Best Tasting Protein Bar – Most Satisfying to You

In today’s world, people are becoming more and more concerned with the nutritional content of their food choices.

We see restaurants responding to this, and they are adding the “true cost” in health terms to their menus; which is the number of calories and fat content on the items they are selling, even with the possibility of people to buying less from them!

Having these options is in response to the growing “healthy alternative” concern in our society. But we must also remind ourselves that basic human desire; will win out unless we set our minds right to battle the urges that come naturally through our senses.

With that thought in mind, may we focus on our sense of taste?

Grade the Taste of Your Favorite Snack

What is something that does not need any encouragement for most people to indulge?

Think about eating your favorite candy bar while drinking your favorite soft drink. That does not take any effort to do.

The difficulty is in resisting the temptation; we must equip ourselves with the correct knowledge, and have the right alternative in mind when the situation arises.

How do we do this? There are many ways to go about this task; one that has been very beneficial for me is to think about my favorite candy bar snack.

Break down what it is that makes it my favorite; use these characteristics to help search for a suitable protein bar replacement.

Protein Bar

The nutrition in a protein bar is a much better nutritional choice to make; your body will have more energy now, and reward you for making these types of options over time.

One of my favorite candy bars has always been the Snickers bar; mainly because it tastes so good (brings a smile to think of it) and for me, it is the best one to take the edge off the empty feeling and get me to the next meal.

The situation we all find ourselves in that is most trying on our will power, especially when we are in a hurry, and there is not much time to think about snack choices. Best to make a choice beforehand!

Comparing the nutrition will help to make that choice, but as for the taste, either we brainwash yourself to eat what is good for us or get a protein bar that tastes close to how your favorite candy bar tastes. That is what works best for me!

Look for the Similarity in a Protein Bar Substitute

In comparing the taste and texture of the Snicker bar with the various protein bars that are on the market today; there is one in particular that comes to mind.

It is the Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein bar made by Cliff; this bar has 20g protein and 2g fiber which offsets the carbs, that makes it suitable for a diabetic diet. Must watch the total calories!

The taste is similar enough to remind you of a Snicker bar while you are eating it for the first time; also out of all the protein bars that I have tried it is the best at curving my appetite and getting me to my next meal.

In general one of the best benefits from switching for candy bars to protein bars is the sustained energy and no spikes in blood sugar!

Take the Time to Research the Benefits

Because of my recent diagnosis of type 2 diabetes; there has been a sudden and drastic change to my eating habits.

One of the things a nurse told me recently, was to use the glucose meter to check out what specific foods do to your blood sugar reading and adjust your diet by the results.

This test has been very beneficial in helping me to see what precisely the sugary foods are doing to my body!

Doing this test on a regular candy bar, a piece of cake or pie tells us what we need to know to make the correct choice.

But does not address the taste issue no matter how good something is for you if it tastes bad; you probably will not eat it!

Glucose Test

If you do not have diabetes; count yourself lucky! You can still test your food choices by the way they affect your body. Evaluate the benefits and consequences of your options.

Another point that is worth mentioning here is that in a person with diabetes there can also be physical pain felt in the body that is directly caused by the food we eat!

This pain was astonishing to me when it got my attention; it was the pain that drove me to seek relief from that and started me on this journey.

Food choices may increase the inflammation in the body, and when it gets to the point that the pressure begins pushing against the nerve endings, it produces pain throughout! This pain is subtle and is not any fun!

It was the diabetic educator nurse who made a really good suggestion to plan the next day’s meals every day the evening before; then to only eat what you plan. This is so simple once you put it into action, and the results are empowering!

Depending on the specific circumstance, this philosophy helps in choosing the snacks and meals.

Look for Alternative Snacks

A colleague of my who is on a ketogenic lifestyle told me about making what he called “fat bombs” that he and his wife used as a replacement for their nightly sweet snack, which they used to have before switching to the ketogenic lifestyle.

There are many recipes for doing these types of snacks because everyone’s taste buds are different; the method can be modified to suit the particular taste.

Homemade Protein Snack

The ingredients are, and if you go this route, you can better control what goes into the snack. The only drawback is that it usually must be refrigerated to keep fresh.

This recipe works for me; especially in the evenings after supper, there always seems to be carvings for something sweet.

Most of the time during the day while working, it is easier to have protein bars on hand for snacks. They can be stored easily with the bag, desk, or purchased at a convenience store if you are on the road.

Pre / Post Workout Uses

Protein bars are good to use either right before or following a workout to provide the energy needed to complete the task in an exercise and feel better while doing it.

Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated to do the workout, and it does not matter if you are beginning or been working out for years.

Having the extra energy from the protein bar can help take that edge off of the “don’t want to” attitude, and keep you on track. We all know that the Doctors tell us we need 30 minutes of exercise every day!

Protein Bar

Some of us get enough exercise, but most of us are not getting the amount of activity we need to keep us healthy and feeling good. Consider adding protein bars to the diet if you are not already doing so.

