Is a Protein Bar Healthy?

With all the marketing focused on making the products sound like a good healthy alternative, from that of their competition.

It is a wonder that there is anything good for us to buy.

The fact is; we must be diligent in our choices and look at the components carefully. The answer to the question about protein bars being healthy is in the ingredients.

Health conscious people are focused on reducing the amount of sugar, and trying to eat more unprocessed foods.

This diet is good for us to do and is excellent when we have a choice in front of us. The temptation is harder to fight off when 90% of the food choices are not good for you!

Planning is what is needed for the right food choices.

Planning takes on a whole new meaning when we think of it in those terms, having the correct food choices available to us is something that we can do, even if it takes some extra effort.

The reason I use protein bars is they are convinent and they have a shelf life that makes them okay to set in the desk drawer for a pretty good while.

One point here is that protein bars are processed foods, so it is better to have fresh fruits and vegetables on hand when that option is available.

It has made me think of focusing on the bars that have fewer ingredients and processed less than some better tasting options with the chocolate coverings.

Purpose for Buying a Protein Bar

The purpose for buying a protein bar varies for people depending on what the dietary objective is.

If someone is using the protein bars as a snack to get them to the next meal, it takes on a different task than it does for the person who is using it to replenish themselves after a workout.

Some may be buying protein bars as a healthier option to a candy bars, and that too will change the approach to selecting the right protein bar for the occasion.

Need a healthy snack option?

People who are looking for the snack between meals they are going to be more in tune with the nutritional facts and how much sugar is in the product.

  • Net Carbs as close to zero or better. (Add the Protein and Fiber then subtract the Carbs)
  • Ingredients that you can pronounce easily and do not sound like chemicals are a good sign.
  • Try to avoid fillers and synthetic ingredients.

People with diabetes are concerned with the sugar and high fructose corn syrups for a different reason than people who are watching their diets for health reasons or trying to lose weight.

Both will be more concerned than people who are working out and trying to bulk up in a weight training routine.

It is still a wise choice to watch the intake of the sugars just because of the additive nature of it.

What Makes a Protein Bar Healthy?

Having the right primary ingredients are what makes a protein bar a healthy option. The better the elements, the better our bodies are going to benefit from the product.

The mix of the right kind of protein, fiber, and carbohydrate will determine if the product is going to satisfy the requirements for being a healthy option or just another snack bar (same as candy).

Quality is the key to good protein bars.

Quality is usually going to cost more, and it may be a lot more on some things and not so much on others depending on the economy of scale and how efficient the company is at producing the product.

How we place the value on the product is going to determine if we are willing to pay the extra cost for products.

Companies that use high quality ingredients to make their protein bars are typically going to be more concerned with every aspect of their business.

The high-quality make them more appealing to me because the product is going to be more consistent and you can count on getting the ingredients they advertise.

Difference Between Energy Bar & Protein Bar

How to determine the difference between energy bars and protein bars is by how much sugar or carbohydrates versus the amount of protein.

Energy bars are designed to provide energy, and they contain large amounts of sugars and high carbs to give a quick energy boost.

Generally good for athletes who are in intensive workouts, and maybe in a competition where extra energy is needed.

Protein bars contain more protein and better suited as a meal replacement or extra nutrition after a workout.


I have been using protein bars for different purposed in my diet, but this is what they were designed for when they started making them.

The purpose of an energy bar is going to dictate that the ingredients focus on the amount of energy it provides to the body.

Since the most natural thing for the body to process is sugar, the natural ingredient to use is going to contain a high amount of sugar and other forms of carbs.

They typically contain the same amount of sugar as a regular candy bar. The thing to watch out for is marketing, with a bogus healthy slogan placed on the packaging.

The same thing goes for the protein bars as well, just because they tell you that it is excellent for you, don’t make it so!

Good energy producing ingredients such as eggs, bananas, oats, seeds, nuts, dates, whole-wheat, etc. Will provide power that will last longer and be a healthier option.

Reducing the amount of sugar, we consume from either of these options, will reduce the effect of the sugar crash, that will come when the sugar burns off.

The Best Protein Energy Bar

It makes more sense to use a bar that has the best of both worlds when searching for the right protein bar that will deliver the right amount of energy that you need.

Look for the highest protein that you can find, and the fiber content is high along with the protein it makes the energy last longer by slowing it down in the digestive system.

Clif Protein Builder Bar

The best bars (at least for me) that work well for giving energy over a three to four-hour period is the Cliff Protein builder bars.

These bars contain higher sugar/carbs than other smaller bars, but it works out to a favorable Net Carbs of 5.

If your activity is going to be higher than averave, it is a better alternative to the candy bar numbers (Net carbs = +28 or higher).

The Cliff product also have the extra vitamins and minerals that the candy bars or energy bars have in them in general.

Products differ and reading the label is the best way to see what is in them.

What are your thoughts?

Protein bars what do you think about them in general?


Do you use them in your regular diet? Are protein bars something that you think about being a healthy option over candy bars.

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