Liquid Hosting

We see more and more improvements in the operating systems in the last couple of years. The cool-looking interface that shows people where they are on the screen allows for a better experience of the user.

The real muscle behind the cool-look and feel of liquid hosting is Artificial Intelligence. AI combines the many products and services within ONPASSIVE to place it at the fingertips of its clients and customers.

AI is providing the daily funnels to all of the websites that customers of ONPASSIVE host with ONPASSIVE. This service is helping to build the business of their customers, meaning that ONPASSIVE is generating content to help brand their customers business!

This service is NEW to the internet; most of the online services in this area only provide a limited single-focused service that the business owner has to try to use for themselves. Now people who partner with ONPASSIVE will be able to build their own business and brand themselves instead of using some cheap imitation.

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