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I Am Impressed With The LiveGood Leaders

CEO Ben Glinsky

There is good reason to be impressed with the leaders of this fantastic company! Starting with CEO Ben Glinsky, his story starts from humble beginnings, as he described in a webinar the other day. He began his journey after college in the 90s when there were few jobs for college graduates.

After being among the top earners and the small percentage of people who make it in the MLM or Networking industry, he described his distaste for how most people never made any money while working in the industry and trying to build a business with a team.

He described the reason for creating LiveGood as to help people succeed, especially the little guy just starting. The LiveGood Pay Plan is designed to get commissions into the pockets of the little guy while still having a good structure to reward the leaders for their efforts. If you share this passion, you should look carefully at the LiveGood opportunity; you may be a perfect candidate for membership.

Director Of Product Development Ryan Goodkin

Ryan has a doctorate in pharmacy from Palm Beach Atlantic University and a degree in science and nutrition from Florida State University. Ryan has a unique background as a natural health practitioner and a pharmacist, and his experience makes him the ideal person to lead product development at LiveGood.

There are high-quality supplements in the marketplace which are cost-prohibitive to many people who cannot afford them but desperately need them to achieve optimal health. Ryan addresses the formulation of the products by adjusting the high-quality ingredients in the recipe to maximize the health benefit while keeping the cost as low as reasonably achievable.

“I don’t create products to sell. I create products to USE, and for my family to use. There is no way I am going to let my family put something in their body that I don’t trust 100%. That’s why I started LiveGood. I formulated every product. I know exactly what is in them. And I would not go a day without them!” – Ryan

Director Of Product Education Lisa Goodkin

Lisa has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and a Degree In Science and Nutrition. With over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, she knows what does and doesn’t work for people at all health and fitness levels.

Promoting and practicing a healthy lifestyle, Lisa leads by example in all activities, such as healthy cooking and reducing stress while maximizing productivity. She designs exercise routines for herself, her family, and her clients.

Her commitment to helping people understand how their bodies work and what can make them perform at peak levels is exactly why we are. You are missing out if you’re not following Lisa on social media. Add her for valuable free tips, education, and exciting adventures! Beyond proud and blessed to have her as our Director of Product Education.

Director Of Network Marketing Nauder Khazan

A legend in the network marketing industry, Nauder has coached, trained, and helped thousands of people be better, do better, and achieve more than they ever thought they could. Nauder is a true leader and friend to everyone.

Since 1998, Nauder has been a top leader, income earner, coach, trainer, consultant, and company owner for some of the most successful companies in the network marketing industry. Few people on the planet have the resume that Nauder does regarding Network Marketing.

But what truly separates Nauder from other industry top earners and company owners is his heart and humility. It doesn’t matter what a person’s background is, how long they have been in the company, or their level of success. If they desire, Nauder is always available to help…even if they are promoting a different business or company. He continually works to help others and has a genuine servant leadership quality.

You Can Rest Assured Knowing These Leaders Are Looking Out For Us!

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