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People are always looking for the next greatest thing, how do you know if the following big news is something to pay attention too or is it something that advertisement specialist are producing to make a sale?

Searching for the current health topics news to see what comes up does not provide you with the type of information that is useful in identifying what the current trends are in the health-related field would suggest.

The type of businesses that come up in the search mentioned is the big corporations and the organizations that promote mainstream medical opinions.

Mainstream medical opinions are not good nor bad; in my opinion, it reflects what the medical establishment has adopted as the best practice based on the research that it has done and what the experts in the field interpret the data to mean to people. 

On the topic of losing weight, the medical community seems to explain it by the calories in versus calories burned philosophy. I have spoken to a few Doctors who believe in other methods and are open to different treatments.


It is always refreshing to speak with Doctor’s who have an open mind and do not think too highly of themselves. Doctors who do not listen to the patient provide very little value.

Talking with good Doctors and nutritionist have helped me to understand what eating a well-balanced diet does for the body.

It is nothing new in the sense that the information is unchanged for many years and the main problem is that there is so much wrong information to distract you from the excellent info.

What is the Best Way to Lose Weight?

The best way to lose weight is by changing your lifestyle and allowing your body to shed the extra weight at a slow and steady pace.

Mentally that is not as easy as getting yourself worked up and making drastic changes to lose weight very quickly; most of the time when you do that approach the result is to gain the weight back just as soon as you stop the program.

Lately, I have come across many articles and information suggesting that calorie counting is something to take into consideration in helping people to examine there weight loss programs and effectiveness.

Counting Calories

Counting calories and recording the food eaten will give you the data to analyze what you are doing and see the results. Then you can make changes and repeat the process until you get the results you are looking desire.

The fad diets and all the different advice you can get from various sources that are not healthy for you is something that is best to avoid and use some common sense instead.

Common sense will go a long way in helping people to establish a good health program and something that will remain over the long haul.

Current Events Health Articles.

There have been several reports in studies suggesting that there is a correlation between the brain and the way it adjusts the bodies’ ability to burn or store fat.

The idea behind the findings is that when the brain detects something sweet, it releases more insulin to process the perceived increase in glucose.

Increased insulin levels can lead to many undesirable health conditions; the most common is type 2 diabetes. Untreated type 2 diabetes increases the risk of obesity, heart disease and other health conditions like fatigue.

People who are experiencing fatigue for long periods can develop illnesses more frequently than people who are well-balanced and rested. Best to not ignore the symptoms when you are feeling run down.

Artificial Sweeteners

My personal experience with artificial sweeteners is nothing terrible, or at least there has not been any adverse effects of using artificial sweeteners. I know that if I use regular sugar or high fructose products that weight gain will follow.

Most people that I discuss the use of artificial sweeteners will report that they experience similar results leading me to believe that it is normal.

That information gets you to think about the validity of the claims that the artificial sweeteners are just as bad as sugar. The results from blood glucose readings will increase (spike) drastically when eating high food in sugar.

And the blood glucose reading not to move when using small amounts of artificial sweeteners.

Stabilized readings are essential to people type 2 diabetes because it keeps blood sugar under control.

What’s the Best Diet to Lose Weight?

The best method for losing weight is a lifestyle change and making the right choices daily. We all will give in to the temptation to eat something that we know is not good for us from time to time.

It is crucial not to beat yourself up about it and get back on the plan as soon ass you do something like that. We are all human and old habits are hard to change.

Everybody will need to find the diet plan that works best for them; with all the different body types and lifestyles that affect how each of the eating plans will work for you.

Moderation is the word that comes to mind when thinking about this topic — both in choosing a diet and the exercise routines as well. If you work out more than your calorie requirements increase and your metabolism will increase as well.

Well Balanced

Historically what has happened more often than not is that will increase how much food you are eating if you do not monitor it closely.

Then if the exercise reduces the food consumption will not adjust to lower levels as quickly as the increase happens.

Diligence is going to be necessary to maintain the right ratio of food to exercise and learning this takes time. The effort will be worth it in the end, even if it takes hiring some professional help.

How to Eat and BE Healthy?

Planning meals have helped me tremendously over the past six months. It was difficult to make the switch over to the new routine, but once done it’s easy to maintain.

Choosing healthy choices is much easier to do in advance, and that does not leave it up to chance. People who take the time and learn what is proper nutrition will be in a position to make a better decision.

What most people have trouble with is portion control; this week I have had several conversations on this topic. Every time this comes up in discussions people struggle with this dilemma.

Small Portion

Personally, this is the most challenging thing to deal with on a diet choice. The thoughts planted in my mind over the years that you can have all you want of certain “good” foods, but that is not true.

It is essential that people realize this point to make adjustments to how you look at the portion size of meals. Everything in moderation is what we learn from the Bible and applies here too.


Looking at the current health topic news is not a good indication of whether the information presented is worth reading.

Many times the motive behind the data is advertising or promoting a product.

Examine the source of information and in the data itself, and the motive will usually be apparent if the advertising is working on some emotional or outrageous claims that are not backed by proper research.

Choose your path

Chose the right plan that can be sustainable for a lifestyle change and you will set up yourself up for a successful program that will stand the test of time.

That does not mean that you will not have some problems along the way, but you will know how to get yourself back on track.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post, please leave your comments, experiences, opinions, or question in the comment section below.

16 comments on “Current Health Topics News

  • Babsie Wagner says:

    Great article on changing lifestyle, which I think can be the hardest thing on the planet, but I did it.  I don’t know how I think it was just a progression and reading great articles and books over time.  Since I have, my life has improved.  

