Energy Drink Health Risk

Today, let’s talk about the inherent risk and rewards, from drinking an energy drink.

I think we all would agree that the main reason people go looking for the energy drinks, is to get a boost in their energy levels, or a quick pick me up.

The increase in the sales of energy drinks have been growing and are projected to continue at a four to five percent growth rate for the next five years.

That tells us that people are feeling tired; and need to add something in their diets, to help cope with the fast-paced world we live.

When we turn to an energy drink to help with fatigue or lack of proper rest, that can be more harmful than good. .

Energy Drink Ingredients Label

When energy drinks first came out; nobody that I was around, cared enough to look at the ingredients on the bottle or can, and see what they were consuming.

All they cared about was how effective the drink was at making you feel better, right now.

The general attitude was “to deal with side effects” when they showed up.

The times have changed, and are shifting more and more every day, and even the younger generations are being more aware of their choices and consequences.

How do we decipher the information quickly; just the basics to help decide which product is best for what you are looking for at the moment.

It is better to be prepared beforehand, and know what products work best for you.

Here are Some Things On Labels:

  1. Sugar Content – The lower the better, will not have the crash when it burns off.
  2. Carbs Content – This will convert to glucose in the body.
  3. Caffeine – This is not all bad; just need to keep from having a bad nervous condition.
  4. Calories – Important to know how long you will need to stay moving to burn it off.
  5. B Vitamins – Help to convert dietary energy into energy the body uses.
  6. Herbs – Be careful some herbs (like Guarana) contain high levels of caffeine.
  7. Green Tea extract – Helps to remove stress with the antioxidants it has.
  8. Sodium – There is usually a lot of sodium in an Energy Drink, be careful if you are retaining water.

Sugar Content – The lower, the better, will not have the crash when it burns off.
Carbs Content – This will convert to glucose in the body.
Caffeine – This is not all bad; need to keep from having a severe nervous condition.
Calories – Important to know how long you will need to stay moving to burn it off.
B Vitamins – Help to convert dietary energy into energy the body uses.
Herbs – Be careful some herbs (like Guarana) contain high levels of caffeine.
Green Tea extract – Helps to remove stress with the antioxidants it has.
Sodium – There is usually a lot of sodium in an Energy Drink, be careful if you are retaining water.

These are just some items that come to mind; they are on the top of my list of ingredients to check, with diabetes being the driving force that keeps me focused on monitoring the labels.

Everyone is different and needs to research how these types of ingredients interact with their bodies; some of these side effects may be desired to affect some people and not in others.

Harmful Ingredients in Energy Drinks

The first question we need to answer, is what exactly is harmful to us?

The best way to answer that is to find out what the Doctors are saying, is that true or makes that statement cause some confusion to form in your mind?

We get conflicting information all the time, especially in the area concerning what is good or bad for human consumption.

What about taking the information and deciding for yourself if the data appears to be sound advice for you.

The big push nowadays is increased focus on reducing the sugar content in our diets, that is even more prevalent for people with diabetes, but for people, in general, it is the same story.

Along with that is the reduction of the carbohydrates we consume, because it converts to glucose in our blood and will be stored as fat if we do not burn it off.

Caffeine falls into the harmful category in some studies, but there are plenty out there that say it is okay in moderation.

The statistics show that more than 68% in the US consume caffeine in their coffee or other drinks every day. That does not make it right, but it does make you take note of the trend.

Sodium can be harmful; if you consume too much, it can lead to high blood pressure, kidney problems and even bone loss.

While salt is an essential mineral that we all need, studies show that 90% of Americans consume too much in their diets.

Beneficial Ingredients in Energy Drinks

The best ingredients; in an energy drink or supplement that our bodies need is the Vitamins and minerals, we all need these components in our diets.

The better the quality of the ingredients, the better the body can absorb it.

What good is it to spend money on a product that does not deliver what it says?

The label reveals what is in the product, and it does not tell us about the quality of the ingredients the company used in making it.

To the discerning person, it can be obvious the differences between a high-quality product and one made with cheaper ingredients being a priority.

Something else thing to think about is the green component.

Whether it is in an energy drink or supplement, a lot of the claims are not backed up by any scientific studies.

Even if the assumption has been around for many years, we still need to test the theory out.

See if you have the desired effect or is it just a placebo effect, coming from the belief it is doing some good.

It is more prudent to be on the skeptical side; when approaching the subject, step back from it and ask yourself, is this working.

Try to avoid getting too excited by initial results; take the product for a while and see if the results repeat.

Many times our bodies get a jolt in the beginning, but then get used to it. What happens to our opinion of the product? It will change.

Which Energy Drinks Do You Like?

Need an energy boost!

