How Does Motivation Hurt Our Health?

There are many approaches to the topic of good motivation towards a healthy lifestyle.

Just knowing that something is better for you, does not guarantee that you will maintain the changes that support the choice.

Even if the knowledge we perceive that it is a good, better, or a healthier option than what we are currently doing.

Why is that? The types of rewards that people used to motivate themselves to start a lifestyle change are going to fall into the superficial or the psychological categories.

In the superficial, we are talking about the outward appearance which tends to be for the approval from others through looking good, and that is what is the motivating factor.

In the psychological area, motivation is going to come from a sense of meaning and having a purpose.

Their focus goes beyond the outward appearance, and their motivation is going to be coming from other concerns to be healthy, such as living longer to spend time with grandchildren or other loved ones.

Looking for Motivation for Getting Healthy

What are your motivating factors?

We must be honest with ourselves in the answering of this question.

After all, the two categories are not going to complement each other.

Tape Measure on Belly

If the physical aspects motivate you and that is what keeps your blood pumping, then you are probably not as concerned about the other causes as much.

There have been times in life where you meet some people who are well-balanced, but there is going to be a more prominent reason that they do things.

Find your real motivation and own it for yourself, then you can proceed to use that motivation to assist you in achieving your goals.

Need Motivation for a Healthy Lifestyle?

Most would probably agree, that we need some motivation to keep us going.

We all have some weaknesses when it comes to getting healthier.

Either it is in what we want to eat, or not wanting to do our exercise routine on a day, that can quickly become another day, and then lead to more extended departures from the program until we do not do any exercise at all!

This routine is something that I have experienced many times in my life; working shift work presents a different set of challenges when trying to have a healthy lifestyle.

One of the challenges is to keep up the energy to work out regularly after working a 12-hour shift; especially when there is the added component of high amounts of working overtime.

The overtime consumes your days off making trying to catch up impossible.

What Does the Bible Say About Our Health?

There is plenty of scriptures that refer to how we should take care of our physical bodies as well as our spirits.

It does not go into the details of how to do that correctly, but it does refer to the taking of your body, just not to the point of worshiping the body instead of the Spirit.

Many times, the writers made greetings in their letters to one another wishing them good health.

The Bible can be a source of motivation for some people who are spiritually-minded.

If you are a believer, one way to use this as motivational thought, you are better able to serve God when you are in good physical condition.

It also will make doing things for others more pleasurable, just by feeling better, you will encourage to be more courteous to others.

Regardless of whether you are a believer, being more courteous to others is going to make you better able to help others, help is always better received when the person is friendly and polite.

Brain Training for Motivation

The Internet provides us with access to programs that allow us to train our brains.

Just like exercise for your body, some programs allow you to exercise your brain.

The scores of the test that they administer are designed to activate different portions of the brain.

One of these is called Lumosity, which I have been a member of for several years and I can tell you that after a while you get tired of playing those games because they make you mentally tired.

Another thing is that if you stop for a while, it is hard to start back because you will lose the progress you gained from the first time you started it.

How does this apply to the motivation in physical exercise?

Well, exercise is very similar because once you have done the on and off cycle with both, you can easily make the connection.

Just like when you stop working out your muscles, and then you start back up again, it feels worse than you remember it feeling the last time you were on a workout program.

The same is true for the brain exercises, and the only difference is the mental side, you must address your attitude to start the program back up again.

Motivated Get Healthy

The attitude that you use is so important in motivating yourself, and keeping the motivation going, puts you on the course to a healthier lifestyle.

No matter what it is that motivating factor is, we can use it to our advantage once it’s identified.

What is ironic is that when the subject is brought up, many people jump on the bandwagon in saying the right things, yet the health statistics are not lining up the rhetoric so far.

It is going to take some time for the thinking to change and then for the results to show up in the statistics.

But that is not what is going to help the individual to stay motivated.

That is going to be a personal battle that each of us needs to face and find out what works for us.

Find what your WHY is and use it to help you achieve your goals.

It will be helpful to identify people in your circle of acquaintances who naturally encourage where you need some support.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read this and I hope that it helps you in some way.

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