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ONPASSIVE has built the AI with the “Smart Business Solution” automated marketing platform to ensure that every customer is taken care of like never before. The proprietary technology works tirelessly to brand your business and bring in the visitors needed to increase your sales.

People who need the expertise of professionally executed mass email campaigns, managing your contact list, following up with each lead, and getting the right information to them at the right time are going to love the ease of use that ONPASSIVE offers its customers.

ONPASSIVE provides everything you need to do your business email campaigns.

Everyone wants to be part of a winning strategy with their business; after all, that is what people want from their business, to make a good profit with as little effort as possible. The guaranteed success from ONPASSIVE relies on the AI managing all of the administrative tasks that tend to take up so much of the entrepreneur’s busy schedule. This service grants you more time to think about more important aspects of your business.

All these benefits we have mentioned above await those who are willing to get involved with this Global IT Company while it is still in the Beta testing stage. The ONPASSIVE is not leaving anything to chance. They are building this platform to be the best in the world and maintain that cutting edge by keeping all the talented people on staff after launch to provide continuous improvement for years to come!

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