Effect of Team Building

We get bombarded with the term “Team Building” in today’s corporate world, and in many of the home-based business models, you hear similar rhetoric about building a team for a specific purpose. What effect are you looking for in your team-building efforts?

In today’s article, we are going to touch on the impact of team building on online businesses in general, and what we are looking for in our team building activities. It is essential to spend some time considering what you want most from your team before you start working on building it or looking for members.

Over the years, I have been on hundreds of teams for various purposes. One thing that is common to find the right team member for the job is to start with a genuine interest in helping the cause. People are more likely to engage when they are passionate about the project underway.

People with the right motivation and passion are more helpful, even if they lack a particular skill. Let’s face it skills are easy to learn, but it is much harder to kindle a genuine interest if the person does not like what you are trying to do or accomplish. Taking the time to make sure they are on board with the purpose is essential to forming a winning team.

Effective Team Building Strategy

It may take time to build an effective team-building strategy for your online business. Making money in online activities can be done without a team, but that can be a lonely existence. Working on building a website or writing a blog can take a lot of your time and takes away time from your friends and family.

Finding the right team can help balance some of the feelings of isolation that can occur. Also, it opens the door to find more like-minded people that you can build a relationship with that can lead to friendship while taking care of business needs at the same time, in this busy world that is a plus you should not ignore.

Getting older has made me more aware of how I spend my time and who I spend it with; spending time with negative people is not worth it. All that does is drag you down, so finding people to participate with you in business, who focus on the positive will be a source of strength and be part of the solution and not the problem.

For our purposes, we want people who place a higher value on integrity and making sure that everyone is being successful, not just padding their own pockets. So many of the programs you see promoted online focus on getting rich and push the idea that a person must achieve a better outlook and place blame the person if they are not successful. When the truth of the matter is that their system is often where the flaw lies, people are trying to make money and quit when they do not make any money.

Leadership in Team Building

People are looking for effective leadership in team building. What that skill looks like an online business means the leader can determine what each of the team member needs, both technically and emotionally when people get their questions answered that helps to build trust.

Trust is the most crucial requirement that a leader must earn from the team, how many times in life does the loss of trust destroy a business? It happens so fast that it will make your head spin! Typically trust is earned slowly and can be gone with just one mistake, especially early in a business relationship because there hasn’t been enough time to learn about their character.

When you can find a business that has attracted leaders who live by higher standards, it does not take long for the observant person to see their qualities. The best time to learn about people’s character is to see how they deal with unpleasant issues and how they handle the controversy. It is easy to smile when everything is going right, but what happens when the going gets tuff?

In the last year, I have witnessed several adversities that arise during the development of ONPASSIVE. That is bound to happen when working on a project that started small but changed and grew into something different than originally designed. The best part of the whole experience is the leadership handled it with respect and dignity when they came under fire.

When you think about life, it is when the trials of life hit us, we forge strong relationships and build a solid trust with the people that we go through the experience with and learn about their character. Trails are where faith gets tested, and confidence earned or lost based on the way it gets handled.

How Effective is Your Team?

You have to go through a lot of candidates to find the right team for your specific needs. In my career, I have witnessed this many times. Often with no fault to the system, a human resources department will bring in lousy team members to backfill positions, even though they pass all the rigorous testing and vetting.

This method is costly for large organizations, but they budget accordingly and equip themselves to handle such things. That is not the case for people working from home, and they do not have the resources to afford the mistakes. Building a capable team is a necessary skill they must master.

For months I have searched for the best way to determine if a team is suitable for the purpose at hand. It comes down to the character of its members. If all members are committed to taking the high road and maintaining proper ethics, it will be effective at building an organization to be proud of and last for years to come.

Our Effective Team

We have established a competent team while in the pre-launch phase of a project that grew substantially from the original scope. We are glad to be granted the time to build our team before the business officially launches. The approach is different than what usually takes place; the focus was on developing relationships first, then on learning about the company.

Success is much sweeter this way; now, we are a strong group that is getting stronger by conducting team strengthening activities like Zoom meetings to get to know everyone better. It is good to hear people’s voices who you typically correspond with over the internet. Since we are a Global Team with members in different parts of the world, it gets interesting.

