Mass Marketing Campaigns

ONPASSIVE’s setup makes sure that people are successful, that is going to happen by several factors working together to achieve the desired results. The media in which the marketing takes place does not matter and will change to keep it fresh.

One of those factors is the massive marketing campaigns that the company is going to do for the Founders and customers. The first campaigns are taken place in the pre-launch phase allowing existing Founders to Beta test the platform before going live to the public.

ONPASSIVE is taking the time to do things right and test everything before revealing it to the public. It makes perfect sense, and we are lucky to have such a dedicated team working hard to make this happen.

There is a video email system that is coming with the platform as well, we have not heard much about that, but we all know how powerful videos are in marketing. I especially like the shorter videos, there is not as much information, but you do not get overloaded either.

  • 3/25/2020 – We received our first video email from our CEO Ash Mufareh today in the GoFounders back office. It worked great and is an awesome tool to keep everyone up to date. The email format keeps the experience feeling personal and easier to stay focused on what is being said.

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