Change a Life Diet Plan

This article will cover how changes to a person’s diet can affect their life in both negative and positive ways.

Things can happen in life that is not intended but have Huge impacts on our lives, our diets we chose is one of those things.

Even with the extra focus that people are putting on their dietary choices, it is very easy to miss the mark and make poor food decisions, which can develop into bad habits.

Consistently choosing fast food or the easy to prepare processed foods, will lead to undesirable health consequences.

Hamburger plate

Young people do not think about health issues very much (they think they are indestructible). For many years I felt the same way, especially when it comes to food!

Just today, while in a conversation with some young men in their twenties, listening to their stories of going on a Restaurant tour trip, eating meal after meal… just to see which taste better.

This trip was to five different Restaurants in the same afternoon! Each eating a hamburger loaded with all the fixings, at each Restaurant.

That is just crazy! Leaves you baffled when you think about how many calories that is… I have always liked to eat, but have never even thought of doing something like that.

Change Your Diet – Change Your Life!

The conversation started because of a comment about changing your diet and how difficult it is to do.

Describing cutting sugar out of your diet, and how difficult that is; is a message that could really benefit these young men, it might help them want to make some changes, (on how they look at food) before it starts to impact their health.

The fact that I am much older than them and just in the last five years have been getting serious about my own health issues, is something that I must remind myself of.

It is all about your perception of how you are looking at these issues, because to some level, I have been thinking about health issues and taking supplements for because of this for years.

Bad or Good?

The reason was mostly for an insurance policy against unwanted health problems, I figured that it wouldn’t hurt.

Now the major focus is switching to eating a better diet and looking at food differently. It is more important to choose food for the nutritional value first, then try to make it taste better!

That is so much different from just thinking about how to make something taste better!

Living in the South all my life, we just naturally try to make all of our food the best tasting. Does not matter if it is barbecue, steaks, chicken or any kind of meat for that matter.

Then you must make all the side dishes and desserts to go with it! Now it is time to re-think this philosophy and blend the healthy foods into a lifestyle that promotes people eating healthy and still enjoying cooking out.

Best Way to Start a Healthy Lifestyle.

The only way that I know how to make a change is to just jump in with both feet! When you do that it makes you feel like you are in charge.

That is not something that I would recommend for people, but it is normally how I approach things.

Six months ago, this is what happens when my health took a turn for the worse and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Honestly, had it not been for the pain that was coming from the inflammation, I would not have made such a drastic change.

My mindset was that “I was doing what the Doctors told me to do” but the truth was, that I was not doing enough.

Time to Change

Sometimes we need things to happen, to force us to make the decision to make a change.

It only takes a moment to make a change, a person just needs to make up their mind and do it!

Many people talk themselves out of it or make it seem harder than it needs to be.

In my case, I let little things become bigger than they really were. Example is eating the things that are provided by my employers at company functions such as training classes.

It bothered me because of thinking they would take it as an insult, not accepting their hospitality.

This is where attitude is everything! If you just explain your situation, most people are more supportive. In many cases they will ask if there is something else, they can get for you…

Since making up my mind to not eat any more food that is not on my diet plan, there have not been any issues from other people.

The pressure is something that I was putting on myself, while the temptation to eat the “BAD” foods is still there.

It is getting much easier as time goes by… it does not go away and you must prepare yourself for the battle!

Simple Healthy Meals Lifestyle.

One of the best things that have come from all the changes in diet, is just getting back to the basics.

There is so much information on diets and different things that you can try. After reading so many books on diets and eating healthy, it is difficult to keep things straight.

Common sense plays a major role in bringing things into their proper perspective. There are medical circumstances that will affect how food will interact with your body.

Healthy Plate of Food

In the long run, you must reduce the amount of food you eat to lose weight, then eating the right combinations of healthy foods will help you to have the energy to face your day.

How every person wants to approach their diet, is up to them and nobody else is going to know what works best for them.

All you can hope for is to share experiences and get some ideas on what may work for you.

