Never Before Seen Technology

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My first thought when I heard this statement was, “Ya right,” honestly, I did not believe that it was possible to do, but after gaining a better understanding of how the ONPASSIVE platform works, it makes perfect sense.

ONPASSIVE has a never before seen technology built from the ground up without using any existing programming. The Tech Team has different teams working on each of the products in the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem to ensure that each product is cutting edge.

Our CEO Ash Mufareh is dedicated to excellence and maintaining this competitive edge by his commitment to keeping the programmers and engineers that developed this revolutionary marketing platform. We are fortunate to have leadership that sees the longterm value of supporting these resources.

Ash Mufareh is a man with a good heart and always speaks about the importance of the customer in building a successful business. He also has made it possible for people to participate in this business as a Founder for a little cost. Take advantage of this by becoming a partner through the GoFounders program.

It only takes a few minutes to join and lock your position into the system. Take the time to learn more about ONPASSIVE; once you see the massive size of the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem, you will understand why it has taken two years to create.

ONPASSIVE is in the final stages of pre-launch, final touches and beta testing is underway, soon the world is going to find out about ONPASSIVE, and the opportunity to become a Founder will go away.

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