Legal & Compliance

People who are looking for a reputable company will place a high value on the company focusing on being legal and compliant with all the laws and regulations in every country that they are doing business.

During all the training and the process of developing the core philosophy’s ONPASSIVE is built on maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards. Ash Mufareh has said many times that people should think about the earnings from ONPASSIVE as extra money and prepare yourself to pay additional taxes.

We have all heard the talk of trying to get out of paying taxes, you know looking for loopholes to save money on fees, but the high road is to develop your mind to think about taxes as part of the process of becoming successful.

ONPASSIVE will hold everyone to a higher standard and maintain compliance within all 212 countries it operates within. This value is something that makes me feel good about doing business with ONPASSIVE.

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