Looking back at what has taken place, there many ideas coming to me through interacting with people’s many comments and suggestions.

The best come from people talking about healthy meals and making it a lifestyle choice.

Taste buds are going to change and will allow you to eat things that would not have considered before.

But the most important thing is to get back to the basics, plan your meals the day before and stick to your plan.

Healthy Lifestyle Facts for Kids.

One of the side benefits of making these changes is the effect it will have on your young children.

My daughter is always asking questions and critiquing my diet. It is funny… but she is learning and making changes to what she is requesting for herself.

Little girl looking

She is eating trying to gain weight, while I am eating to lose weight, but she is learning what it takes to do both.

Taking time to explain each aspect of the dietary choice, helps me to think about what I am doing. While coaching her on the choices she is making!

This keeps me on my toes and helps to keep me honest with myself on what I’m eating. I wish the kids would pay attention to cleaning their room like the way they watch me! lol

Glad they are watching, sometimes we forget how much influence we have on our children. What they see us doing is what they are going to remember.

Actions are louder than words!


Changing your diet is not an easy thing to do when you are cutting sugar out.

People can easily become addicted to sugar and have bad withdrawal side effects.

After a month or two it does get easier and you start to feel better! That is something that you must keep reminding yourself.

Everything worthwhile in life is going to require some effort, making the choice to change your diet will change your life!

Whether the change is good or bad will depend on what your choices are.

Make the right choice and decide to focus on simple healthy meals!

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, hope that it helps to make a healthier choice.

18 comments on “Change a Life Diet Plan

  • Brenda says:

    Diet change is so difficult to maintain. Old habits die hard indeed. A healthy diet plays a vital part in preventing and controlling many diseases. The truth is, it really takes time, patience and a lot of motivation to keep up with a healthy diet. People find easier to eat unhealthy stuffs like fast foods, chips, sodas etc.  Personally, I enjoy a healthy meal, my body feels so revived after consuming healthier meals. 

    This article was really helpful. Everyone can learn something from this. Just remember we are what we eat! 

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for your comments Brenda, that is so true we are what we eat! That biggest thing to do to make the change is to set your mind to the task at hand. 

      One of the things that helped me was to borrow my work ethic and apply it ti how I approach my diet. It is so strange that I took care of my job better than myself for over 30 years! 

      But just make that one adjustment to my thinking has helped tremendously! 

  • Suzie says:

    Hi Chad, thanks for this article on changing diets. Most young people don’t worry about what they eat. Which is unfortunate as there are so many fast foods that are just so unhealthy. They are full of fat, sugar and salt. And constantly choosing these foods over healthier foods DO eventually impact on our health.It is a shame that many people choose fast food options over healthier foods. Healthy foods do taste great! It’s all a matter of changing your mindset before too much damage is done to our health and our bodies.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for your comments Suzie, it is a big problem that most people will just ignore until something happens to their health. I know because that is what I did! 

      Now all we can do is keep reminding people what they are doing to themselves.  Eventually it is going to catch up to them, hopefully people will wake up soon enough to reverse the conditions.

  • Rob S. says:

    It’s so important to change your diet because it does change your life.Being a diabetic, changing my diet is an absolute must and it makes a huge difference.

    And cutting out sugar from my diet has made all the difference in the world.Sugar is toxic and should all but eradicated from our diets.

    It just does so much harm to our organs and our bodies.You may not think about so much when you’re growing up but then all of a sudden it hits you.

    I now follow a healthy diet to avoid sugar as much as possible and you wouldn’t believe how much better you feel!Do you agree that kids should be taught at an earlier age to cut back on their sugar intake?

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for your comments Rob, I agree with you on feeling much better after removing the sugar from my diet. I think that my daughter will benefit from this experience. My son does not seem to be paying as much attention but he notices the extra energy… hope that will translate to him later.

  • Shubhangi says:

    Hey Ched,

    There is no doubt that diet can change your life for better or worse!  What we eat, has a tremendous effect on our mind and body.  

