Healthy Protein Bar Reviews

Researching for healthy protein bars that will work for both diabetics and non-diabetics alike is not that easy of a task. That is why we are looking at several manufacturers in this post.

What are you looking for in a protein bar? The more research looking into this question reveals that many people are looking at protein bars to supplement their diets with different goals in mind.

snickers candy bar

Many people want to replace candy bars (most unhealthy choices in their snacks), with something that is better for them.

One of the biggest things that I am seeing, is the assumptions that people make about the nutritional content of the product, can be easily influenced by the advertisements. It is easy to allow this to happen to do to the busy schedules we all have!

The big corporations are continually coming up with new ways to try to sell their products; so the only thing that can protect us is to learn how to see the truth about the products using the nutrition labels that the must put on the products.

Protein Bar Alternate Uses

Protein bars and supplements used as meal replacements, or they can be part of a diet plan. The biggest thing that I find empowering is planning what you are going to eat the next day.

It takes discipline to make yourself stick to it, and that is in mind! Once you have your account made up, then you must learn what works for you!

Many times we all hear people telling us what worked for them sometimes, people who have been working on their weight for years, may say to you many things that seem to work, but they have no positive results to show for it!


That can be discouraging and hard to face; all we can do is keep up the fight until the results show up. 

One thing that is true for those of us over fifty years old, it gets tough to lose weight, and it takes much longer to see results.

Protein bars can be used to help people to manage their hunger and if you can make it through the day help reduce the total calories in their diets. Also, for those who have been using candy bars most of their life, it can be a way to replace the candy bars with something that is better for them.

The effort should be made to figure out how to incorporate more fresh vegetables and fruits in your diets and work on the proper portion sizes as well.

Healthy Protein Bars Reviews

What makes a protein bar a healthy choice? To answer that question, each person needs to know what they are looking for in a particular product.

Those who are trying to lose weight; their priority will be to make sure, and the sugar content is as low as possible. On the other hand, if you are looking to replace candy bars with something healthier; than a little more sugar will be acceptable.

Thinking that you cannot have something, that is a trap that can lead someone to stick with something for a while, then once they mess up and have it, the desire takes over and they can easily binge overeating!

Better to manage cravings in a way that is healthier; and to work on your diet with a long term mindset in place.

So if you are a person with a sweet tooth, there are ways to satisfy the sweet tooth without causing weight gain or even creating your blood sugar reading to shoot through the roof!

Quest Protein Bar Reviews

Recently I tried two flavors of the Quest Protein Bar. The first one is the Chocolate Brownie; it is an excellent tasting product.

It does not look like the picture on the box. It looked nothing like the picture on the table, so much so that it made me laugh at the thought of it.

Quest chocolate brownie

The company was trying to get your taste buds warmed up to the idea of a Gourmet Brownie, but even my ten-year-old daughter liked this protein bar. She is watching me closely and wanting to try all the protein bars that I bring home. Better than eating candy!

These bars nutritional breakdown make them suitable to use as a meal replacement or a mid-meal snack.

180 calories per bar
20g of protein
17g of fiber
4g net carbs
1g sugar

The calories are 180 per bar as well so if you use as a meal replacement, it is a little low, but my thought is you could take two (maybe space them out a couple of hours apart) and make it to the next meal.

Quest S'mores Bar

The second bar is the S’Mores flavor; was not as impressed with this one, at least not on the taste. Does not taste at all like S’Mores to me, really feel more like a chocolate chip cookie dough instead.

Just like the Chocolate Brownie; these bars nutritional breakdown make them suitable to use as a meal replacement or a mid-meal snack as well. With just a little more calories at 190 per bar.

190 calories per bar
21g of protein
14g of fiber
5g net carbs.
4g sugar

Today is my first time trying these bars, and they are pretty good; something to keep in mind if you are out and about needing to choose between this one and some others brands that you have not tried before.

WonderSlim Protein Bar Reviews

Wonder Slim Variety Pack

Another great product that I tried for the first time as well; these bars ordered from a new source for me to check out the company before placing their ads on my website.

Wanted to try these protein bars out and see how they tasted as well. And they pass my taste test, these bars are all excellent tasting a little on the small side for me, but the taste is worth it.

The nutritional contents are excellent as well:

All seven of the bars in the variety pack contain a 10% RDA of 17 Vitamins and Minerals.

160 calories per bar
15g protein
5g fiber
5g net carbs
7-10g sugar depending on the flavor

This information is from the company’s website and looks like the sugar content is a bit higher than the quest bars and much higher than the Pure Protein Bars coming up next.

Pure Protein Bars Review

In a previous post we reviewed the Pure Protein Bar variety pack which highlighted those flavors.

Since then I have tried several more flavors; which they ALL pass the taste test, which is good because the nutritional content of these protein bars are the best that I have found for the price.

There is a bonus with the amount of protein they pack in a small sized bar. It makes adding them to the daily diet easier to justify.

Here are the nutritional facts of these bars:

200 calories per bar
21-22 g of protein
8 g net carbs
1-4g of sugar

The flavors that I tried lately is the:

Pure Protein Blueberry Bar

Strawberry Greek Yogurt

Blueberry Greek Yogurt

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Chocolate Chip

We ordered a bulk shipment for Amazon a couple of weeks ago, and it is saving us a few dollars on our grocery bill. Although now my wife and daughter are eating them too, so that means we have to buy more.

I like that they are benefiting from the research and changes that are coming from this effort. Anything we can do to help our loved ones focus on getting healthier is going to be beneficial for them.

Thanks for reading and I hope you fight this useful, please leave any comments or suggestions below.

