How is Your Web Traffic?

Building a website and generating the necessary traffic to make it profitable is something difficult to accomplish.

Learning new skills is challenging, but the best lesson’s in life that comes from accepting this challenge are priceless and tend to be more valuable than gold.

The point of this short post is to get some opinions from people who are on similar paths by building websites and generating the content. The content intended to drive organic traffic to the site and allow some affiliate transactions to take place.

If there is a fresh approach to generating targeted traffic and the platform is a completely new technology, would you like to know about it?

Please watch this video presentation and see it is something that you want to be a part of in your business.

For those interested you can register through this link:

The cost to become a GoFounder member is a low-cost fee. That gives you access to the GoFounder website and access to extra training, community, and positioning before launch.

The Platform is not open, yet so the traffic will not be available until it launches. If you wait until Onpassive is released, you can join for free for one week to test drive before making a decision. 

I am an active member since February and have been watching the progress if you have any questions you can call me at (832) 443-1979. 

Email at

This opportunity is not for someone who is looking for immediate results; people must wait until it is released when it launches.

51 comments on “How is Your Web Traffic?

  • Don says:

    Really interesting, I’m working on the internet as II watch this video. Building my own site yes with help and support. I’m not making money at this moment either, and yes it seems like after a few lessons I need to buy something. This video has me re thinking my plans. For a better turn out.

  • Stella says:

    Actually the only challenge every blogger and affiliate marketer are going through is the traffic driving issues. When organic traffic is pulled into our website, it means the website is one step closer to the successful lane. SEO and Keywords are part of the key elements that drive traffic into our web. This is a very informative yet enlightening video that worth reflecting on. Every bit of information in there are very useful and worth keeping for reference use.

  • AmDetermined says:

    Hi, your post is unique and helpful because in the video every thing to help succeed in business is discussed. As a blogger or affiliate marketers we need traffic before we can boost our sales.

    sharimg the solution to get traffic mass your post very informative.

    for business like minded to also benefit from your post I will be sharing your post through the social media so that friends can learn and benefit from the information in your website to able to get traffic to their website.

  • Shan says:

    Thank you for sharing the upcoming Go Founder platform. I took a look at it and although it looks interesting, I personally will more than likely wait until the platform launches and possibly join as a free member to check it out.

    My online business is still very young and although getting traffic is fundamental to achieving success, I need to keep an eye on my overhead until my profit margins are a little fatter. Until then I will stick to honing my SEO skills while researching great keywords to gain more organic traffic. Thanks again!

  • Michel says:

    This opportunity looks promising but I am a bit scared to layout the fee for such a new program that hasn’t even opened yet. I prefer to join up with companies that have been going for years as then I know that they are working and are trustworthy. 

    I also work hard on my websites to try and get as much organic traffic as possible as this type of traffic converts for mr big time. 

    Please keep us posted on how this type of traffic is working for you. 

  • Robert J Warneck says:

    I definitely believe that organic traffic can be very profitable, if we can reach the right traffic.  It is not so easy a task to narrow down the right audience for your particular niche if you don’t have the correct tools. Onpassive is something I will probably wait until they launch.  Yet they definitely seem legit.

    Thank you for the information on this, as new avenues to find profitable traffic is always helpful.


  • Queen says:

    Onpassive really sounds like an interesting way to increase my web traffic, which is something I have been working on ever so effortlessly.

    Learning of a new way to help boost that has really increased my interest in this system, but what boggles my mind is why even after over 7 months or more, it still hasn’t been launched?

    And why is it necessary to pay as much as $97 before even knowing if it will be a success or not, or is there a money-back guarantee period in case it doesn’t turn out to be what one expected?

    I really need to know that my investment will be worth it in the long run.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  • sid says:

    When you say the term online business, it means patience and a lot of patience, I think that the best way to go about with any traffic is to build up the traffic in an organic way and thereby, it will lead to a steady growth. This growth that this leads to will always be available and can be used to generate a lot of returns.

    But still, it doesn’t hurt to try now would it? Thank you for the post.