    I lost 50 pounds, I have increased energy, and I literally look ten years younger.  My skin is clear and smooth, and my mind is clear.  I love it. It wasn’t easy.  I do miss some things (I sometimes cheat lol), but I enjoy my eating good food, my fruits, and veggies.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences on the topic of changing your  lifestyle. I agree with you that the natural progression after studying diets and what is the right choice for yourself will lead to actions that align with the philosophy you are learning.

      Glad to hear about your weight loss and the effect that it has on your life, the increased energy levels alone are worth the extra effort that it takes. But the real reward is all of the benefits from a healthy lifestyle and being in the best shape that you can be.  

  • Ken says:

    I have been struggling with my weight and a few small health issues over the past 10 – 12 years. I have noticed that the most significant facts included in my increased weight is usually stress. 

    Things like family issues and a divorce drove my weight up over 250 pounds. Once things started to stabilize my weight usually comes down to around 230. I would rather it be at 220. 

    I have also noticed that with my weight over 235, my sleep suffers. I hear people say that they snore from being overtired. I start to have difficulty breathing when my weight hits that 235 make. When I hit 235 my snoring increases, and my sleep suffers, and I am always tired.  

    Do you think there is a correlation with being overweight and snoring? Can this be a problem with people snoring more than whatever other excuses they use?

    • Chad Trader says:

      Problems in life that are stressful definitely contribute to weight gain; good that you have identified the weight that starts to affect your sleeping patterns. It is one of the significant factors for causing weight gain and other health issues.

      One of the lessons learned by going through a sleep study is that weight has an effect on sleep disorders but is not the only factor. The technician was telling me about the worse case of sleep apnea see had ever seen was with someone who was a marathon runner (experiencing 80 episodes per hour). 

      It is always a good idea to strive to get to your ideal weight instead of targeting a weight that is just before problems start to manifest in your body.

  • Alblue says:

    Oh, thanks for bringing some current health topic news. In my country, the Keto diet is starting to become a trend. Selecting low calories food and drinks are not that easy, and many people search for how to plan the keto diet effectively. 

    This is in line with how people want to lose weight and fats. From most of the health topic trends, is there a particular topic you want to dig deeper into your blog? Looking forward to checking about it. Thanks

    • Chad Trader says:

      Many people are confused by what the Keto diet is; it is referring to putting your body in a state of ketosis, that is when it is burning fat for the energy that it needs to function correctly.

      Some medical conditions are not suitable to try this type of diet because of the potential harm that it can do. Type 2 diabetes is one, someone with type 2 diabetes could reach diabetic ketoacidosis which can cause severe illness and even death!

      My focus for a future blog post is in a healthy lifestyle approach to dieting and addressing the health issues that people face in this face paced life that we lead.

  • Amod says:

    The Current Health Topics News is very educative to promote our good health. It tells about significant things like artificial sweetener is as bad as regular sugar we use. 

    If we want to be conscious of our health, the main thing is to change our lifestyle and food habits. It will not only help to shed extra pounds but also good to maintain it.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Glad that you enjoyed the article and got some useful information from it, hope that you found what it is that you were searching for, and please stop back by again for the later post.

  • Rob S. says:

    There are always many health topics get discussed every day. I’ve been down the road so many times when it comes to weight loss. And I’ve seen and tried many types and different diets of which most that did not work.

    As I read this, I couldn’t agree more that the best way to lose weight and become healthy is a lifestyle change. Counting calories is a great way to help lose weight along with recording your meals.

    The medical profession knows what’s best and I agree that weight loss begins with changing what you do and what you eat every day.

    • Chad Trader says:

      That is so true Rob; the medical profession is an excellent source of information and a place to find ideas on what to try different thing to see what works for you. 

      Everybody is different and needs different treatment just because statistic say that most of the people respond to something in a certain way, that has no bearing on whether or not it will affect you that way.

  • AV2001 says:

    Hey Chad,

    I’ve enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with tonnes of valuable information. I’m a fitness freak who regularly participates in sports like swimming, tennis, and hitting the gym regularly. 

    In my opinion, I tend to think that diet is a critical factor in losing weight. The way how you look depends on the way how you eat.

    Thanks a lot for taking your precious time in writing this blog post. Keep up the good work Chad! I’m sharing this article with my unhealthy friends 🙂

    • Chad Trader says:

      Appreciate the comment and thanks for the compliment on the article; we all want to increase our fitness level no matter what condition you may find yourself in at the moment. It is a good thing that it is all up to ourselves to make plans and follow through to achieve our goals.

  • Topazdude says:

    Interesting post! I am thrilled to see this health-related topic. I commend the efforts of gathering this fact about healthy living together. 

    One of the best tips I saw in this article is that the best way to lose weight is by changing your lifestyle. You are allowing your body to shed the extra weight at a slow and steady pace, which is useful to practice.

     Because I had once done it before; also abstaining from a bad diet is a pre-requisite for healthy living.

    • Chad Trader says:

      The past several months have been an eye-opening experience in the area of lifestyle change. I have always liked the idea of changing your lifestyle to a more sustainable mix of proper nutritional choices and a healthy natural exercise that is enjoyable to participate in, that is the best recipe for success!

  • ajibola40 says:

    Thanks for writing this article on current health topics news. I must commend you for a well-done job for taking the time to write this article. 

    I find every part of this article informative and educative on things I should know about my health and losing weight. The reason many people search the current health topics news is that they are just curious about a new set of drugs or products. 

    Tring out new things attempting to improve their health without adjusting their lifestyle can lead to other health issues. 

    • Chad Trader says:

      Your right many people do themselves a disservice by looking for the next best thing or the latest fad diet. Many alternative menus are available to people, but people should invest the time to find out which ones are best for them.

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