Health Effects of Cinnamon

What to look for first?

The health effects from cinnamon can vary from good to harmful. When consumed in large amounts it contributes to various health problems including liver damage, difficulty breathing, and reacting with other medications.

There are excellent health benefits from cinnamon when consumed in the correct doses and even better when using the high-quality cinnamon instead of the cheaper versions that come in the supermarket.

Research has shown that the cheaper Cassia cinnamon that you buy from the spice aisle of the grocery store has about 65% more of coumarin than you get from the more expensive type of cinnamon you can purchase online or from a health food store.

The key is to practice moderation when using the cheaper Cassie cinnamon and if you want to get the health benefits to consider spending the extra money to buy some Ceylon cinnamon from a reputable source.

I have been using the cheaper Cassia cinnamon for the past four months since I learned about the benefits of cinnamon, there have not been any side effects, and the amount that I am using is well below the thresholds that described in the research material that I have read.


It seems prudent, if you are taking something to improve your health, and then find out that there are tiny toxins in the product (no matter how small the amount) it is better to look for another source that does not contain the impurities.

Especially when the difference in price is less than twenty dollars! That is not enough savings to even consider the cheaper Cassia cinnamon over the Ceylon cinnamon for health supplement uses.

Cinnamon Sticks Health Benefits.

In researching for this article, it came to my attention that the two types of cinnamon are both readily available online and even listed in some local grocery stores.

The question then is to find out which form (powder or stick) is appropriate for the way you want to use the cinnamon. The stick form is better suited for placing in liquid and letting it infuse with the fluid to make a beverage to drink while the powder form is best for measuring out for recipes.

There are many claims that cinnamon will assist in weight loss, lower blood sugar levels, increase sensitivity to insulin and help with type 2 diabetes, reduce inflammation, with the high antioxidant levels prevent damage from free radicals and even help with preventing heart disease by lowering the bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the bloodstream.

Benefits to weight loss

Cinnamon has had many studies linking it to many impressive health benefits that peak interest in adding it as a supplement to ack as an insurance policy against diseases that can be debilitating or even deadly.

It still amazes me to think about how much the typical person does not know about natural remedies and how to find the correct information about the available natural solutions.

This issue inspires me to study more both to help raise awareness to others and to gain knowledge for myself. It makes much more sense to take natural ingredients when possible to get off of the pharmaceutical drugs.

Uncommon Uses for Cinnamon.

Here are some interesting things that some people are using cinnamon for and the reasoning behind the practice.

Some claim smelling the cinnamon can boost your memory and sharpen your mind. It always feels good when making something with cinnamon, so it is worth a try.

Making a room feel warm and relaxing to promote a soothing effect is possible with adding the fragrance of cinnamon in the air. Scented oils or air fresheners can provide this effect.

There are many claims that cinnamon will help with weight loss, so mixing it with foods that taste good with cinnamon is a way to increase the amount of cinnamon in your diet.

Cinnamon has excellent anti-fungal properties when added to homemade creams works to clear up the skin. Mix cinnamon with honey and apply directly to bug bites for an all-natural treatment.

Adding cinnamon to your teas and coffee can help fight the common flu and acts as a diuretic to reduce water retention in the body.

Diet Benefits of Cinnamon.

Research indicates that there are many benefits to adding more cinnamon to your diets, and better to add the Ceylon cinnamon vs. the Cassie cinnamon.

Cinnamon added to the regular food is one approach to increasing the amount of cinnamon to your diet.

Not all foods are good candidates to the spice but adding it to tea and coffee is a good fit and usually is complementary to the beverage.

Cinnamon Bun

Nobody wants to choke down something that tastes bad if they do not have too! So, it is better t find some recipes that you like that can be added to your diet and is sustainable because you enjoy it consuming the food or drink.

Changing the way we look at food is also changing the way we think about modifying recipes to accommodate adding additional spices that are healthy for us.

This methodology gives me the idea to think along the lines of how would a particular recipe be enhanced with the addition of cinnamon or even other healthy herbs and plants.

Cinnamon Tea Health Benefits

Adding cinnamon to tea is an idea that is growing on me and since the focus in my life has switched to becoming more healthy-minded with the choices of foods and drinks.

Cinnamon Tea

Cutting out the diet soft drinks is a challenge for myself, and many other people struggle with cutting things from their diets. To me, it is better to focus on what you can have instead of the things that you want to stop consuming.

If we can make that kind of adjustments to our thinking, then the lifestyle change will be easier to accomplish. Focus on the things that you can develop into good habits, and then the taste buds will change to adapt to the new diet.


Cinnamon can be an excellent addition to your food and bring with it some fantastic possibilities. Just like everything else in life the key is moderation and learning what the effects are on you.

Switching from the Cassie cinnamon to the Ceylon cinnamon is something that is an easy thing to do and will increase the chances to improve many areas of your health.

Thanks for stopping by and reading the article, please share any thoughts that you have on the subject in the comment section below.