  • Paula says:

    When will this platform be open? I’m a little leery of paying $97 when I don’t know when it starts. It looks interesting though. Seems like there is a good base to start off when it is live. I’ve got a very new website so I’m taking my chances on organic traffic for now.

  • Shane Fegan says:

    I do like the look of Go-Founder, and I appreciate the video clip outlining what is offered,

    There are a lot of alternatives out there in this space at the moment, so whether $97 is value for money is debatable, but it could well be a really good investment from a training and learning perspective.

    The fact that you have been an active member since Feb, but the platform is not yet open, does create some questions.

  • Matt says:

    Hi Chad,

    Thanks for this article about Onpassive, it shows another chance that we could really achieve something on the internet. I know there are so many this kind of program are scams, not sure your review on this program is legit or scam?

    Another concern is the video is detailed and well-made, but it’s not very convincing to me since I don’t see the presenter’s real face to bond together. So, I hope it will good for you to make a short(3 mins) presentation on Onpassive, it will be more persuasive.


  • MazieD says:

    It is always a challenge when you have to learn new things but the reward is priceless when you can persevere and reap success in the medium term.

    Working diligently writing and posting articles and generating organic traffic, i feel is key as it has been tried, tested and proven and will allow for longevity and audience trust.  This, in itself will be an accomplishment to be cherished.

  • Monalisha says:

    Thanks for sharing such an important and informative post about Web traffic with us. By reading your post it is very clear to me that Building a website and generating the necessary traffic to make it profitable is something difficult to accomplish.The point of this short post is to get some opinions from people who are on similar paths by building websites and generating the content . I have read the full post. It is really very informative article for all. 

    Thanks again. I’ll share this post with my friends and family so that they also can get the information. 

  • MissusB says:

    Best ways I could think of to get traffic is to to pay attention to On – Page SEO, target long keywords, make a valuable content and of course share it to social media. It’s quite tasky but has been proven effective if done right. I am going to check out GoFounders Registration and see how it could help me more in online businesses with all the necessary products being offered.It would really help a lot if these products can give me a good traffic. What I liked best as I was watching the video is the All-Done -For- You system which can be beginner friendly. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward for the platform to open.

  • Hendrik says:

    Hmm, strangely I didn’t feel comfortable watching this 24 min video when I just set out to read a blog post. I also have the opinion that you have to work for your traffic to come or buy adds. That video sounded very scatchy and I know from experience that there is a lot of scams out there on the internet. Makes me sad that people always try to find a short cut. Where is the real reward in that?

  • Anthony Hu says:

    Thank you for the post. You are absolutely right that Building a website and generating the necessary traffic to make it profitable is something difficult to accomplish.

    It is nice you introduce one option for us, that is GoFounder. It sounds interesting that it has the potential for us to generate targeted traffics, which is my dream for my website.

    The cost to become a GoFounder member is $97, which is beyond my current budget. I am going to study a little bit more of the program before I sign up. 

  • Thomas says:


    This is a unique traffic funnel for the founders to make money off of people that do not realize they don’t have to pay $97 to get free organic traffic. You mention yourself you have been a member since February and the platform hasn’t even been launch yet, so you won’t get any search traffic until the platform is launched. What is the launch date?

    Thank you for sharing this unique organic traffic generator, I think I will continue writing my content and getting free organic traffic the natural way with SEO. 

  • Todd Matthews says:

    I think it all comes down to targeting the right traffic. When we begin an online business in any capacity, we routinely aim wide, trying to reach as broad an audience as possible; not the way to go. Finding those interested in our niche is who we want to attract as potential traffic. It goes for pretty much any subject as well and any avenue on the internet. Once we find those people by optimizing our websites, we’re in business. 

  • Vicki says:

    I had a look at go founder and will go take another look after reading this however I still feel organic traffic is the way to go and if you do a great job with excellent keyword-rich content you will attract more and more organic traffic.

    Go,founder, seems legit but I’m still al little dubious about having to pay $97

  • Cathy says:

    Never heard of this traffic generation system before, much less a program with a compensation plan tied to a system that can drive you organic traffic. They launched in February and it’s already August now, but the program is still dormant? And requires you to pay for a membership? Sounds a bit shady for me though. 