    Especilly fast food can harm your system if you are not careful of its ingredients.  It is also important to take into account the nutritional value of what we eat.

    I personally struggle with cutting sugar out, and it really gives me withdrawal symptoms, but a great relief when you say that it gets easier after a month or two.


    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for your comments Shubhangi, it does get better after some time goes by, it is still something that you have to focus on and keep your goal in front of you. Cutting sugar out is very hard to do… most people struggle with that one!

  • Michele says:

    Hi Chad – very nice article about eating healthier and being more conscious about the foods you eat.  I agree, when I was younger, I really didn’t take into consideration what or how much I was eating.  And certainly wasn’t thinking whether or not it was healthy.  Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a life changing event to prompt you to start looking at your diet.  And the best thing is when you acknowledge that and do something about it.

    Well done,


    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for your comments Michele and the encouragement is always welcome! 

  • Tony says:

    I can relate to this article so much. In my early forties, I was obese, and was diagnosed with borderline high blood pressure and obstructive sleep apenea. This was due to a sedentary lifestyle and a diet of fast food and sugary energy drinks.

    Nearly ten years on, I have lost over 70lbs in weight, my sleep apnea has gone, my blood pressure normalised and I feel the healthiest I have ever felt.

    Cutting out the sugar and processed foods from my diet has been a total life-changing experience. I have more focus, more mental clarity and I also feel better in myself. I also started cycling everywhere, and this also had a profound effect on my health and general well-being.

    I now eat a lot of green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale, and also use a lot of fresh garlic and ginger in my daily diet. I haven’t been near a sugary drink since 2014. I just drink filtered water throughout the day, with a heaped teaspoon of ground ginger, turmeric, a squeeze of lemon and a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar.

    Best wishes,


    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for sharing your experiences Tony, that is very encouraging to myself and to the other readers! I am on the same journey that you are taking and it is good to here of other people’s success stories.

      I have not taken the ginger yet but have been researching the benefits of it and will be introducing it into my morning drink in the next couple of weeks. Just giving the tumeric time to see what kind of effect it gives.

  • Florence Ki says:

    It’s so difficult to change a person’s diet. I’ve been trying to but people surrounding me is not helping. Like you, I too feel obligated to eat when the food is offered to me. Seriously, I’ve tried to change my diet to vegetarian for at least a meal per day but it won’t work if I’m eating with friends. Guess it’s all about mindset now. Do you have any specific method that I can follow to change my diet? 

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for your comment Florence, it is hard in social settings to maintain your diet. Your friends may honor your diet plans if you tell them what you are doing and why.

      Attitude, tone and texture of your delivery will make a big difference with people. Plus most people want to help, especially if they are friends!

      It is the hardest thing to fight the temptation of food, but if you set your mind to it  you can do it! Don’t beat yourself up if you slip, just get back on the plan!

  • Cheyenne C. says:

    So true when you say the only way to change your diet is to jump both feet in. I love food its almost like a drug to me whenever I get stressed I turn to food…bad food. Ive learned way for me to avoid this by not keeping bad stuff in the house, make healthier version of the bad foods I like, and don’t deprive myself I enjoy the bad foods I really very rarely and in moderation.

    Its no secret how to lose weight and healthy its common sense, its just that its really hard to do

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for your comment Cheyenne, it is very hard to change the way you handle stress. Every since quitting smoking, gaining weight has been more of a problem and it comes from eating too much junk food!

      Better to not smoke, so for people that are struggling with that, must remember to deal with the issues and get a handle on it before it becomes a bigger problem. 

  • Sujandar Mahesan says:

    In this article I learned a lot about diet plan. As I am trying to be more active and control my diet in order to stay fit and healthy, this article has the best information available for me and everyone who wants to stay healthy with a healthy diet.

    I learned a lot about healthy meals and also diet plans which is really helpful for me.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article for me. It is well written article and it was easy to understand it.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for your comments Sujandar, being active is something that benefits everyone, working on increasing mines as well. Seems like it is very difficult to find the time, we must be aware of the opportunities when they present themselves in our day. 

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