Computer Artificial Intelligence

Growing up in the ’70s, we used to think about artificial intelligence as something ominous and dangerous to humanity. The SiFi movies would put thoughts in our heads about Martians taking over the world, or advanced computers turning evil to do the same.

In the modern age of computers now things have changed; it is better to think of machines as our friends and learn to use them properly.

We all know that we are always changing, and the computer world is hard to keep up with the advancements. In the past five years, most people have embraced artificial intelligence in their interactions online.

It may be totally involuntary, but think about how we interact with ads while surfing online today and remember that just ten years ago, people were not so accommodating of the suggestions from a computer.

Now, the term Google-it is something that everyone on the planet understands what that means, and it’s not only understood but also it is welcome in everyday interactions, even in professional settings.

AI Advances

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, people are going to benefit from the advances if they prepare themselves for the change.

With AI’s ability to process the mundane task people don’t like to do, while at speeds that people cannot compete with, it stands to reason that those jobs are going away.

This change can be viewed as a negative thing, or you can choose to look at it as an opportunity; either way, it is taking place in the world that we live in, and we need to prepare.

Research is ongoing by significant institutions to determine how much impact AI Technology will impact the jobs market. The preliminary results range from 10% to 50% of the jobs on the market today.

Either way, that is not good for the people who are affected, AI technology is here to stay so better to embrace the idea and make plans to use it to your advantage.

We have good news for people who want to partner with artificial intelligence that is programmed to help people become successful and work towards building a business for them to become financially independent, so they are less vulnerable to losing a job.

Best Artificial Intelligence Companies

Companies with the best AI’s is taking all the data from people and learning to predict people’s future actions. This is essential information to have to work for your business.

A NEW Internet Experience is Coming SOON!

Identifying people’s emotions and identifying their patterns is something that puts the correct advertisements in front of them, and the timings will hit at the most convenient times.

Companies who develop this type of AI will be at the top of the industry; also, the companies who maintain a high standard always continually improving their programs to stay at the top will be successful for many years to come.

Artificial Intelligence Projects

Analytics reveal that Social Media is an essential component in naturally reaching people, getting them in their regular routines, and placing the right material in front of them that already has their interest.

We know this is going on because every time we look at something online, the ads for the same or similar items start popping up on every page we go to afterward.

There is nothing wrong with the practice, sometimes I actually appreciate the information and, even on occasion, make a purchase through the suggestion.

The real-time interactions, when done correctly, make the experience with the website fun and feel productive when everything works as expected.

Think about a system that is built by the best programmers and engineers in the world to do these types of things and do it with the highest standards.

How would you like to be a part of such a business? This practice is distinctive when the AI is programmed to help you.

AI Advancements

AI technology has advanced so much that it is possible actually to partner with the technology and practically shake hands in agreement.

When we agree with the AI and allow it to build our business for us, the possibilities are endless! Think about the time it frees up for you to do the things that you love doing and let the computer take care of the rest.

Lately, the thought of partnering with and AI technology to assist in building a business almost seemed like cheating. I have always believed that nothing in life comes for free and that to have a business, people must work hard for it.

I still hold on to those values probably because of my age and what my experiences have taught me; but, the idea of changing the paradigm is worth the effort.

When the NEW model works, it is worth making an effort to make the change a reality. Everybody, with the right attitude, loves the idea of everyone winning in their business. That gives everyone more resources to live a better life.   


A computer using artificial intelligence to help people achieve their goals and take the load off by doing the mundane task that where people down is a good thing.

Even though this technology will eliminate some jobs that people currently do, everyone who prepares themselves for the transition will have a better quality of life.

The best companies are working on making AI technology smarter and in tune with anticipating what people are going to do, when they get that right 90% of the time the effectiveness of advertising is that much better.

Smart people are looking for the next level of technology that will assist them in achieving their goals in business and freeing their time up to enjoy life.

Please share your thoughts on the subject and if there are any concerns about AI technology and partnering with it to make your life better. Use the comment section below to enter your comments.