People have different taste and many reasons why they chose what kind of supplement they want to use.

That is why we have so many options in the marketplace.

The best thing to do is being prepared, once you know what you like, and which energy drink you prefer or which supplements you want to take.

Make sure you have enough on hand, why to pay the high prices from convenience stores if you can get the same items from a grocery store or order.

Please leave your comments and suggestion below.

10 comments on “Energy Drink Health Risk

  • Mitchguy says:

    Thank you for bringing attention to this issue. It is definitely something everyone should look into.

    I would think that like most things, that if used in moderation the effects are not likely all that bad nor long lasting. What concerns me is teenagers drinking energy drinks like it was water. Their go to drink is… energy drinks.

    When I was in University I ended up having to write a makeup exam from a prior semester during the same week I was writing exams for my current course load. I was studying engineering and had six three hour exams over a 12 day period + the extra exam. As it turns out, I ended having to write my make up exam on a Saturday afternoon, two hours after finishing another exam. I had already written three exams so this was numbers 4 and 5. After studying for days (and nights) I was pretty exhausted.

    After finishing my fourth exam, I hunkered down to cram for an hour before writing the extra exam. I maybe should have had a nap, but instead I bought a can of Jolt and downed it. It was not long before I no longer felt the need for sleep and felt wide awake. I actually had a tingly feeling in my body as the beverage took effect. It was the one and only time I had that particular drink.

    Over the years I have had a few Monster drinks to help me stay awake while driving long distances. I have basically cut myself off of energy drinks. I don’t like what happens to my body when I drink them. Personal preference or listening to my body? Everyone needs to evaluate this for themselves.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for the comment and sharing your experience with energy drinks. 

      Everybody needs to look at the effects these products have on them, it may be as you say…  an unpleasant experience and it could be very dangerous to some.

      And some people it does not seem to bother, at my job they have them in the vending machines and people are drinking them all the time without any incedents.

      Have a great day!


  • Stephen says:

    Hi Chad,

    Thanks a lot for this article. It was indeed very helpful reading. We all do take energy drinks. I also know that most of them are not the best for consumption. I knew  I had to be checking on their labels to see what ingredients are in their content.

    But honestly, I often don’t check these things. You have helped me to see why it is very important to be checking to see which of the drinks is good for me. Also, I think I will have to find out which of the ingredients in these drinks are good or harmful to my body.

    Once again thanks so much for the eye-opening article. I will do well to work on applying what I have read here for the sake of my health.

    All the best,


    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for the comment Stephen, good to know it got you to thinking about what is on the label. It is something that I recently started paying a whole lot more attention to and it is worth the effort.

      Have a great day!


  • Steve says:

    I have been hearing so much lately about how bad energy drinks are for people, yet everyday I see people buying them. I know the sugar content is very high and that is one of the main factors.  These companies spend a lot of money on advertising I know that for sure.  I think if you drink them in moderation, you are probably okay. I did hear about a college football coach who drinks at least 6 Rock Stars every day, so maybe it’s not as bad as I think.  I do like citrus, is there one you would recommend over the others as far as taste goes?  

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for your response Steve, I agree that moderation is the key when using these products. 

      Many people are drinking these everyday and it does not seem to be hurting them. 

      The real effects will be down the road a few years when the toll will show. 

      Taste in the energy drinks are hard to recommend just because of everyone taste buds are so diffferent.

       I always liked the 5 hour energy drinks and they are loaded with the B Vitamins.

      Have a great day!


  • Paola says:

    I got to admit I drank energy drinks in the past when I really needed to stay awake or recover energy fast, I tried the Redbull and monster brands the other ones are not available where I live. I was always scared of those drinks because I had a teacher that drank 3 or 4 bottles of energy drinks every class he was an addict, and it was obvius that those drinks are bad for you, especially if you drink too much of it, my teacher for example, was not able to breathe normally, and he had to sit down after taking a few steps because his heart got to accelerate with every little effort. For special occasions, I think it will not be bad to take them.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for your comments Paola, sound like your teacher was drinking more then they should. I have seen plenty of people drink to many as well, it is worse when they mix it with alcohol. We can all benefits from moderation in using these products.

  • Dave says:

    Energy drinks are a tricky bunch. Throughout my younger years, I definitely indulged for the reasons you described – a quick pick me up, to deal with fatigue, etc. What I wasn’t as aware back then (like I am now) is the amount of sugar, carbs and caffeine involved with these beverages that makes them so potent. Nowadays, I stick to coffee mainly but I would like a safe energy drink alternative at times when coffee doesn’t quite work well enough.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for the comments Dave, there is a risk with everything we do in life, people need to be aware of the options and what to look out for when considering energy drinks or supplements.

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