I love Grammarly PREMIUM!

People who inspire to improve their writing skills owe it to themselves to give Grammarly a try. The program helps you to think better after using it for a while.

One a year ago, I started blogging on my website. My first blog post took me over six hours to write eight hundred words, and it was painful in many ways!

The content was hard to read, and after several article months of practice, I went back to understand what I had written. The thoughts that I was trying to convey did not reflect in my writing.

The Instructor on the Wealthy Affiliate training video was reassuring and pressed people to continue with the hope that practice will make them better.

The practice has paid off with someone unexpected rewards. Below is the image is my weekly update from Grammarly.

My productivity and vocabulary are high while the mastery is a little low, but I think that is because of going faster, knowing that Grammarly will catch the mistakes.

Grammarly makes writing fun again. It gives ideas for different words to use and corrects the grammar, knowing where to put the proper punctuations is something that many people have problems with getting right.

Blogging is so much better with the tools from the Grammarly Premium package. I use it to moderate comments correcting the English mistakes while maintaining the essence of what the commenter is saying.

Take a look at the products and features included with the PREMIUM fee ($11.66/month).

These features are fantastic and so conveniently tied to my Google account, and it even works while I am texting on my phone!

Anyone that is wanting to be professional in their writing should get this product. I like it so much that I bought my wife a PREMIUM subscription, so all her devices have the same features.

For more ideas, check out this video:

Grammarly is useful for many more things than you realize, what caught my attention was the number of errors it found. I was writing in MS Word, using a grammar checker from two sources, and Grammarly still found mistakes!

Give Grammarly a try you will not regret it! Let me know if you found any value in the free version in the comment section below.

Have a great day!

12 comments on “I love Grammarly PREMIUM!

  • Shan says:

    Thank you for the detailed review of Grammarly. I have heard several people suggest using it, and while I was quite curious, I always seemed to have other tasks to deal with, and I never got around to checking it out. 

    As the name suggests, it was apparent Grammarly helps correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. I had no inkling of Grammarly could be tied to all devices, including cellular phones. I think that’s neat. I also like the personalized reports with productivity and mastery updates. I am going to give Grammarly a try. Thanks again!

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for your comments, and that was a bonus for myself when I upgraded to Premium; you will be glad you chose to upgrade.

  • Matt says:

    Hi Chad,

    I did use the free version of Grammarly for my writing, so it’s good to know what premium could offer from your post. I currently use it when I write my articles in my browsers, and I think it’s great. 

    It automatically checks my words and my sentences, whether they are correct or not, and it works quite well. So, if your post could mention more about the difference between the free version and the premium version, it would be very very helpful and useful for me to decide to go for the premium one! 

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this page. The most significant difference from the free version is the improvement in checking your work and offering suggestions for different words. 

  • Chris says:

    Your review of this blogging tool is fantastic. You have made me start thinking of investing in Grammarly Premium due to the apparent advantages of the product to the blogger. 

    I love the fact that you stated that it even works when you are texting on your mobile phone in addition to all the other features. 

    Thanks for this piece of good news and I will surely spread the word to my Whatsapp blogging community

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for your comment, Chris makes blogging more fun and frees the mind to think about the content and not do so much on the grammar.

  • Jay says:

    I make use of grammarly, although it is not the premium version. I would not consider it as good as the premium version because I am a bit limited in what I can do, but it is still pretty impressive, and it has helped me take my writing game to a whole new level.

    I have always considered going premium because I believe I can get more out of it in helping my writing improve, and this post has just reassured me of how awesome it would be. I would do just that.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Great comment Jay, Grammarly Premium found seven mistakes editing your comment, that is the reason it is better to upgrade and definitely worth the investment.

  • Dane says:

    Hello there, thanks for sharing this excellent information. There are lots of people who are into blogging and freelancing but have no idea about such a program that can be very beneficial to them. 

    When it comes to being a freelancer, I wouldn’t want to see grammatical errors in any of your work because it will give me a bad feeling about how good you are. Writing can sometimes be a tricky thing as you’re sometimes left stranded and saturated while writing and one could start writing some wrong grammar; I believe at that point, this program will be of great help. Nice being here.

  • Adel says:

    I might give Grammarly a try, English is not my native language, and I do struggle sometimes in finishing writing blogs fast.
    It does take me around 4 to 5 hours to complete one post. Because I tend to check grammar and punctuations…etc 

    So this might be the solution 🙂 thanks for bringing this to the spotlight!

    • Chad Trader says:

      Grammarly Premium has helped my wife in college to write her papers, and her native language is Russian. It will help you to get faster with your writing and make it more fun blogging.

  • Charles says:

    Thank you for this great and fantastic post, I remember when  I was starting as a writer, it was really hard for me as there was no means to proofread what I do write back then hence most of my articles do end up with typos, grammatical errors and kinds of stuff like that but it has been a different story ever since I started using Grammarly. I will like to unlock some premium features too so I can enjoy the full benefits. 

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