Look at What Makes the Protein Bar Satisfying

Which works best for you?

  • Is it the taste?
  • Is it the effect?

Which one will ultimately determine whether you will continue supplementing your diet with protein bars?

Satisfaction in a dietary supplement is something that can be difficult to describe, but generally, we know when we are satisfied with something.

It boils down to getting the results we are looking for and making the taste as pleasant as possible.

Please leave any remarks or suggestions in the comment section below.

9 comments on “Best Tasting Protein Bar – Most Satisfying to You

  • Connecting 2 Wheelz says:

    hey there,

    I am not diabetic, but I do have a friend who has gone thru a lot of problems with having it. years ago when I would go over to visit him he would always have a box of candie bars , next to his bed. I would always say to him isn’t that doing more damage than good, and back then he just did not care I think. the problem with not caring when you are in the first stages is it catches up with you. So it took him going almost completely blind to realize , he needs to take care of himself even more… I really like this post and will be giving him this link , so he can keep learning more to help him . I like the alterative to a snickers bar, and will give it a try. I unfortunately eat way too much sugar myself and need to start eating better b4 something happens to me. so I will be checking out more of your site, thank you for caring and sharing.

    • Chad Trader says:


      Thank you for your comments and for caring  enough about a friend to pass this information along to him, trust me I know about denial when it comes to food!

      It took somebody pulling me aside and confronting me with thier concern… that was a life changing event for me and totally redirected my priorities in life.

      Keep in mind that if you are or start having issues with inflammation in your body, it can lead to real pain; and if untreated,  get debilitating.

      Best wishes and good health,


  • Rihards says:

    This topic on protein bars really makes one think about the small things in ones diet, most of the time people tell you about how to have meals properly. It is refreshing to see that someone give thought to the small details of healthy living, because it is very much natural for people to have certain cravings for snacks at certain times. 

    Though often things like protein bars lack in taste, are there really any protein bar that tastes sweet enough but doesn’t have a lot of sugar in it?

    • Chad Trader says:


      Thanks for your comment it is encouraging to me to hear that!

      For the answer to your question check out my review of the Pure Protein Bars they are the best tasting protein bars that I have come across so far. 

      They also have the lest amount of sugar and no wheat or egg in them either mostly made of milk and whey proteins.

      Also the lowest in terms of calories which helps in the battle of the bulge.

      Product review on Pure Protein Bars:

      Have a great day!


  • Stein says:


    I saw your article, and I found it very relevant for my needs. I have a question. Can I for example, use protein bars to replace several meals?? Or is it best for gaining muscle? Some have told me that shakes like creatine is the best for building muscle. What do you recommend?


    • Chad Trader says:

      Hello Stein,

      I am not the best to ask about body building, never have been involved in it. My workouts have been more focused on getting into shape to doing things on a practicle level.

      According to the Doctors, Diabetic Ed. Nurse and Dieticians they all say it is better to never skip more than one meal. Everyone is different and each subject should be approached with that in mind. 

      Just looking at what the body is doing, after a extreme workout the muscle fibers are torn and the body will begin to repair at that point the protein must be available; probably the quickest method would be a protein shake.

      I have used the protein bars for a meal subsitutue; in a pinch, when there is no time for a meal but end up needing another a few hours later.

      Have a great day!


  • Danny says:

    Not long ago I was super involved with working out and going to the gym. Naturally, protein bars were one of the first items I wanted to get a hold of. 

    I found that a lot of them were super expensive, so instead I resorted to eating homemade protein snacks. They actually tasted great and were WAY cheaper, so I would definitely recommend doing so if it’s an option. I usually tend to eat them after working out rather than before, that way it feels like they are going directly to the affected muscle areas. But maybe that’s just psychological. Do you have a preference personally?

    • Chad Trader says:

      Hi Danny,

      Your are right making something from scratch taste much bettter than processed food of any kind. We make trade-offs with our taste and the amount of time we have.

      Been experimenting with making some fatbombs with a twist; by adding fresh unsweetened coconut and bare esseintial granola, to the peanut butter, cream cheese, butter, and almond milk is blended with some erythritol and no sugar chocolate chips.

      This mixture taste great and satisfies my sweet tooth with a few bites, have not figured how to get it into protein bar shape and consistency so use it while at home only.

      It makes sense to take the protein after a workout so it is availble to rebuild your muscles, but a protein shake may be more effective.

      Have a great day!


  • Shannon says:

    I use to love having a snickers bar with coffee – the two just went so well together! But as a nurse who is closer to 50 than to 45, and has diabetes in the family, I know all too well the importance of making healthier choices now and watching my sugars and carbs (although it’s much easier said than done!) The Cliff protein bars that you mention are a very excellent, and much healthier, substitute for that snickers! Thank you for the information you provided – even those of us who know sometimes need a reminder of the risks 🙂

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