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16 comments on “Healthy Protein Bar Reviews

  • Juliet says:

    Thanks for this post Chad, I am on a life long health journey and I find this review very informative and helpful. I used  to be a sweet tooth, that has reduced drastically and I am currently seeking for replacements for snacks like cakes and biscuits. Never thought of protein bars. I don’t know if we have these brands here in Scotland but I sure will be sampling some protein bars!

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for your comment Juliet, I hope you have access to these in Scotland. Out of curiosity, I tried to search for them on Google but there was no results… but there should be something similar to try. 

  • Bushra says:

    Healthy protein bars include milk, soy and eggs. They offer carbohydrates, fats, vitamins or minerals to bolster your intake of these nutrients, and typically come in a variety of flavours for improved taste. I love protein bars. My favourite is chocolate peanut bar. Healthy protein bars are really good if you want to reduce your sugar intake or looking for a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth then these healthy bars are satisfying snacks. Great review, thanks for sharing.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Your welcome and glad you found the information useful.

  • fyre says:

    Your comment on the Quest bar cracked me up and, I agree…totally NoT the picture on the box but, not bad taste-wise.  

    I don’t use protein bars as an everyday meal replacement but, when I do it usually involves chocolate and/or, peanut butter.

    The Wonder Slim bars look delicious!  I’ve haven’t tried those yet but, like you, I bet they aren’t big enough for me either.

    I know a few of my friends love the Pure Protein bars and, now I know they have my target flavors too, thank you! 

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for your comment and hope that it helps you find something that you like.

  • Dave says:

    It seems like everybody is looking to reduce their weight and eating better.  This is a hard combination – most people have a real problem reducing their weight.  That is why in the US about 35% of people are obese and another 35% are overweight.

    Thank you for presenting a health alternative to a calorie laden meal or snack.  Candy bars sold in the candy machine are probably the worst meal possible, high in fat, high in sugar, and certainly high in calories with little if any nutritional benefit.

    This article shows multiple excellent alternatives to the machine coffee bar.  One problem I have found with protein bars at Walmart is their taste – it is hard to get a good tasting bar made mostly from protein and fat.  In this article, you have identified several protein bars with good taste – I will have to check them out.  We are all looking for ways to be healthier and eating better is one of the best ways to improve your health.

    Thanks again for this informational article.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for your comments Dave, if taste is a higher priority for you and you do not mind spending a little extra money, the WonderSlim Bars are worth trying. They taste really good and you may find they have a better texture than the typical protein bar.

  • shenai says:

    I like your review about healthy bars because I went to store and can’t say which bar I should get for lost weight and energy now I know what one because I read your article 🙂 All bars taste so good and it better than candy lol… It good for people to eat bar with tea or coffee in the morning before or after breakfast if they don’t eat breakfast or no time. Does bar real help lose weight and energy?

    • Chad Trader says:

      Hello Shenai,

      I guess it depends on what you are trying to do with the protein bar with breakfast; if you want to curb your appetite with them I guess that would work. 

      For me I have lost 35 pounds since July and have been using the protein bars to help change my diet and eating patterns. It has been helpful to make it to the next meal and keep my total daily calorie count between 1800 – 2000.

      The protein bars are helping me to stabilize my blood sugar when eating salads by balancing the carbs in the dressing with protein and fiber.

      My energy level has been okay, but now that the adjustment has been made to the lower calorie diet it is getting better and the next step is to increase the exercise… so exciting!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Hello Chad, 

    This was very informative! I have two kids who are tasked with eating extra protein throughout the day and they have grown tired of the Cliff Kids protein bars. I am always overwhelmed at the grocery store with all of the different protein bars and which ones are alright for kids to consume. I am glad to see that your daughter (same age group as my kids) enjoys the Quest Protein bars. Did she like the chocolate the best as well, or was their another flavor she liked more? Again, thank you for this information as it will benefit my family for sure!.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Hello Elizabeth,

      Thanks for the comment and yes my daughter likes the chocolate brownie the best, she does like the blueberry and the strawberry too! It is good that she is liking these because it is helping her get more protein in her diet. 

      Funny thing is that she did not care for the birthday cake flavor, said it was too sweet! But my wife likes it the best and takes it to school with her to help her get through her classes. 

  • Mark Baker says:

    Hi Chad

    I am always amused by how marketers of protein bars go about trying to convince us that what they are offering is healthy and beneficial for us. 

    I’ve learned not to fall for clever graphics and words. One must always read labels and know what you’re looking for. 

    Generally I won’t buy anything that has more than 5 g of sugar per 100 g  as a a first step and then I look at the other ingredients after that. Obviously getting the most protein possible is also an important consideration. 

    The there’s the whole look and taste factor. As you say some protein bars look nothing like the pictures that advertise them and with some, I am sure eating the wrapper would be more enjoyable than the taste of the actual bar. 

    I guess one just has to do one’s own homework, find a bar you like at a price you like and stock up. 


    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for your comments Mark and that sounds like a good idea to limit the bars to 5g of sugar that way no matter how which way you look at the nutritional information you should be okay with the outcome.

  • CravenATAT says:

    I have been looking for a meal replacement option that not only provides me with the nutrients I need, but also the smaller options that will help me sustain my current weight. You said it best, it requires discipline to stick to it – finding the right protein bars is a majority of the battle. I have had the Pure Protein bars and they aren’t bad, but after reading what you have to say about Quest bars I might go with that option. Quest bars have the most amount of fiber in combination with all the other common qualities, so it seems like the perfect meal replacement. Combine that with only a single gram of sugar and it is a no-brainer!

    • Chad Trader says:

      The Quest bars are a good  choice for what you are looking for and adding a protein shake that has the essiential vitamins a minerals that you need, may be something that can consider also.

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