The overwhelming sentiment from the members is looking forward to the day we get to gather and meet in person celebrating the accomplishments we are going to see once the products are ready and we launch to the world. That is a productive team built to last.


I hope that you enjoyed this article, and if you agree with the philosophy and want to learn more about the effect of team building can have on your business, please contact me for more information.

We talked about how to build a team effectively and determine if you have the right leadership for your organization. Please share your thoughts on the subject below the post. We are always interested in hearing what others have to say.

9 comments on “Effect of Team Building

  • evans says:

    Excellent article, in further discussion, the concept of team building is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks. Many team-building exercises aim to expose and address interpersonal problems within the group, thanks for the review and hope my opinion counts.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. In the corporate setting, the exercises are to engage people who are getting paid to be on the team. That is a different scenario than building a team from people who choose to be there voluntarily or maybe spending a membership fee to join the team, that changes the approach to team building.

  • Awinikistevie says:

    Hello there, This is an excellent article you have got here. Building a team can be much more hard work, but it eventually pays off. Teamwork opens the door to find more like-minded people that you can create a relationship. It reliefs you the burden of working alone. Thanks for sharing.

  • Justin says:

    Hello there, thanks for sharing such a fantastic article, and it ill goes a long way to affecting how so many people handle their business today, l and giving better ideas to a newbie. Team building is necessary because there is no way one man can get all the in done, and also the variety of opinions makes it easy to get running. 

  • Philebur says:

    Hello there! Thanks a lot for this article, it is beautiful writing. Keep up the excellent job. Team building is an essential part of any business, and seeing you explain it more here is of great joy to me. I have learned more about how to build a team effectively, and I must put these tips to work. I promise to come back with reviews, thanks a lot.

  • Jerry McCoy says:

    Team building can be useful, but so can the individual. For example, a person who is challenging to work with but has a positive attitude. Does this individual automatically get a pass on being a part of a team just because they work better by themselves? 

    What are the characteristics you are looking for in a team player? Are you looking for someone more into groupthink than being an individual? Are you looking for someone who questions or will follow the crowd consensus?

    I have been on teams where individual contributions were valued and also on sides where crowd consensus was most important. There is value in both methods. How do you determine if a person meets your qualifications?

    What if the person has all the skills you are looking for but not the passion? Do they honestly not have the desire, or are they the type of person who does not show emotion?


    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for the thought-provoking comments and questions. Your first remark and item have to do with people who maybe are more of a loner by nature and finds it challenging to work well with others. I do not exclude someone based on those types of challenges, as long as their attitude is right, and they are willing to work on getting along.

      Working as a team means that everyone brings their strengths to the table, and as long as they are open-minded to the input from the rest of the group, the team will benefit from people who think outside the box. Meeting the qualifications for our team is easy to see, what are the first questions that a new person asks about joining the group if it revolves around what the group can do for them without any regard for the others. 

      I think that if people are not passionate about a business, they will lose interest and end up leaving you and the rest of the team hanging and not follow through on their commitments. Granted, sometimes people are not emotional, and that does not mean that they are not passionate about what they are doing, a person’s drive is not necessarily emotionally driven.

  • Shanna says:

    It all comes down to people. Online or offline, whatever it is your trying to accomplish, big or small, it comes down to the people you choose to be around, and those you gather around you. It’s interesting to look at your post about building teams over the internet and look at criticisms from the older generations, saying that the internet has somehow damaged our interpersonal skills, or made us isolationists. We’re doing the same things they did to build their businesses, just in a different landscape.

    Where do you go to find your team members online?

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the internet and team building. Times are different from the internet verses before; I am old enough to remember the days when there were no cell phones and no computers. I have seen the world change and agree that it is about people.

      Today we have a different way to meet people from around the world, and that changes the landscape. Years ago you had to travel to meet new people, now all you have to do is meeting them on social media, in chat rooms and really in is easier to find like-minded people from all over the globe. The real problem is the language barrier.

      We have built our team mostly from Facebook, which is ironic because before finding the other leaders through a YouTube video, I had stopped using Facebook because I did not like the post that most people make on the platform. Using private groups allows you to control the quality of the posts and stop undesired behavior.

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