spend the money upfront and get the nutrition that our bodies need to be healthy.

Diabetes Type 2 Food List – Eat

Beans – Are packed with vitamins, minerals and are high in fiber and with as much protein as a once of meat in a half of cup beans. Canned beans on hand for when you’re in a hurry is okay.

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables – All these types of vegetables are low in calories and carbs and loaded with the essential vitamins and minerals we need.

Citrus Fruit – Picking the lower content sugar fruits like grapefruit, lemons, lime is a better choice over higher caloric fruits but as long as you keep it in moderation and eat the fruit you can better manage your blood sugar. Avoid juices even fresh juicing if you have diabetes.

Sweet Potatoes – Keeping things real, if your desire something sweet a sweet potato may satisfy it while providing some nutritional value.

Fish High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Better to grill these types of fish to avoid the added calories from the breading and frying but we should aim to get two to three servings per week.

Healthy Options

Tomatoes – Glad they recommended for the diabetic diet; and in any form prepared is okay as long as the proportions are in the correct ranges.

Berries – Does not matter which kernel you prefer they are all good for you; in moderation, they can be added to your diet to provide antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber.

Nuts – Having them on hand can help with hunger between meals and they can be a source of omega-3 fatty acids as well.

Whole Grains – These must be monitored because of the high carbohydrate content and must begin in the ingredients with the word “whole” being first or you will be shooting yourself in the foot!

Milk and Yogurt – Naturally high in vitamin D it can be a good source but must be kept to a minimum due to the high caloric content, I prefer Almond Milk over regular milk and keep my consumption of yogurt to a minimum as well. Preferred to be the reduced fat versions. Does not align well with the Keto diet plans which require 75% fat.

Diabetes Type 2 Food List – Avoid

Alcohol – There is no benefit from drinking alcoholic beverages except maybe temporary relief of stress, but the cost to the body is not worth it.

Sugary Foods – Basically the rule of thumb for me is “If it melts in your mouth, spit it out.” My D.E. nurse told me that, and I laughed at it, but it makes sense… if the cake is that good, but it has no nutritional value, then keep it to a minimum.

Fruit Juices – The reason we only give 4 ounces of orange juice to someone with a low blood sugar reading, then re-check the blood sugar again in fifteen minutes is because of how quickly it brings the blood glucose back up! It can work against you just as easy.

Dried Fruit – Typically has four to five times the amount of sugar than the same amount of the fresh fruit.

White Rice, Flour, or Bread – The refined starches made from these types of grains are easily converted to glucose in the body and compound the problem with insulin resistance.

Full-Fat Dairy – Studies have shown that diets high in saturated fats may worsen insulin resistance.

Fatty Cuts of Meat – This is nothing new we have heard for years to reduce the numbers of servings of fatty meats to just a few a week or to cut them out completely.

Pre Packed Snacks – They are high in Trans fats which are more dangerous to people with type 2 diabetes by increasing the risk of heart disease.

Fried Foods – Just about all the fast food restaurants use some frying in their food processing which is horrible for health reasons; even though it can taste very good and is cheaper than the healthier options.

Best Daily Supplement Take


*The supplement that I take every day, packed with all the vitamins and minerals that a person needs. It is a product by Avisae called Sustain Anti-Aging.

SUSTAIN is made from the freshest ingredients and packs in the nutrients from 21 body-beneficial fruits and vegetables that are rich in phytonutrients for the added benefit of preventing some diseases.

For more information on this product here is a link for the White Paper on Sustain.

Take the Responsibility

This diet is probably the most challenging thing for us to master! We who have a problem with overeating have an issue with this, but it is going to be the critical thing to overcome to become a more healthy person.

We must change our thinking to overcome the things in our life that have caused so many problems; the good news is that we have to keep looking for the answers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information, and I hope that it helps in some way.

Please leave your comments or suggestions below.


20 comments on “Best Natural Supplements for Diabetes

  • Anusuya says:

    I was a pre-diabetes patience and was recommended to dietician by my doctor for food. I can relate very well to this blog. I admire bringing in a an engineer to the subject. I wash my apple in warm salt water, wipe it, peel off and eat. 

    The vegetable and fruits recommendations are really great. Avocado, Salmon and peanut butter was few other recommendations.  

    Not to drink sugary juice is a good highlight  showing the glass of orange juice which typically comes with breakfast

    Looking at the hospital costs and suffering one goes through, using food as your medicine is your better choice.,

    I love this blog which people can practically choose to heal them off from type 2 diabetes.

    Along with food I try to sleep well and exercise at least three days a week. That was recommended to me.

    Thank you for sharing and I wish it reaches everyone suffering or otherwise.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you Anusuya, for your comments and recommendations as well. There are other things that can be done and it is good to hear about peanut butter, I am using it as well based off of a recommendation from my D.E. Nurse. 

      The more I research the nut butters the better they look at adding it to your diet in some form or another. Will look into a blog post on this in the future.

