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Join The Team
Join the Team and make a difference!

There are several ways to participate in raising funds for your Charity or Project; it is going to be up to each person how much they want to get involved.

Avisae is part of a merger of three companies that form BeneYou. This merger is a good development for the Associate as the Avisae products are now available to many more countries.

The prices of the products are lower by the alliance which is going to be better for the customer and make the storefront websites more competitive.

Two Main Categories:

1) Price per bottle $50. (No time commitments). Is to become a customer with my BeneYou website and let me know what charity you would like to support and we will add your name under that charity. A portion of the proceeds generated will be sent to the charity.

2) An initial one-time investment of $29.95 to become an Associate with BeneYou; and $5 per month for your own BeneYou website. The minimum amount to stay qualified for a commission is 60 personal and 100 team points. Contact me directly if you have any questions about BeneYou.

Learn Everything You Need to Know!

I plan to build this out, based on the number of participants that sign up for each charity or project. We will use other platforms and businesses to achieve these goals.

As more participants join the cause, the amount of money being generated per month will increase, and that is why having the right people in place is crucial for success.

Using a bare minimum approach is much better than promising the world with some puffed-up dream.

This minimalistic approach builds a business with expectations aligned with the results. I plan to build teams working towards a common goal in raising funds for charities or projects the team is working on supporting.

Eye on Honest Money
Watch to Ensure Success!

It is a critical point because without the cause receiving some funds; it is an empty promise and will not be a solid foundation to build on.

Building this out with groups that are already in place will result in seeing funds quicker than adding participants on at a time; building one participant at a time will take longer, but when done correctly will be something to be proud to be a part of in the future.

Under Promise and Over Deliver

The product is Sustain and based on my personal experience, and it is a product that provides benefits to most people. But each participant will need to evaluate the product and make sure it is suitable for them.

For a distribution model that is based on satisfied customers to work, each person who signs up to be an Associate must order two bottles a month; each bottle contains 90 pills so if they can use that much, great!

One pill per day!
One Pill A Day!

Historically in these types of plans, proper distribution of the product has never been addressed adequately. What has happened too many times, is distributors end up with some extra product at the end of the month.

That is why this system has people using one pill a day. For most people one pill a day will satisfy their vitamin and mineral needs; especially, if they are eating healthy.

Something worth mentioning here; Associate level participants can use other BeneYou products to stay qualified for commissions.

This level of participation is not the focus of this plan, but it will work just fine for those who fall into this category.

Let’s say that someone wants to support a charity by using BeneYou products, and we will place them where it makes the most significant impact on their charity.

NO Recruiting in the Traditional Sense

In almost every MLM the focus is on recruiting everyone you know, promising the ability to become super-wealthy!

The problem with that is 97% of the time; people who sign up for this nonsense, end up losing money putting a bad taste in their mouth for the whole idea of it.

Trust me I have been in many MLM’s… that is why this time; the approach is different from anything I have heard of before.

When organizing this type of distribution model, based on people getting something of value for their health, while raising funds to help the charity they are passionate about helping.

Foundation for steady growth!
Growth the Right Way…

Building a foundation that can grow and not fall apart the way empty promises do; for those with some experience, you probably know what I’m talking about here.

Another promise is that I will not participate in, or try to get people to sign up without enough support in place for them to be successful.

In the traditional MLM’s the teachings, through every book that I have read, will tell you that you will lose 80% of the people that you sign up.

They try to get you prepared to be that kind of person, who only think about success at all cost. That is belief and behavior that is “NOT ACCEPTABLE”  in any way, shape, or form.

This model will work because the foundation is based on helping others; in the right manner and delivering results in the first month!

What is acceptable is keeping 100% of the people that start. If that does not happen, then the plan sucks!

Plain and straightforward talk is the best way to approach it, not getting people excited and all worked up like being a pep rally before a high school football game!

Vision is something that will drive you to continue in the face of adversity; not trying to stay excited, that is like a sugar rush that will end up in a crash at the end.

Once people see that you are following through on what you said you would do; that builds trust, which is so desperately needed. Growth will be steady, reliable, and not fall apart.

Let me know of your interest and which Charity or Project that you would like to support.

Each situation is going to be unique and handled accordingly to the needs of the people involved.

I will respond to you as soon as possible.

Chad L. Trader

Mobile – (832) 443-1979 (text preferred)

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