Effects of Eating Processed Food

In today’s post, I want to talk about the effects of eating processed foods on my health and what steps I have taken to eliminate as many processed foods from my diet as possible.

Process foods give us confidence and the protection from food poisoning from the preservatives. That will help in the short term, but the long term health effects from the processing are causing too many health issues.

The processing typically increases the sugar content of the food and does not increase the nutritional value enough to balance the extra calories.

The extra sugar is a big problem for people (like myself) who have overeaten the processed or fast foods over the years and have given themselves Type 2 Diabetes. 

It is all too common of a problem, and many people have Type 2 diabetes for this reason. It’s a good thing it can be reversed, but it is going to require work.

Sugar and glucose meter

In my experience, the past six months have been eye-opening and educational to study the real information from the American Diabetes Association.

Working with my Doctors and dietitians has cleared up many of the false ideas that come from all the bad advertisements and information from fad diets that are available on the internet.

Type 2 Diabetes Diet

The most important focus when looking at a healthy type 2 diabetic diet is to get the balance of the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in the right proportions.

This correct proportion is hard to do when your diet has not been in the proper balance for years. Even after making many changes my reality needed a more drastic change to make a difference in my health.

It was a challenge working on getting the right proportion which is 50% non-starchy vegetables, 25% Carbs, and 25% protein. The next problem is the size of the plate.

I have always been a big man and got that way because of my appetite and never feeling full or satisfied with the average portion sizes. Which made it worse when restaurants increased the portions they served with each meal!

Taylor Farms Salad

One of the best aids for me to reduce the portion size of my meals is the prepacked salads for the local supermarket. The mixtures are cut up, and the only processed portion is the dressing which is the correct amount for a healthy meal.

It took some getting used to, but now a salad tastes good to me with the smaller portions of dressing. Even when I do eat from a restaurant, I get the dressing on the side and only use about half of what they give. That is a huge difference from getting two or three portions of the dressings per salad!

The point of this is that we can change and it happens once the mind is made up and the task is understood. This transformation is something that can take place quickly, but it will take some time to realize the benefits fully.

Types of Carbohydrates Food.

The types of carbohydrates matter to everyone and more especially to people with diabetes. The simple carbs will spike the blood sugar and can cause many problems for people.

One of the most significant revelations to my mind these past six months is that fresh fruits and vegetables have simple carbs but also contain fiber which slows the digestive process and allows the sugar to be absorbed more slowly.

This slower absorption rate does two things one is it minimizes the spike in the blood sugar after eating, and it distributes the energy over a more extended period.

Energy is something that we all want in our lives, and that is another benefit that has come from eating a balanced diet, along with some excellent supplements that help to give my body the nutrients that it needs to function correctly.

Fresh fruits

I have always been a big man but have also been able to move around quickly and go for 12 to 16 hours a day for most of the years that I have been working.

The last year leading up to being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes my ability to move around was diminishing rapidly and was scary how fast it happened.

In the last six months, the recovery process is slower than I like it to go, but it is going in the right direction. Now I am increasing my exercise program, but still taking it easy, trying to learn how to balance the extra hunger that comes from increased exercise.

Lifestyle changes are the focus, making small changes until it becomes the new normal. That is what is going to make lasting changes.

Type 2 Diabetes Eating Guide.

After discussing the meal plans that I have been using the past six months with my Doctors, they are good with the 16:8 fasting schedule as long as my blood sugar readings remain within the proper ranges.

Eating between the hours of 11:00 am and 7:00 pm is something that I can live with for the rest of my life. It is not that hard once you get used to it. There are challenging moments, but it is manageable.

This method may not be the right answer for everyone, but it is working for me. It increases the amount of time that my body has to digest the food and leaves about 4 hours to burn some additional fat. The weight is coming off slowly, and that is what you want to make it permanent.

It would be nice for the weight to come off more quickly, but that has happened earlier in my life only to gain it all back and then some more weight than when I started the program.

Plate of Food

The biggest lesson learned about eating for type 2 diabetes is to maintain the correct portion size with the right balance of ingredients.

Having the right foods on hand is the only way to battle the temptations of eating the foods that are not good for you.

Reminding yourself about the pain that comes from eating the wrong foods is key to making yourself think differently about food in general.

As time goes by it is easy to forget the pain that can come from your diet choices. Most people that I have talked too about this tell me that they did not experience the pain that I described.

Either way, whether there is pain or not the consequences of not dealing with type 2 diabetes are the same over the long run.

Personal Update and Progress

This week I have completed my physical and got the results back from my blood test and am pleased with the results.

My A1C is 6.0 which caused my Endocrinologist to release me from his care and let my primary care Doctor continue treating for diabetes.

So far my weight loss is at 48 pounds from July, and even though it has plateaued for the past couple of weeks; the weight loss will continue with more exercise.

Standing on scale

That is okay, and I am gearing my mind to doing the extra exercise. It is getting more comfortable because of being able to move around better.

All of my vitamin and mineral levels on my blood test are in the proper ranges letting me know that my supplements are doing its job. That is comforting with the new focus on building a business based on these products.


Today’s post is good for me and hopes that this information will bring you some encouragement in your health programs.

Following the directions of the medical professionals is a better way to ensure that you are on the right track.

One of the points that the Doctors have told me repeatedly is that you cannot trust all the information that you read online and what you need to refer to proper studies to make informed decisions.

Fast Food
Avoid Fast Food and Restaurants when possible.

