Evolution of the GoFounder Position

The GoFounder position with ONPASSIVE started to be one thing and grew over time. It has developed into something much more extensive than initially intended. To get a better understanding, Jeffery Morlock does an excellent job explaining the journey in this 24-minute video.

I hope that this video answers your questions about what the GoFounders position is and how it can help you improve your business or create an online business if you do not already have a business of your own.

What I like best about the GoFounders opportunity is the ability to build a team of future customers. They want to earn money using the IT products of the ONPASSIVE platform. The Smart Business Solution that ONPASSIVE provides to its Founders and customers guarantees success to everyone who participates.

If this sounds interesting to you, and you want to get started, it is easy to get started through the GoFounders program. The Founders fee locks in your position in the company forced matrix by the date & time stamp when you fund the account.

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Our Facebook group is for people to get questions answered and get to know other like-minded people before deciding if this is the right fit for you.

To participate; start by merely registering to become a Founder for a one-time $97 fee to lock in your position.

Once you are paid and sign the NDA, you gain access to the GoFounders back office.

Becoming a Founder and at launch become a customer with a one-time fee!

If you are interested in marketing to build your team faster; I will add you to my team’s marketing campaigns at no cost to you. The cost is covered by me to help build the team, all I need is your registration link emailed to me to get you added to the list.

We also have a series of videos explaining the

details of all that the ONPASSIVE Platform encompasses.

Viewing time is a total of 45 minutes.

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