How to Sell Health Supplements

There are many ways that health supplements get sold in the market place. What can you do to get into the action and sell health supplements for yourself?

In this post, we are going to cover how someone can start selling health-related supplements from the comfort of their homes and not have to worry about inventory and the overhead associated with a brick and motor store.

Many companies offer this type of service, and there are pros and cons in each of the systems provided. With so many products on the market, how do you find the right one?

Which products to use is a question that I have asked myself many times over the years, I have used so many health products with differing levels of success; some have been through established stores and others through direct selling.

It does not matter to me the method that I get the product; the important thing is that it delivers excellent results!

One of the best ideas is to combine an established product that has proven itself in delivering the results in line with expectations, and a direct selling platform that is easy and convenient to use.

Direct Selling Health Supplements

Companies that decide to market their products through direct selling rely heavily on the distribution system to maintain the demand for the products.

These types of distribution models have been bombarded with the sales techniques to focus on recruiting and not on the products. This method is not the best way to establish a solid customer base.

Focusing on the money will only blur the vision of the customer and tend to make them discouraged when the new wears off. It is much better to focus on the products and what it delivers to the customer.

Happy Face

Once you have happy customers, then they are naturally going to spread the word on the product. The growth that takes place in this way will be sustainable and healthy.

People want products that make them feel better and products that deliver results; the recommendation from people who do not have anything to gain financially will carry more weight.

It is critical to the long term success of a direct selling business or any other business to have this kind of natural growth and people spreading good reports on the products.

How to Make Money Selling Supplements Online.

A loyal customer base is a logical way to approach building a business. When the customer is searching for the right health supplement, typically there is a specific reason behind the decision.

Once the customer finds the right product, and they are satisfied with the results, it is highly unlikely that they are going to stop buying it. This idea assumes that there are no unfulfilled promises made.

To make money selling supplements online is pretty simple once you have the customers in the place. Getting customers is another issue altogether.

Finding the best method to attract customers to your business is not so easy to do. When people who do not have any experience in marketing get presented with all the online options; it can be overwhelming.


The idea of marketing to your warm market works best when the person’s warm market have not experienced bad actors in the direct sells field.

People who have a bad experience are going to be more skeptical; especially when approached by a friend or family member who is not acting normal.

If you think about it; in a regular place of business the employees do not know the customers, they have to treat customers with respect and help them find what they are looking for in that business.

People who are looking to make money online should take this information and apply the lessons learned from it to the online business as well.

Are There Free Online Storefronts?

Advertisers have abused the word free because people like the idea of getting something free. The reality is that nothing in life is indeed free!

Even if you get something that does not have an upfront cost involved, there is some alternative motive behind the free item.

In supermarkets, the business will sponsor free samples to the customers who are shopping; this is to increase the sales of the products.

The same thing is going on with the online business world. Browse through sites that offer free stuff to get your email. The motive behind getting your email is so that they can send you advertisements on their business.


The same is true for sites that offer you a free online store and make it sound like you are going to turn the key and see immediate results; that is not smart to buy into these types of sales tactics.

Everything in life that is worthwhile is going to have a cost involved with it; once you accept that fact, then you can get started working on building a solid business.

Can I Make Money Selling Vitamin Supplements?

The answer is yes you can make money selling vitamins online. It is not going to happen overnight, and there are things that you need in place to facilitate the business.

Many people have built following through blogging on health-related topics, and they can make money by selling a product that they are promoting or by referring people to an affiliated site where they get commissions on the referrals.

It depends on how a person wants to approach the business; it takes some time to create an outstanding blog and write the amount of content needed to get the traffic for a good customer base.

Another way is to create a storefront website and drive traffic to it with the intent of making sells through the volume of traffic that it gets.

Common Purpose

My preference is to develop a customer based on people who are happy with the products and have a common bond joining them together with a purpose to support a good cause.

The challenge is finding the right people is difficult for those of us with jobs and time is limited. The power of the internet is at our disposal to use for this purpose.

To use to internet to your advantage, you have to have a plan and stick to the program. So many times people start with an idea and do not follow through until they see the results.