  • Colleen says:

    Hi Chad… you have nice lists of foods to eat and to avoid. It’s sad that our society has reached a point where we must eat organic fruits and vegetables so we can avoid pesticides and gain some benefit from the nutrients in the skins. Like you said, we still need to take supplements to fill the gaps of missing nutrients and we have to take responsibility for our health. Nobody can do that for us. It is on us as consumers to research the foods, vitamins, and supplements that we put in our mouths, so we know we’re getting the best quality items for the prices we pay. Your site offers helpful info for making wise choices! 

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you Colleen for your comments and sharing the understanding of the necessity of watching out for yourself in this environment and culture we live in today. It is not all bad because there are good people out there who want to do the right thing and are looking out for others along the way. 

  • Pardeap says:

    I love it when i run into a site that promotes health and vitality.  I somewhat knew about  peeling the skin, but i wasn’t aware that even apples are sprayed with pesticides.  I’ve always wandered doesn’t the pesticide penetrate into the fruit or vegetable?  Eating right nowadays is not easy.  It requires dedication and having a sound understanding of nutrition and how certain foods interact with out body.

    This is a great site for motivation to eat healthy. I have a friend who is a diabetic.  I will pass on the diet tips to him.


    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you Pardeap for your comments, I agree with you that it is not easy and we get so much misinformation from all the advertisements out there promoting their own special interest. 

      My friend who is a Environmental Engineer really made a point to not eat the skin, but did also make the same point on the fruit inside, was good to eat! Hope that helps clear that up.

  • Shy says:

    What a great list of foods to eat and to avoid for people with diabetes.  It is also very good for anyone at all who wants to be healthier.  I did not relize that dried fruit had so much sugar in it.  I really like the citrus fruit and nuts.  Supplements are great when you can not eat all of the healthy foods that you should be having.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you Shy for your comments, the sugar content is something that has been a topic of conversation in regards to eating right for many years , but until recently the importance was not fully realized. 

      Whether someone is diabetic or not everyone should work on reducing the amount of sugar they are consuming, if for no other reason than to take the highs and lows out of their energy swings.

  • Bushra says:

    A healthy diet can control diabetes and can also help you manage your weight and reduce the risk of diabetes complications, like for example heart problems and strokes, and other health conditions. We know that eating fruits and vegetables is good for everyone because they can help you get the vitamins, minerals and fibre in your body needs every day to help keep you healthy. Fruits are good for everyone although fruits do contain sugar, it’s natural sugar if you have diabetes fruits are good for you as well.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for your comment Bushra, it is becoming more clear to me the place that fresh fruits and vegetables play in the healthy diet both for diabetics and non diabetics alike. It is always good to hear what reinforces what has been learned so far and is encouraging to continue in the pursuit of the knowledge.

  • Fiona says:

    I don’t have diabetes, but your article can apply to anyone really who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle and make good choices about the food you eat. I’m a terrible eater, so this is a good reminder to be conscious of what I’m eating. For a non-diabetic, I think everything in moderation is ok. 

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you Fiona for your comments, we all will need to make changes to our diets at some point in our lives. For years I just ignored what the Doctors were saying and it did not hit home with me until my health was affected. It would have been much better had I took it more seriously at a younger age.

  • Stefan says:

    Hi, I like much that you not only recommend to take supplements for people having problems with diabetes.

    I think it’s at least as important to learn what food is helpful if not more. We have to eat every day and I’m sure a good diet can be of big value not only for people already being diabetic but also know they can potentially get.

    Of course the supplements can do a additional good job. Thanks for the great list and tips.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you Stefan, its good to see the hightened sense of healthy attitudes coming from people and the acknowledgement that we can and need to do better with our diets. the supplements are like an insurance policy to cover where we miss the mark with our diet choices. 

  • Diane Heiss says:

    This was an interesting blog.  I have a friend that was told she is Diabetic 2.  With your article it made it easier with what types of food I can make for her and also try not to give her other things.  I already knew about some of them but, found out about more things that she cannot have.  

    Great blog and thanks.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you Diane for your comments, it is not easy getting used to the things your can and cannot have. The key is to check how each of the foods affect your blood sugar level, that makes it easier to plan your day.

  • julienne murekatete says:

    Thank you for this post on Best Natural Supplement Diabetes.I have been asking myself why all the time fruits appear to be important in healing many diseases? Of course Fruits are antioxidants ad our body contains many oxydants which comes from food we eat everyday,drinks we take, drugs we take and even the air we breath.

    For people with Diabetes need to take organic fruits too to help the body fighting against that sickness.These days finding organic fruits is so complicated and if we find them ,they are expensive.Fortunately there are some natural supplements made from those fruits and seem to be fantastic.

    Best regards

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for commenting Julienne, it is true the organic is not easy to find sometimes and you are really putting your trust in the grocery store in placing the organic fruits in the right place. After my conversation on the pesticides it is important to know what you are getting.

  • Vicki says:

    What a great post as I am diabetes 2 and I live on green veges fish and berries and love my diet

    Chicken on occasion and very small amounts of red meat for iron intake but I prefer Spinach any day

    This is such a great post for people learning about the good bad and ugly of diabetes so thank you and I am sure you will help a lot of people

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you Vicki for your comments, I am learning more and more each week and this blog is a good way to focus on the issues of living with diabetes and learning how share the experiences with others. I need to eat more fish but still trying to figure out how to do that with my job.

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