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ONPASSIVE’s All-New AI Technology is built from the ground up with one goal, that is to ensure the success of its customers. That is an impressive goal for a company to set with the expectation to achieve.

We see the benefits of AI technology working in many areas of the business world, more especially in the field of marketing the AI technology helps process the data generated into something useful.

ONPASSIVE has integrated everything you need into one platform that streamlines the process and cuts costs drastically by having everything in one place. To achieve a similar result, you need to combine several services today, which is much more expensive.

Another benefit of the AI Technology processing the sales data is the ability to predict future sales coming from each customer, which will help to develop future sales campaigns streamlining the cost of advertising.

AI Technology and You

What does artificial intelligence technology provide for the average business person online? Processing the massive amounts of data may not seem like a needed thing for the small business owner, but it can help to separate yourself from the crowd.

Knowing where to focus your attention is worth a lot of time and money. AI technology helps you to narrow your focus on the things that your customers are looking for that your business provides.

AI Technology is driving the way advertisements are displayed in the content that we see online. It knows the right things to put in front of everyone by analyzing the raw data collected from search information.

Think about it, not too many years ago; this was not possible; the more computer technology increases, the more data gets collected and processed daily.

Wouldn’t you like to position yourself to take advantage of AI technology in your marketing for your business? Smart people are doing that by using this technology to its fullest.

AI Technology Companies

Let’s face it; we know companies that are using AI technology every day, and this is a good thing for the average person. Think about how much Amazon impacts your life.

I love the convenience of buying products online and the ability to shop without having to go to a bunch of stores. That may differ for people who like to go shopping, but another thing to think about is how easy it is to see if the price is the best.

Google is another tool that I use daily, think about it; without this popular search engine, you would not have all the information at your fingertips.  

The next significant shift in the way people use the AI Technology companies are going to use all the information from the search engines and tie it together into a marketing platform built for the entrepreneur.

AI Marketing Technology

The best part of AI technology for the individual is the engagement of the advertisements is much better than they used to be; now, when you are looking for something, every ad for that item will start presenting to you.

Some people may find this annoying, but when you stop to think about it, this way of advertising can help you save time. We have to be careful that we do not get lazy or we will pay the price.

As long as you stay vigilant, then you can use the advertisements to aid in your search. Sometimes I have found just what I was looking for through these types of ads.

Knowing the way advertisement is heading will help you set up your marketing campaigns in the future. No matter how automated things get, people still need to understand the basics to profit from knowledge.

AI Future Technology

The future is bright with the assistance of AI Technology in personalizing your website content. Think about the help programs like Grammarly gives to people who are writing content online.

I use it, and it helps me to get my message across without changing my mind. Instead, it helps to use the right words to get my news across to people.

That is a significant change in the way that people can use AI technology in their lives. ONPASSIVE is using AI Technology to predict what readers want to read, based on their reading history.

How valuable do you think that is going to be for generating future articles for your blog? That is awesome, in my opinion, using search programs to find the best keywords is the way that I determine what content I am going to write about today.

The future of AI Technology looks bright, and if you are willing to embrace the possibilities that teaming with the ONPASSIVE AI Technology can do for your business, you have a winning combination.


ONPASSIVE All-New AI Technology is built from the ground up with one purpose in mind, and that is to ensure that everyone who participates in the business will succeed.

How can ONPASSIVE do this? They have taken the best practices and used what works to build a business to program their own AI that is proprietary to the company.

This AI technology is the first of its kind; the programming will make sure that the customers who buy the services and products from ONPASSIVE are satisfied with the results.

When every customer is happy, that is a solid foundation for a longlasting business. The way I see it, ONPASSIVE is going to be around for many years and become a household name like Google or Amazon.


How would you like to be involved with a company like that? Please check out the ONPASSIVE Information page that we put together for you.

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20 thoughts on “ONPASSIVE All-New AI Technology

  1. Wow, what a great video and article! AI Technology is everywhere these days; it surely helps to succeed. This company is an incredible technology and is available to ordinary citizens; it will have a massive impact on a business, I believe.

    Launching the right marketing campaigns, personalized website content, finding the best keywords will result in better revenue. I want to explore it. Thanks for sharing this fantastic article. I’m going to share it with some friends too.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read the post, there is more information on ONPASSIVE both on my website and on the official bog for ONPASSIVE. If there is anything that I can help you with, please do not hesitate to ask.

  2. Hi! This post is a fascinating website and exciting service/product. I just wonder how will this help affiliate marketers like me?

    Do you have an affiliate program? I already have my website at the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I am glad you recommend Wealthy Affiliate platform in your concept.

    That, to me, sounds good. My second question is, what does it mean to be an Onpassive Founder? Who should become an Onpassive Founder? What are the benefits of becoming an onpassive founder? I found no clear information about what you get when you sign up to become a founder.

    1. Thank you for your reply. ONPASSIVE is a Global IT Company built to help everyone succeed in their online or traditional business by providing the necessary elements that you need for success.

      ONPASSIVE does have a compensation plan based on commissions from the sale of the IT products and services they offer. Every person who is a Founder of the company, or Authorized Re-Seller of the IT Products must first become a customer. This fact is what makes ONPASSIVE different.

      To become a Founder with ONPASSIVE, your register and pay the one-time $97 fee. There are no other fees until the product launch; then, you can choose between four membership levels ranging from $25 to 500 dollars. There are tons of information on the GoFounders position in our Private Facebook Group.