  • Isaac says:

    I have only tired organic traffic for all my websites. I think organic traffic is without a doubt the best traffic source, it’s FREE and it’s passive. Once you posted your article and did the necessary steps, you just wait and your traffic will go up.

    The more frequently you post, the faster your traffic will grow.

  • Gomer says:

    I’m interested but yet to be convinced. My opinion is that, although this can significantly improve your site’s traffic, it cannot beat organic traffic strategies through blogging and search engine optimization. But this can help anyone who is looking for a short cut in generating traffic. But that’s only my opinion, I still have to prove it by signing up and joining this program. We’ll see…

  • Brandon says:

    Hey Chad. I got all my traffic through the slow and steady route, posting articles frequently and waiting for the traffic to come through the search engines. It’s a slow way but the results are worth it because you’re getting highly targeted traffic to your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Organic traffic is great if you’re willing to be patient, otherwise paid advertising is the better option.

  • Jordan Smith says:

    I am really Intrigued by the possibilities of Onpassive, though their are some misconceptions about it, but a trial will make one have a change of mind. The use of A.I technology doing the selling and filling down lines on auto pilot is worth a shot. The video presentation is very explanatory and it’s enough to clear doubts. I’m sharing this right away.


  • Gokhan says:

    Hello, Thank you for sharing ONPASSİVE business model with important steps to increase our traffic… This is a definitely helpful and interesting post and video which needs time and patience to watch but its worth. Actually, I saw many methods in this business to increase traffic but your 7 step explanation was brief. I think these steps should be taken a note for checklist before creating content. Hope the post will guide us. Thank you for your effort.

  • Jos Moreno says:

    Hey Chad,
    I have received a ton of info about this business opportunity. I have even listened to Ash responding to some questions about this opportunity.

    My initial question was why should I invest in something when there is no real product or services?
    I was being told to be founders and then I would receive the details. I am starting on Affiliate Marketing definitely traffic is Bomb of any online business
    All the best

    • Chad Trader says:

      You must not have understood the video because there are eight different products listed in the presentation. The products are all web-based and directed to provide marketing and targeted traffic to websites.

  • Robert says:

    Thanks for this review about OnPassive. I agree that getting traffic to your website is crucial for you to convert customers to sales. I use the free method of writing content and using low competition keywords to get search engines like Google to rank my pages and posts highly in the search results. Sharing on targeted social media groups and pages also helps.

    OnPassive sounds promising from the video you have offered. But I am a little hesitant to join a platform that has not been launched yet. Plus this sounds a little concerning when I heard the video announcer say “done for you.” Perhaps I am being a bit too cautious based on my past experiences with MLM companies, but if OnPassive proves legit after they start, I will join.

  • John says:

    The target of all blogger is to get tone of traffic to his website but factor that bring traffic to site are so enormous ranging from on page seo, seo audit, quality content, quality Backlink and do follow , this make the task to be more comp!ex for newbie. Though I have not families to on passive but as you recommend it I can try it to increase the level of my traffic . Thank you to discover your blog at this moment I need it most.

  • Snap Brisk says:

    I just watched your video; this program looks good. I am very impressed with the package they provide; it seems like all in one platform. The most I like is guaranteed traffic. In fact, if you have guaranteed traffic, you have guaranteed leads. This platform is something that soon will be in high demand. There are a lot of positive things, including a money-back guarantee. 

    I saw many scams in my life, but never saw a year-old platform with 35 000 members. I am going check out the site 

  • Vincent says:

    Hi there,

    I appreciate the opportunity to invest in new ways to drive organic traffic, and open to look at different ways to accomplish this.  As I am still very new to this business I want to make sure I will have explored and understood the techniques taught at Wealthy Affiliate, i.e. SEO and all the different forms of social media, as I trust the training there.

    Have said that, I will be happy to keep your contact in my files.  I am always eager to learn and look at different opportunities.

    Thanks for the invitation.


  • Anusuya says:

    OnPassive has not been launched yet. My concern now after reviewing about OnPassive on the internet is here.

