Meal Replacement Shakes – Smoothies for Kids

There are many manufacturers of meal replacement shakes, protein bars, and supplements to use for a meal replacement if there is not enough time to prepare a well-balanced meal.

We are on the go so much in our society that it is easy to overlook proper nutrition, skipping a meal should be the last resort, but if the only options are getting fast food, then it may make more sense to use a healthier alternative!

Recent studies point out that over half of the people, (living in the developed world) are getting more than of their calories from some form of processed foods.

With fast food being the major contributor to satisfying our hunger pains with poor nutritional options. Just because it tastes good don’t mean its good for you.


One of the best things that I heard recently was to look for ingredients that you can pronounce without being a Doctor.

Think about something is close to being fresh; like wheat, for example, it is easily recognized, and we know that it comes from the earth.

For Diabetics, it may need to be avoided, just due to the carb count, but it by itself is not that harmful to people in general.

Take a look at the total of the sugars and the carbohydrates in determining if it is a right fit for you.


Multivitamin Brands – Do Multivitamins Work

There has been all the advertisement focused on sugar-free/ no sugar added leading people to believe that the product is healthier because of it, but some ingredients such as raisins carry five times the sugar content of grapes! !

It is up to us as consumers to educate ourselves to the tactics of the big companies. They are not evil, and I do not think they are necessarily trying to hurt people, they want to turn a profit and may get carried away with their claims.

Here is a good list of qualities to look for:

  • The calorie content should be between 200 – 400 calories.
  • Less than 30% of the calories coming from fat (for those not on a low carb diet).
  • Protein equal to a normal meal (DRI suggest .36 grams per pound)
  • Fortified with the necessary vitamins and minerals the body needs.
  • Taste must be tolerable but the better it tastes, the more likely it will be used.


How do we judge the crazy claims that some products put in their advertisements? Read the labels and talk to as many people that you can to see if they have used the product.

Firsthand information is always the best option for me; that works especially suitable for the effects or result that people can tell you happened.

doc pocket

Still better to check with your Doctor to get their input. They are focused on what something does to the body.

My consultations with doctors have gotten better over the years; the older I get, the more comfortable it is talking with them and getting the information that I need.

Would go back in time and change my attitude towards doctor visits, if I could sure have made life better if I had paid more attention to their advice years ago! s


Taste is something that really should go without saying, but I see people trying to force-feed something that tastes horrible because it is supposed to be good for them!

Why do people do such things is beyond me. Understand the reasoning behind taking something that is good for you, but if it tastes terrible are going to keep taking it if it makes you sick to your stomach, or leaves some aftertaste.

When supplemental shakes started becoming popular back in the 1990s; there was a real problem with the metal aftertaste it would leave in your mouth. That has gotten much better with time, but still something to be aware of when shopping.


When buying something; it isn’t nice when a product can serve two or more purposes. That makes it easier to justify the cost versus what you get in return.

When is someone looking for a meal replacement shake, what if the same product could be used to make a tasty snack for your children?

Wouldn’t that raise the value of the product?

The added value is something to consider when comparing the different products on the market.


Making smoothies for the kids is an idea that came to us one night when I was making a protein shake for myself, and the kids wanted to try it.

They ended up loving it and wanted me to make them one for themselves; at first I did not want to do that because of the cost of the product and they are skinny, they do not need to lose any weight!

But then; my wife and I got to talking about it, and we realized that maybe this is a way to get more nutrition into our kids without having to try to get them to eat better food.

Like most parent I talk too; many kids will not eat what we call healthy food; they only want junk food like pizza, noodles, hamburgers or anything fast food, and restaurant food… where they end up eating more chips than anything else.

So we changed the way we look at the situation and now regularly; most of the time at the kid’s request, we make them a smoothie with my favorite meal replacement shake called Daily Indulge by Avisae the product is no longer available.

We use whole milk to add some calories because our children are a little thin. You can add fruits, to make it a fruity flavor or my kids like it with a banana and some chocolate syrup.


Where you get the meal replacement shakes you’re looking for will depend mostly on how and where you usually do your shopping.

There are plenty of health food stores to check out, and they usually have very knowledgeable staff members who can assist you in your search.

Grocery Store Aisle

Once you determine what brand you want; then I think it is best to shop around online, there you can see which stores carry the product you are looking for and find the best deals.

OPlease leave any comments or suggestion below,

6 comments on “Meal Replacement Shakes – Smoothies for Kids

  • Theresa says:

    Hey, Chad! So, do you give your kids the shake as a complete meal replacement? Or is it more like a snack for them? I have thought about giving my children shakes in the past, but I’m hesitant to make it a meal replacement because I know that they need more calories because they are growing. I guess it would depend on the age of the kids and if they have any other health issues, right? I do sometimes give my kids smoothies with just frozen fruit and a bit of fruit juice, so it’s more like a slushie with fresh fruit. They love that!

    • Chad Trader says:

      Hi Theresa,

      We give our kids the smothies made with Indulge as a supplement to their meals, they are to thin and do not need to skip any meals.

      It taste so good they ask for it almost every day so it is easy to get some proper nutrition in them without have to fuss at them.

      It is really good when you put the frozen fruits but my kids prefer the bananna and chocolate combo.

      Thanks for your comment,


  • Kent says:

    This is actually a great idea, getting kids to eat healthier by using these vitamins fortified meal replacement shakes. That’s actually what I do for myself, I rarely have time to go shop for “real foods” and end up getting most of my calories from fast food, take out food, frozen dinners, and all that crap.

    So the solution is to get these meal replacements to ensure I get the proper nutrients for my body. I not only get shakes but I get bars as well. The only concern I have is whether these fortified nutrients actually benefits the body in the same way that getting those same nutrients from real food would? 

    • Chad Trader says:

      Hello Kent,

      Yes that is a concern for me as well, specially before trying a product out. You really don’t know what they are putting in there, right?

      After four years now using Indulge and other product from Avisae the quality is there and you can feel the difference when using it.

      Before my recent change in my diet, due to diabetes, I was using these products pretty much as you described, as a supplement mostly.

      I have used Indulge for meal replacements to loose weight and it does a good job giving a full feeling for a few hours. And all my blood test always came back good on my vitamins and minerals.

      Hope that helps,

      Have a great day!


  • Lynne says:

    I actually think this is a great idea as a snack for kids that need to maybe gain a little weight or get more protein into their diet. My daughter is also very thin and not the best eater around but if I make her a fruit smoothie she usually drinks that down. Adding a meal replacement shake into the smoothie with all those extra vitamins and protein is a great idea so her body gets the nutrients it needs! And she just thinks it tastes good! Do you have any favorite recipes you like to use or any favorite meal replacement shakes you prefer the taste of? Thanks for the great idea!

    • Chad Trader says:

      Hi Lynne,

      Thanks for your comment, my kids are ten and seven and both of them prefer the banana chocolate combo with the Indulge vanilla mix. 

      I have made it with mixed frozen fruits in whole millk and it comes out awesome; it can come out thick enough to eat with a spoon if you don’t add enough milk.

      If you want to cut calories you can use water but it comes out a little runny, it comes out fairly good with almond milk.

      For the kids sometimes we add a little ice cream in there and it gives it a smother consistency and richer flavor. Just try not to have ice around too much…

      Hope that helps,

      Have a great day!


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