How To Mix The LiveGood Products

Today I Tried Something Different In Mixing the Super Reds

I had assumed that the product would mix better using a powered blender, which is not what I experienced today. After using the following method on the Super Greens yesterday, I decided to try it on the Super Reds to see if I got the same results.

The method is simple and does not require any mixing utensils. Place a scoop of the product into an empty 12oz glass; pour in your water and let it sit for a few minutes to start dissolving the mix. Then gently stir until all the mix is completely dissolved and the drink is ready. This method also worked for the Essential Aminos product.

Little pointers are what make transitioning to new products smoother. These products are so effective that it is worth investing the time necessary to check them out thoroughly.

Check Out This Short Video

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