My First Savings With LiveGood Products

After Researching The Product

With a phone call on Monday evening from a friend of mine he introduced me to, and at first, I was reluctant after looking at the site; I was so impressed with the quality of the website that I signed up before researching the products thoroughly. I figured that with this much professionalism, the effects would be at the same level of quality, which is correct!

I immediately ordered the replacement products for the Supplements I was taking; my total cost was $238 a month, which was replaced with an $81 per month supply with

We received everything yesterday, and our whole family spent an hour tasting all the products. We are happy with the taste, and now my kids will be drinking the Super Greens Super Reds Complete Plant-Based Protein and the E3 – Energy, Endurance, Electrolytes.

Everyone in our household (five of us) can get the supplement we need for about the same money I spent on my supplements. That is an incredible saving and makes the Membership a no-brainer!

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