Making money in the health supplement field is going to take some time to get set up. The goal is to remember why you are getting into the business in the first place.

In any endeavor, you have to get started and keep going until you reach your goals. The best part is that with the right products you can be successful in making money online selling vitamins and other health-related supplements.


Selling health-related supplements is going to require a person to become knowledgeable about the products they are promoting to answer the question from customers.

Learning knowledge is going to come at the pace that each person learns, so do not beat yourself up if you think that you are not learning fast enough.

As long as you have a passion for helping others and learning about how to improve people’s health and well-being, you can be successful. Even if it takes several years, it will be worth it in the end.

Building a good customer base is something that we can do, and if this sounds like something you would like to pursue, please contact me, and we can discuss options.

My goal is to help people find innovative ways to solves health issues and to build a business of direct selling storefronts that make sense.

Please leave your comments, experiences, suggestions or questions in the comment section below.

20 comments on “How to Sell Health Supplements

  • Chris Isaac says:

    To sell health supplement or product in market or online is natural to me, because when you have supplements that are valued I mean products that are helping humans health that product will be highly demanded no matter the cost. Many health supplements are just after the money and not even minding functions of the product.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Glad that you see the point about making sure the motives are in the right place from the companies point of view. When the company genuinely values people and are focused on creating an excellent product; they will be successful in the long run. 

  • Daniella says:

    Hi there,

    Excellent article, I liked the reading!

    I always wanted to help people by selling supplements, but I have never had done this because I don’t have any knowledge in this branch. But as you said, we can learn and become an expert. 

    Just a question, please. Is it essential to put a medical disclaimer on the website when promoting supplements? I mean, will I be protected? This aspect is what scares me the most.

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for your comment and your concern about putting yourself at risk by promoting health-related products. The disclaimers that you are talking about are typically on the products themselves. 

      Assuming that you are not in the medical field then I do not see how you can be held liable for telling your experiences with health-related supplements. The company that I am associated with has all the proper warnings and statements that the FDA does not regulate the supplements.

      There are also additional suggestions to consult a Doctor when changing your diet or starting to take new supplements. 

  • Sue says:

    Hi Chad, thanks for sharing this exciting and informative article. I have thought about getting into selling health supplements (especially online) after I looked into an all-natural supplement for high blood pressure. 

    I have some friends that are on ‘big pharmaceutical’ BP medications, sometimes 3 or 4 of them and I was looking for something natural and useful.The product that came up online had a fantastic sales pitch that made me want to try it, although I do not have high blood pressure. I just wanted to find a safe, natural and effective product to promote. 

    My question to you is, do you recommend trying all the products you sell yourself? Or is doing research, and getting real live satisfied people to review it enough?


    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for your comments and question Sue.

      With all the products promoted on the internet with all the super claims, how do you know if there are any good!

      In my opinion, a person has to research the company and take testimonials of real people as a recommendation but not the only source. Everyone will react differently to different products.

      It is a long hard road finding the right products and changing your diet to undo years of not doing the right things. It can be done, but the answers are not going to jump out at you. 

      Persoanally, I try all the products that I promote; it is the only way I can give an honest opinion about a product.

  • Tushar says:

    I’ve read your article very attentively, and it is beneficial to me. I know such kind of successful company in my region they are distributing their supplements successfully. 

    As far as you said I think they are successful because they have more focus on their products. How can I make money online by selling supplements that you have mentioned very easily? 

    A great idea that I have gather is selling vitamins online. Some innovative approach is needed in this purpose. Can you help me with this? And what type of Affiliate website should I prefer?

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for your comments and questions. To address whether or not the company that I use is available in your area, I need to know your location. Your location will determine which type of affiliate website is best for you as well.

      If you are located in one of the 16 countries serviced by BeneYou, then you can find much more information on my BeneYou website CLICK HERE. 

      You can email me directly with any additional question at 

  • Koda says:

    Interesting post, Chad. Do you have any resources I could check out to looker deeper into selling supplements online? 

    I am a supplement head, so I do my fair share of proteins, vitamins, superfoods, herb, etc., and I would love to promote some of the products I’m using.I feel as though I shouldn’t support something I don’t 100% fully believe in, but the nice thing about my supplements is that I do believe in them! 

