How to Maintain Attitude and Diet

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With so many people just making their new commitments to changing their diets and exercising more.

How to maintain attitude and diet at the same time comes to mind and got me to thinking about what can help people to succeed and not quit!

The statistics are in favor of most people quitting their New Year’s resolution by February, matter of fact the number is about 80%.

go up and never stop

How do you face that fact and say that this time it is going to be different?

It is simple, DO NOT QUIT! That is easier said than done, especially when it comes to diets and exercise.

I find myself fighting my own thoughts more than anything else, we really know what we should be doing.

For most of my adult life I made a habit of thinking and saying that “I was going to be fat and happy” and not worry about extra weight, just keeping my strength up.

That turned out to be a very bad mistake! Now my attitude and diet have changed drastically; and must remain that way or my health will get bad again!

Lose Fat and Maintain Weight

Part of the issue with needing to losing a large amount of weight is that we forget; it took years to gain all the weight.

If though the weight is not coming off fast as we like it to; but the fact is, many times the weight is coming off faster than it was gained. Just that putting on weight does not take extra effort!

Counting the pounds lost and not measuring the inches lost is going be a source of discouragement when the weight loss slows down or stops.

scale and tape measure

Even knowing this information is not necessarily going to be of any comfort unless we remind ourselves, that this is part of the process.

Losing fat while increasing the muscle is something that most people want in some shape or form.

The body builders are looking to more muscle gain for their own personal goals, while others may want to be more flexible and feel better doing normal activities.

Whatever the motivation, keeping the right attitude is key to success. Find the people that will support your in your goals and seek them out, when you feel yourself in need of a mental boost!

This is something that is simple once you recognize what you need to do. Be decisive and do not let the negative people knock you off track.

Tip to Maintain Weight Loss

There are more ideas and suggestions floating around that you can use if they help you.

The main issue that people do is to go back to the diets and habits they had before losing the weight. Yet, how did they lose the weight? From making some changes that worked for them!

Unless you have never lost weight… not even a pound or two ever in your life! Then you know what we are talking about.

Weight loss is a hard-won thing to do and when you get older it gets harder to do.


I think that it is great when people are the same size when they are in their 50’s and beyond as they were in High School.

The averages do not lie, and the average male will gain 50 pounds from his weight at 20 years old, to his weight at 50 years old.

This is telling us that many just accept this fact and go with it. I know that I did and ended up gaining much more weight than the average.

What we can take away from this information is that our attitude is something that must be addressed for true change to occur in our diet and exercise mentality.

How to Change Mindset and Attitude

There must be a reason you want to change. What is your “WHY” In many motivational teachings this is the critical question that people must find their answer to, before proceeding to a plan.

Once you know your “WHY” then you can focus on that when the going gets tough, and it will get tough!

There is no doubt about it, when we deprive ourselves of the things we like, trials are just around the corner.

never give up

As we get older, our goals will change, and the reasons will change as well.

Even with the improvements in modern medicine, getting older is painful and we lose abilities that for years, are so easily taken for granted.

It is up to the individual, to not allow their environment, to enable them to become complacent.

Many times, we have more financial freedom and resources when reaching our 50’s. This can help or hurt depending on how you use it.

If we strive to do more active things; it can be beneficial to our health and we will feel more like doing more activities.

If we end up being more sedentary and using our intellect to entertain us, then we run the risk of not ever wanting to do anything that is physically demanding.

Knowing that can empower you, to make some decisions that right now, you are not ready to conquer. But, in time with making small steps you can do it!

How to Keep Maintaining a Positive Attitude

Embrace the small victories!

That is the way to keep maintaining a positive attitude about anything in general, but more so when it comes to your diet and exercise plans.

Digging down deep is what it takes some time, we may not feel like smiling and just doing it anyway. Sometimes we must do it for ourselves.

Stay focused

It is easier for me to help someone else to get motivated and stay motivated. Especially, in other areas of life where my disciplines are very strong, and others tend to not be so disciplined.

Take that thought and apply it to yourself, then be that person to motivate and encourage yourself. Think of yourself as being your own Tony Robbins!

The power is in you and you can do it; all it takes is making up your mind and then “DO NOT QUIT”. Oh yes, you have to listen to yourself and then take the action that you know you must do to succeed.


Attitude and diet go hand in hand, you are not going to be successful without having a measure of control over both.

Hopefully you are encouraged by this post and are ready to make the right choices for what you need to do right now, that will help you to achieve your diet and exercise plans.

Please leave any comments, suggestion, and experiences that would help someone improve their attitude about helping themselves or someone else achieves their goals.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post, and hope that you a have a great day!


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