I want to remind everyone to reduce the amounts of processed foods and the fast foods that you choose for your meals. Every little bit will add up over the month!

You are finding ways to be able to go out with friends and family on occasion to a restaurant and be able to order an excellent suitable meal that will not throw you off your program.

Thank you for visiting and reading this blog post. I hope that you got some encouragement from it. Please leave any comments, suggestions, personal experiences or questions in the comment section below.

12 comments on “Effects of Eating Processed Food

  • Cheong Seow Ling says:

    Below is my comment on the topic:

    This blog is talking mostly about processed foods being harmful to our health due to the sugar content. It is not necessarily true; as depends on culture and country, the ingredient adds to the foods varies. 

    Some nation will be saltier, some more spicy, that is not necessarily consistent. Food processing is not the primary cause, but a balanced diet and diet intake is the one that individual need to taken care of with health.

    The primary health problem with individual mainly falls on the habits that are picking up over a long period. Like certain people like more salty food, and consume more that result in kidney stones. 

    There is no control in the number of favorite food intakes. Many bad habits like eating late near to sleeping hours, that cause big tummy and poor digestive food.

    The weight loss in one month is 48 pounds, to my understanding, this is too much and also too drastic. It will have various side effects if not adequately addressed. Typically 6 to 8 pounds per month should be a more suitable range.

    • Chad Trader says:

      I agree with you about the cultures from different countries, and their dietary habits were different than what the culture is here in Texas. 

      Just as the saying goes “Things are bigger in Texas” and that is so true for the serving sizes of the meals offered in our restaurants. That makes it more difficult to form and maintain good eating habits.

      It is not impossible to establish good eating habits, but it takes a more concerted effort. That is why lifestyle change is the only way to really make a change that will stick with you.

      I think you misunderstood the timeframe of my weight loss; it was over six months that I have lost the weight and not one month that you mention in your comment.

      Losing weight is the goal so that the change will be permanent that needs to be slow as you suggest.

  • Leo says:

    Fruit does not require insulin to be metabolized (fructose from whole fruit is directly metabolized) unless there is too much fat in the system, so it doesn’t matter if the pancreas is creating insulin for even a Type 1 diabetic.

    Fat is the culprit which prevents sugar metabolism & creates insulin resistance.

    All juicy fruit implies no fat, no cooked grains, no junk food/processed sugars, so one is good to go, therefore, regardless if pre-diabetic, 1, or 2. 

    One month of 100% juicy fruit will reverse most diabetes, or at least
    improve it dramatically.

    Have a nice day,


    • Chad Trader says:

      That is an interesting description of how the body breaks down the natural fruits that we eat. Eating fresh fruits is something that I was not doing too much of this past six months because of trying to get blood sugar under control. I will look into your statement and do more research on this topic and follow up with future post.

  • Luke says:

    Hi, fascinating and informative post about effects caused by processed food. 

    This topic is not only exciting but also very important; nowadays there is so much processed food on every corner.

    As you mentioned, there are many diseases connected with consuming such food. 

    Reducing the size of meals with prepacked salad and fewer dressings is a good idea it can help I`m sure. Eating between some fixed hours is also a good solution but hard for some people.

    I`m sure this post will be constructive for anyone who has Type 2 Diabetes and for those who eat too much-processed food. 

    Thanks for sharing with us

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for sharing your thought on this subject, it is critical that people take the time to think about their diets. The lack of proper attention to my food lead to my health deteriorating in my health.

      Changing the types of food the amount of dressing in the salads have all added up to a massive change in my condition if I can do it then anyone can do it!

  • Etah says:

    I am presently facing some health challenges like lack of energy, feeling sleeping for most of the day and sometimes faint.

    After several visits to the hospital and lab results coming up negative for many presumed causes of these issues.

    I decided to go online for help, and I have seen so many testimonies of how a change in diet and exercising led to so many beneficial changes.

    I have also decided to give this a try.

    Thanks for your article. I like what you said about the benefits of gradual change, I have realized that most quick-fix diets are not long lasting and in the long run, unproductive.

    I plan to take it slow and gradually make healthy parts of my meal and making sure to keep the balance.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Slow changes are the best method for making lasting changes to your diet. Sorry to hear that you are experiencing the symptoms you describe. 

      For the general lack of energy, there is a natural drink that I use that help with your energy levels. 

      One Tablespoon of honey, add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, a quarter of a lemon freshly squeezed, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon,  and 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric. 

      Hope that helps! 

  • Mikay2019 says:

    Ever wondered why our life expectancy age keeps reducing, it is because of what we eat. 

    For example, most vegetarians I know are very healthy because of the large number of vitamins they derive or abstaining from red meat, canned food, oily. 

    Most old people lived longer because they eat natural food grown by their person.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Good point about people who eat fresh fruits and vegetables that they grow in a home garden is going to be the best source of food. 

      Too bad that more people do not have the time to tend a garden for themselves, but the next best thing is the organic vegetables in the supermarket.

  • charles39 says:

    I will concur with your eating process food can be the most harmful thing anybody can be doing diabetes is not anybody friends also, so we need to take care of what we eat. 

    I used to live with a person with diabetes, and it was not easy due to medical expenses; people need education on the importance of eating healthy food and try as much to avoid processed food.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic; it is imperative for people to know how their diet will affect them later in life. 

      Type 2 Diabetes in something that people change prevent with proper diet and exercise. I only wish that I would have taken it more seriously earlier in life. 

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