      You can also click the ONPASSIVE Information link and see more about the products if you are interested, please send me an email to chadltrader@seez-it.com

  3. OnPassive All-New AI Technology strikes me as a disruptor in the same way Google, Apple, and Uber changed our traditional way of doing things for the better. What OnPassive All-New AI Technology sets out to do is streamline a process, bring all the disparate parts into a hub and offer it at a discounted price.

    As an Affiliate Marketer, one of the most challenging tasks I implement day after day is to carry out a keyword search and create content. Imagine how easy it will be for me to use OnPassive AI Technology to predict what readers would love to read based on their reading history. It would make my writing more targeted and niche-specific and take out all the hassle of guesswork. Writing content would become a breeze.

    I wholeheartedly embrace OnPassive All-New AI Technology and what it sets out to do in my industry. I can’t wait to get on board.

  4. You give good explanations of all the benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the business world, especially marketing. You pointed out the adds from Google are the result of the implementation of AI. You also talked about some benefits of AI in generating and processing data. That’s good.

    However, as someone who has little idea and still get confused about the term, I would have loved to know how you define AI. Don’t get me wrong, you provided some examples of what it can do, but I still find a clear definition more helpful.

    Also, the Onpassive, there are just various talks about a better future for customer satisfaction. In what way is that going to be done?

    1. Thank you for your comments and questions. AI (artificial intelligence) is computer programming that can learn and improve itself. There are many types of AI’s in the world today that are making the internet experience better for the user.

      ONPASSIVE’s AI will bring customer satisfaction to a whole new level, think about using a product that is superior in every way to the competition. That in itself will drive high customer satisfaction, but what about when customers start getting paid to use this product or service.

      That is the genius of how ONPASSIVE is disrupting the internet marketing business. 

  5. I think getting involved on the ground floor of an opportunity like ONPASSIVE sounds exciting. I think I would like to investigate this opportunity a little further.

    I remember being able to write articles and posts that people will read is so crucial to those who want success in blogging and affiliate marketing. So, taking advantage of technology like AI is beautiful, and I am excited to find out more. 

    1. Thank you for your comment and interest in ONPASSIVE. We have over 65000 Founders worldwide in 212 countries. ONPASSIVE is massive, and it has not started yet, think about how many startup companies have over 65000 paying customers before they reveal the first product.

  6. Thanks for such an informative article about ONPASSIVE. I have long wanted to know about ONPASSIVE. By reading this, I Got to know everything about this New AI Technology. If they work well, they will become popularized on Amazon within a few days.

    I must say that this article is beneficial and informative. I want to share this article on my social media, and I think if I share your article on my social media everyone will know about it.

    Thanks so much for sharing an informative article with us.

    1. Thank you for your comments and glad that you liked the article, please let me know if I can assist you in any way.

  7. AI technology is becoming more massive every day. It’s working in cars, phones, or anything electronic. The Internet of things is what they call it where things are autonomous, and so far as I know, Microsoft and IBM do this and other big companies. I see that Onpassive is forecasting results that come in handy with data analytics so I can see a market for this. Great read.

    1. Thank you for your comment, and you are correct in the analytical results, ONPASSIVE’s AI is programmed to maximize the SEO for you and to get your page ranked high in the search engines. It all comes down to the quality of the content that you have on your site. I think this is going to improve the internet experience for everyone by making websites better.

  8. Wow, just what I have been looking for in my company. I just started my online business and was wondering how to market it better. Your site has everything to do with marketing. 

    How long before this product gets rolled out to the public, and how quick does it start working on getting customers buying? This site has been so informational, and I see this helping a lot of small businesses like myself. Thank you for the information, and I look forward to being a customer of yours. 

    1. Thank you for your comments and for sharing your thoughts on my website. Take a look at the Information on ONPASSIVE, and you will be amazed at how massive it is, we are in the last phase of pre-launch and about to start the BETA testing of the system. It has been a long time in the making, but we will see the power of ONPASSIVE get demonstrated soon. 

  9. Thanks for your article and review of the “OnPassive” all-new AI Technology platform. It is fascinating that the power of AI is being offered now to the masses. Heretofore, for the most part, only the big companies could afford to implement such technology. That OnPassive is rolling it out for all businesses is a piece of excellent news.

    I can see how knowing the reading and search histories of people will allow more targeted content to them, and like this, keeping their attention and increasing the time on site that you will see as a website owner. It offers more chances to put products and services that they likely are looking for in front of them when they are ready to take action.

    What is the cost to be a part of the founder’s program and are there ongoing costs as well? I am interested in the specific tools and procedures that will be involved, and also how hard is it to get the tools to work? Lots of questions, but I do think this is worth pursuing. Thanks again!

    1. Thank you, Dave, for your comments, the cost to become a Founder with ONPASSIVE is a one-time fee of $97. There are no other fees until the product launch; at that time, everyone chooses the membership level they want to buy, ranging from $25 to $500.

      There is more information on how the system is self-funding in our Private Facebook Group, which you are welcome to join by answering the questions. The rest of the tools, products, and services with ONPASSIVE designed to be plug and play. The idea is that anyone with the necessary computer skills to browse the internet will be able to use them effectively.

  10. I think that with Onpassive inventing new AI technology that we will see some new types of innovation come to the market in a few years. They provide many great ideas, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Do you think that onpassive is the premier AI technology provider right now?

    1. While ONPASSIVE is in the process of launching the technology to the world, you can get a glimpse of it on their official blog. The technology is working now, producing content in eight categories pretty much every day since October of 2019. 

      ONPASSIVE’s AI Technology does not stop with the function of content generation; it also is designed and programmed to handle all the admin functions, marketing, and team building placements.

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