How SEEZ-IT Can Help You

Below is a short video explaining how we help ONPASSIVE Founders!

We are here to help people become successful in their online business and the idea of making money from home. If you are here and have not seen the 7-minute video on what ONPASSIVE is and the GoFounders position. The link is at the end of this video or you can get the video here CLICK HERE.

It is a quick process to make you a page, and I am happy to help any Founder who likes this approach to sharing the information. It is much easier to think about sharing this information than think about marketing to someone. But, when you stop thinking about it, everyone is the same, and if you present the information in the right way, they will take a look at it with an open mind.

Contact me with the following information to make you a page:


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The information is used to populate the section at the bottom of the Personal or Team Page as shown below:

Chad Trader

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+1 832 443 1979

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