    The domain of OnPassive is privately registered and no one seems to know who is the owner. Why is that? 

    “Anyway, there is a promotional video for GoFounders which reveals Ash Mufareh as OnPassive’s founder” (Reddit review of OnPassive). Reddit is a highly credible website.

    Mufareh is found to be promoting two Ponzi schemes which are TelexFree and PayDiamond (from a review of OnPassive on Reddit)

    I wait for more information before I jump into this OnPassive.

    The following strategy may sound traditional to you but that works.

    If one writes a Search EngineOptimized blog with an intriguing title one can get a click. It might take longer but it is organic. 

    It is not only getting the traffic, but the traffic also has to convert as well. So my strategy is to solve people problem writing excellent content and SE optimized with amazing titles followed by social engagement and participating in discussions to help people with their problems. Hopefully, that gets me the traffic and conversion. 

    I keep my eyes open for new technology to get more traffic.

  • crownwole says:

    Amazing point on the best way to build site traffic. I will give your strategy a preliminary. My site is simply 7months now and I have attempted each conceivable method to have traffic going to my site, internet based life, website design enhancement or email list, still it isn’t the same number of as I need it to be. You’ve worked superbly with Onpassive video survey. Will absolutely look at it. I’m so satisfied I discovered your site. Pleasant post for amateurs to create easy revenue.

  • Jim says:

    Hi Chad. That was a very interesting Webinar. I actually sat through and listened to the whole thing. But there is so much to follow its amazing. The video states that you can become a co founder in this fantastic business that generates a continual income for you. It discusses everything from hosting, sales funnels through to webinars, Data cleaners, landing pages etc., etc., The offers surely does sound incredible. The only questions I have is 1) What does it cost to join 2) How can you join 3)What do you actually receive when you join. Thanks Jim

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for taking the time to watch the video if you are interested in more information you can register through this link: GoFounders Registration 

      The cost to become a GoFounder member is $97. That gives you access to the GoFounder website and access to extra training, community, and positioning before launch.

      The Platform is not open, yet so the traffic will not be available until it launches. If you wait until Onpassive is released, you can join for free for one week to test drive before making a decision. 

      I am an active member since February and have been watching the progress if you have any questions you can call me at (832) 443-1979.  Email at

      This opportunity is not for someone who is looking for immediate results until it is released when it launches.

  • Nuttanee says:

    Excellent point on how to increase site traffic. I have my site for a year now and I have tried every possible way to have traffic coming to my site, social media, seo or email list, still it is not as many as I want it to be. Thanks for the video reviewing about ’Onpassive’ tool. Will certainly check it out.  Thanks! 

  • Andy Smith says:

    Thanks a lot for the information. Although building a website itself nowadays isn’t that difficult, actually getting traffic can be really difficult. What in your opinion are some of the best methods for attracting traffic that you use? I’ll check out he video that you’ve posted to see if it’s something I am interested in. All the best.

  • Russ Green says:

    I’m so pleased I found your website, I have been trying every way I can think of to increase traffic to my website and I don’t seem to be having much luck, I have found some new insightful ways to get more people to my website here, I will certainly be using some of your methods, I have been building my affiliate marketing business for over three months now, I have been told to be patient but I really would like to increase my web traffic so thank you for sharing this post, I’ve bookmarked this site for future reference. 

  • Jen says:

    Thank you for this video. It sounds like on passive is a nice company to go to for help generating passive income. I think what the guy is saying totally makes sense. Even when I build my website I will still need traffic to come there in order to make any money from the website. So this is great that they found a way to guarantee traffic. I wonder what the contact management system is like. Is that like an advance auto responding feature? Thanks for sharing this video and I will keep this page for future reference.

  • Glen says:

    My opinion is that Onpassive is a scam. The webinar emphasized proprietary business tools, which I thought was hogwash, to put it mildly. All businesses can say their tools are proprietary, copyrighted, or trademarked. The clincher for me was the 10-level compensation plan, which is right out of the MLM playbook. The narrator was not clearly describing the 4 matrix positions. But what was clear was the fact that no retail products are offered for sale. So the only way to make money is to recruit new members with the idea that they can use the “onpassive” business tools to build an existing business. There are a number of existing all-in-one business toolsets available to businesses and marketers.