    Also thanks for the informative post. You have successful grabbed my attention and got me interested in this a possible prospect 🙂  

    Look forward to seeing more quality content from you in the future! 

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for your comments and your question about additional resources in selling health-related products online. There are several pages and post here on SEEZ-IT.COM that you can browse through.

      If you are interested in the company that I am using BenYou, there is more information on my BeneYou website to check it out  CLICK HERE.

      You can find many videos on BeneYou that are posted on YouTube here is a link to the channel CLICK HERE The latest video is a thirty-minute presentation of the business opportunity and the eight different way to earn and build a business with BeneYou.

      Send me an email with any questions you have at, and I will get the answers back to you as quickly as possible.

  • Chidiking88 says:

    You just talked about something that I’m pretty sure you are right about, and that is the method employed in the distribution of these health products by a lot of distributors/marketers. 

    It’s about the techniques which have been done wrong by focusing on recruiting and not on the products. Focusing on the product and it’s effectiveness, not on the money, is the key to succeeding.  

    Thank you for emphasizing on the importance of building a loyal customer base.

    Please, how much fund is needed to oversee these whole process to succeed in selling these health supplements?

    • Chad Trader says:

      Glad that you found some useful information and to answer your question on selling the health supplements that I am involved with it does not take too much money.

      The company that I have been using for five years recently merged with two other companies which have reduced the prices and now make them available to 16 different international countries.

      The company is called BeneYou, and you can get started for $29.95 and $5 per month for your storefront. Then you buy the products that you want and promote the products to get sales on your storefront.

  • los says:

    Hi Chad,

    Thanks so much for posting this article on selling supplements. I enjoyed reading it and learned a lot.
    I also really like how you focus on teaching people how to acquire knowledge about the products that they sell instead of just trying to sell hard everything that they could make money.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for your comments, teaching people and promoting that way of doing business is the best way for people to make informed decisions. This method will ensure that the customer feels in charge of the process.

      After all the customer is always in charge of where they take their business. Even in a case where a person is hiring a physician, many Doctors get a god complex and think that they are in charge. But, the fact is there are many Doctors to choose.

  • Barbara says:

    I like the idea even though I never thought about it before and more than anything I love the fact that you are suggesting not to focus on the money but the clients and the product. 

    I am a firm believer that if you offer excellent quality and genuinely care for your customers, ultimately it will pay off. Thank you for reminding us about it

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for your comment, sounds like we are of the same mind and agree that it is much better to treat people like you are the store owner, and they are the customers.

      By approaching an online storefront in this manner, the customer will get the service that will make them want to come back and buy other products in the future.

  • Mikay2019 says:

    Thanks for such this informative post. Selling health supplements is quite risky because drugs are very delicate. Most customers get their supplements from trusted sellers, and to win their trust, a seller must have the utmost integrity. When a customer tries your product, the customer spreads the ingenuity of your product by word of mouth. 

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for your comment, and you bring up an excellent point in comparing supplements to drugs. Most people put the two in the same category, but they are not the same.

      Drugs fall under the FDA in the USA and are regulated; a person needs to have a prescription to buy them. Supplements are not regulated, and that makes them more susceptible to fraudulent claims.

      That is where the personal testimonies about the effectiveness of the supplement become so crucial in deciding if you want to buy it or not. Either way, the news is going to get out whether it is favorable or not.

  • Dany says:

    I enjoyed reading your article, and actually, I have some good ideas. I’m a healthy addicted person, and the idea of selling health supplement is excellent, I wonder why I didn’t know about it.

    The simplicity if the method it makes ideal for creating your online store, and I agree, it takes time to build an audience. As you mentioned, when you know the products, and you used them with good results, it makes it easy to promote them.

    Thank you for the great idea you gave me.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for your comment, and I am glad that you got some good ideas from the post. There are many sources to create an online storefront to sell supplements. Also, there are the affiliate routes where you can promote items and get commissions from the sales.

      It pays to spend the time researching and trying the products before trying to sell them to others; I have learned so much from that process, and it makes choosing the correct products much more comfortable.

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