Energy Boosting Supplements Men

There are many things out on the market today that claim to provide some type of energy boosting effect.

The most prevalent item that comes to mind would be the energy drinks. The energy drinks business is approaching a 4 billion dollar per year industry.

Today let’s focus on the energy boosting supplements for men.

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Lately I have heard men in their 50’s discussing how they feel more tired than normal.

It may be the colder temperatures or the excessive rain in the area, but there are some other things to consider.

Peoples energy level are going to be affected by their diets and when there is a lack of vitamins, especially the ones that contribute to energy production, they are going to feel the effects!

One way to help with low energy levels, is to take some supplements to make up for what is lacking in our food. 

Best Energy Supplements Men

What are the best energy supplements for men in their 50’s and beyond?

The slowing down of the metabolism, is one thing that affects how men absorb the vitamins and minerals.

As men age and their exercise habits tend to become more sedentary, the muscles in the body begin to weaken and food is moved through the body by the contracting of muscles.

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When digestion becomes slow due to inactivity, this can cause several problems and effect the efficiency in which the body absorbs the vitamins and minerals.

It is very important for men in their 50’s to drink enough water to prevent dehydration and to prevent constipation.

There are digestive supplements to help the gut and intestines to function properly. I have recently posted an article on this subject for more information click on this link: Pre-Probiotics

What to do when the digestive system is working correctly, and your energy is still low? If this is an ongoing issue, going to the Doctor and getting a blood test would be the prudent thing to do.

Once you have the information from the blood test then you can search for the correct supplement that will make up for what you are missing.

If you do not have time to go see the Doctor, then using a good supplement that gives you everything that is recommended by the medical community is the next best thing to try.

Natural Energy Enhancers Men

Men have other things they can try that may help. Stress can cause men to feel fatigued through draining your energy.

This can be brought on by working too hard or too many hours without proper time to recovery. If the stress is from a job that is not physical, then exercise may be a way to relieve this type of stress.

Setting your priorities is crucial in maintaining the right balance between work, home, and taking the time for yourself.

Planning a to do list

Adjusting how we eat can affect our energy levels. If we are not eating on a regular schedule; focus on correcting that first, then start looking at the diet choices to see if better foods can be chosen to help energy production.

Sometimes eating smaller meals every couple of hours verses three large meals may help someone to have better energy.

In my case, energy levels have seemed to improve after starting a 16:8 fasting regiment.

Eating all the food in an eight-hour window, then allowing the body 16 hours to process the food and burn some fat calories can increase energy levels.

Staying on a low glycemic index diet, you do not feel the swing of energy and the sugar crash. Instead, there is a steady flow of energy throughout the day.

Limiting alcohol or avoiding it all together is better for your health. But, if you are going to drink, due so in moderation and at a time when you are ready to go to sleep.

Natural Energy Booster Foods

Getting the best forms of energy can come in the simplest forms. The foods we choose are the first places to start.

For those who can (non-diabetic) bananas are a very good source of energy. Just like other fresh fruits, they are loaded with vitamins and minerals.

A medium banana has about 27 grams of carbs, which will give the energy boost. Other popular fruits like a medium apple has 25 grams of crabs and a cup of blueberries or pineapple has 21 grams of carbs.

All these fruits can help provide energy for longer periods, due to their fiber content slowing the digestive process and delivering the energy more slowly.

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Whenever you start your eating period, choosing a good balanced meal will set you up to have a better day. The simplest things are usually the best choices and easiest to prepare for.

One point that I would like to make here is that by planning your meals the day before (or even longer) then eat what you plan.

That is a very simple concept and the rewards are enormous to those who implement this into their life.

Making this change in my life this in my life I have gained more control over my eating habits than ever before.

Approaching 50 pounds lost since last July is pretty good and feels so much better to have a sense of control on my eating.

This sense of control comes from this simple idea!

Losing weight is going to help those who are overweight to feel much more energetic.

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Natural Energy Supplements Men

What are some natural foods that provide energy boost that we do not think about very often?

Ashwagandha may not roll off the tongue for most non-Indian people. Honestly being from Texas, I had not even heard of it before being introduced to the benefits through a supplement.

This is one of the most important herbs in Ayurveda (3000-year-old Indian alternative medicine). It relieves stress, increases strength and improves concentration.

There are numerous other benefits to this ancient medicinal herb other than providing a natural energy supplement for people in general. For more info click PMC.

Men can benefit from this herb by increased energy levels, and the extra benefits are always a good bonus, especially when considering the value of a supplement.

Green Tea Extract is another supplement that increases your energy in much the same way as coffee with caffeine.

If you are not negatively affected by the caffeine it can be used to provide and energy boost.

With the green tea extract, there is the added benefit, of an increase in antioxidant capacity; increasing the protection from oxidation stress.

These are two of the ingredients highlighted in this article that help to promote more energy, that are contained in SUSTAIN.

Ingredient Label:

Avisae Sustain Ingredients

This supplement has been the best daily vitamin that I have ever taken. My blood test has shown that the supplement is being absorbed and not being wasted.

In my experiences with vitamins in general always seemed to give a very bad aftertaste, mostly from belching up hours after taking them.

This has not happened to me with Sustain not even from the first time taking the product. Along with changing to a low glycemic diet this has improved my health tremendously.

The Sustain White Paper have much more information and references to the medical studies that went into the formula.


It is good when we see people who are in good physical shape, being active and feeling full of energy all the time.

Sometimes people are just blessed with the right DNA and everything is easy when it comes to diet, exercise, and having to watch what they eat.

Most of us must put much more energy into the process as we get older; because it is going to catch up to us.


This process is where I am in the process, and now have turned my health around by some very drastic changes in both lifestyle and the way that I look at food.

For men in their 50’s and older it is much more important to know how our habits are affecting us.

We cannot afford to ignore the signs and must pay attention to what is happening to our health.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this article, hope that it helps to encourage you to become more health conscious.

Please reply with your comments, suggestion, or questions below!