Flexible Wallets

ONPASSIVE takes care of everything; they have thought about the details of how to access your money by creating flexibility in the wallet where the member can choose the right option that best suits their needs.

As a member, you have complete access to your funds in real-time, there are no approvals needed to withdraw your funds. Once you earn the commission, the funds are immediately available to you.

Another great feature is the ability to transfer funds to anyone who has an ONPASSIVE account; the wallet to wallet transfer is going to enable you to move money to people anywhere in the world. For people who have family members in different countries, this is very helpful and will save you money.

Helping your favorite charity will be more accessible, and the organization will have their funds immediately as well. There are so many benefits from the flexible online wallets. Check out this blog post from ONPASSIVE: Digital Payments Strategy

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