  • Nazmun Nahar says:


    Excellent article about website traffic . I am in the online business sector last 1 year and I am struggling to get traffic for my website. After reading this article and watching this video I think I got the solution to my problem. I really like the concept to get traffic for any website. I will really try this to increase my website traffic. Thanks a lot for such an informative article.

  • Daniel says:

    Hello Chad, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. That’s true that building a successful website with traffic and revenue is pretty difficult today but still, it is not impossible. Thank you for sharing this video, I learned something new and I definitely give it a try. All the best.

  • Wayne Parker says:

    Wow! I’m really fortunate that I came across this post and the video.  It’s definitely worth watching the entire video – especially the part about the residual income.  Seems like such a great opportunity and I’m very excited to when Onpassive becomes live!  And the chance to get involved at the ground floor.  Like you say, it’s time to “Live Your Dream” Looking forward to going thru all of the videos. Thanks!

  • Cathy Cavarzan says:

    As anybody that has a website can attest, traffic is the one thing that can kill websites, especially news sites. However, the name of the game isn’t just traffic; it has to be quality traffic. Now more than ever, I believe there are no shortcuts to that quality traffic. In light of googles the last update it is more apparent now that our sites have to be quality, relevant and authoritative.

    Now while this onpassive looks good on video I do have a question one it is a new concept have you had any success with it and if so how has your traffic increased and is it quality traffic, meaning folks wanting to buy?

  • Urban says:

    I am not sure if I know what exactly is the point of this post. Yes, everyone who has a website and actively manage it is, I guess, interested in new techniques how to drive more traffic to the website. Organic traffic is precious and great to have, but it is not the only option. In my opinion, every website owner or admin should look beyond organic traffic. The question is not to invest money into the site (paid) traffic or not, but only how much money you get back (ROI).

    Regarding the video presentation, I don’t see what can this onpassive system contribute to website traffic. In my opinion, this is a classical pyramid scheme and has nothing to do with real business. Whoever claims there is the system which will bring you tons of money without any risk is a scam. I really don’t see any connection between website traffic and onpassive presentation. What am I missing here?

  • Dane says:

    Thanks for this informating post. I’ve been wanting to learn how to generate traffic for my site for a long time now. I’ve read various article on it but non seem useful to me. I’m happy to have learned about it from the video you suggested on this post. I’ll inform my friends who are also interested in creating traffic for their web

  • Sondra M says:

    To answer your question, I want to improve my web traffic.   It is a bit frustrating at times building traffic when you first start a new website.    

    Thank you for sharing the video that explains what OnPassive is about.   Mr. Ash sounds like a great person to learn from.  Smart too if he went to Harvard.   

    I must admit, that a 24 minute video isn’t really short.  So, I don’t have time to watch the entire video right now because of a appointment.  So, I’ll have to come back and finish it later this evening.   Thanks again.  

  • Abayomi says:

    Excellent article on how to build website and generate traffic,Your webinar is awesome with all the explanations with easy presentation, you have done a great job,Building a website and generating the necessary traffic is the key to online success,for someone not to be frustrated in online business,your teaching has to be followed meticulously and I believe success is certain,thank you for helping millions of people to get it right now.

  • Darren says:

    Thanks for the article.  I have just started up my own website doing affiliate marketing and am looking how to generate organic traffic.  Have you any tips on this?  I have been getting site comments for my pages and Iam still unsure about link builiding.  Social media through facebook is one that gets a thumbs from me.

  • RoDarrick says:

    I’m always extensively careful whenever it has to do with generating traffic. But the presentation seems to centre on the ways to generate traffic organically using on passive means. Though I do not get the message of the presentation well enough. However, I’ve saved it on my YouTube playlist and will definitely review it when I’m home later today thanks for the presentation.

  • Henderson says:

    This is a really great post here. I think it is important that one takes a new challenge in every business that one is venturing into. This is a great strategy that I think I would try out. I have not taken time to watch the video completely but it really does look like something to go into. Thanks for giving this info on building a better business.

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