How to Deal With Different Medical Opinions

There is something that you can count on in life when more than one person is involved there are going to be differences in opinions on the same issue.

How do you know which medical opinion is going to be the right one for you? Finding out the answer to this question is the focus of this post.

While researching different medical websites and studies from various medical schools; there is conflicting information that comes from accredited Doctors and Institutions, and there are different interpretations of what the data is telling us.

That leaves the general public wondering what they are supposed to do with regard to eating healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle. One of the biggest questions is what is the right balance of foods to eat in your diet.

The three components of nutrition will fall under Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats. Commonly referred to as macros; the balance of these macros which the Doctors and Dietitians are going to advise will follow the established recommendations from the FDA and other Governmental Agencies that are influenced by the Lobbyist who pushes for a particular cause.


Most of the time the Lobbyist are not focused on the health and well being of people, but instead, are looking out for the interest of corporations and companies whose main objective is to make a profit.

That influence has shaped the rhetoric that we hear from the advertisements of the products that are produced and marketed as healthy products.

Research data is presented to show that the products are completely safe and have no ill side effects, but the statistics on the rise in obesity and Type 2 diabetes contradicts the claims made.

Medical Opinions on Healthy Lifestyle

Due to the different medical opinions and philosophies presented to us through the established medical community and the governmental agencies; it is challenging knowing which direction to go in pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

This struggle is like a battle of wits, and the loser is the person stuck in the middle and pulled in different directions. After eight months of intense research on diets, that is where I find myself stuck in the middle of different schools of thought.

Complicating the issue is the fact that most of the theories have not been successful in achieving the desired results and that makes it harder to stay focused on the program, with partial success and sheer determination the gains are sustained and built on for plans.

Fresh fruits

Shifting from one dietary theory to another is something to be done slowly and methodically to make sure we do not cause more harm than good. Understanding the thought process behind the change in the diet will make the results understood correctly.

Each person is unique when viewed that way; we realize that there are similarities in people that can suggest trying a particular course of action, but the bottom line is how well it works.

Remaining open-minded is something that some Doctors are not willing to do. From my experience with Doctors, they seem to be very busy and do not take the time to focus on the individual too much. Most office visits are twenty minutes, and that is not enough time to do very much research on the person.  

When do you get a Second Opinion?

Getting a second opinion is something that many people do not do when it comes to a Doctor, but on average the first diagnosis is changed 30% of the time that a second opinion is requested, and in many cases, the diagnosis is better defined. The old saying that two head are better than one is correct for Doctors too!

Many people are reluctant to request or go and get a second opinion because we have been conditioned to think of Doctors as being the authority in health care.

When looking for second opinions in western medicine which are focused more on acute illnesses and trauma conditions, or, eastern medicine which focuses on the prevention of chronic diseases and diet is a significant factor in preventing many diseases.

When you get a second opinion, it allows the Doctors to consider the other Doctors recommendations and may change their first diagnosis or enhance the diagnosis providing more detailed information.


The second opinion is crucial when the diagnosis is critical and is requiring a surgical procedure or some high-risk drugs they are prescribing. It is prudent to question the Doctor and do some research on your own to verify the diagnosis with another Physician before starting a new treatment plan.

In the area of eastern practices and dietary changes associated with trying something new, the same methodology will give similar results by verifying the recommendations from several sources.

Getting second opinions will give you the best chance of finding the correct option for your healthy lifestyle, whether you are using a western or eastern Doctor.

Best Medical Advice Website

Which medical website to refer to depends on what type of information you are looking for, and what you want to do with it. If you want to verify what the medical establishment is saying on a particular subject looking at the official websites is an excellent place to start.

It is always prudent knowing the organization that is supporting the website and considers that when reading the information. Do not take the official website as being the complete authority on the subject without researching the opposing views and seeing what they have to say.

This kind of research takes time and patience to both do and to come up with good results that will stand the test of time. Being new to the game is something that can be intimidating, but one thing is it provides a fresh look, and if the objective is to find working solutions, everyone can benefit.


With the growing health care system and the increasing cost associated with common medical procedures, people are looking for alternatives to help prevent the diseases that will cost a fortune to treat from the medical community.

Looking at both sides of the issues provides a different perspective and allows you to see some other opportunities that you would not know if you only focus on one side of the problems at hand.

Searching for the best website using the major search engines will let you know which sites are coming up more than the rest and the popularity of the site with general populations. How is that going to help you personally? The only way knowing is to dig in and find out what will work for you.

Helping You Find a Healthy Lifestyle

What is going to help you find a healthy lifestyle that will work for you in your life? Taking ideas from different sources and making sure that your mind is open to new suggestions.

Many people will not allow anything new into their lives or even their thinking. It is so important to be open to new ideas, mainly when the current routines are not producing the results that you want in life.

For people to get the full benefit from a dietary change; the change becomes part of your life, and this is a healthy lifestyle adjustment if the difference is giving you a good result. The opposite occurs when changes create a negative effect on health.


That is why the differences in opinions from Doctors are essential because of how they affect people and how people react to the changes. Knowledge is powerful when used in the right way can assist people in achieving the health goals they set for themselves.


Exploring the opinions from many Doctors are going to give you a better picture of the issue that you are facing. If the problems that you meet with are severe, a second opinion is something that many insurances cover before surgery.

In any case, the best practice is going to be to get a second opinion on every issue that takes you back to the Doctor several times and for those items that are considered chronic.

On the eastern medicine practices, it is still an excellent idea to get a second opinion and also to learn as much about the new suggestion to gain the understanding that will enable you to make the best decisions.

Hope that this article provoked some thoughts on the subject and raised some excellent questions to you.

Please leave your comments, share your experiences, or ask any question in the section below.