This week there was a private Webinar for the Founders of ONPASSIVE, where Ash Mufareh shared some updates on the progress of ONPASSIVE and the direction we are going.

In the same fashion, as usual, Ash expanded our horizons as to the massive undertaking that ONPASSIVE has evolved too. Since the beginning of the private Webinars, Ash has explained his vision and the changes along the way.

Ash describes, in the beginning, the idea was to create a better MLM, Network Marketing, Online Business that everyone participating would be successful.

While he has maintained the focus of doing that, the level of detail that Ash and his team are doing is mind-boggling! That is where the topic of this post comes from, ONPASSIVE is much bigger than even Ash thought it was going to be.

My main attraction to ONPASSIVE, in the beginning, was the targeted traffic. While that is very important to the blogger, the picture of what ONPASSIVE is and how it will help everyone has developed into something else, the internet is going to change because of what ONPASSIVE is doing.

Internet Business and IT Products

Everyone who is running an Online Business has to have the essential services to create a website, host it, create content, market it, get traffic, and convert to sales.

The ONPASSIVE ECOSYSTEM encompasses all of the necessary components to succeed, and the idea is to have it all automated using AI technology built for that purpose from the ground up.

View the ONPASSIVE EcoSystem alphabetically to help explain it better.

One of the most needed improvements that ONPASSIVE will address is the Webinar service that is coming with ONPASSIVE. It is being designed to operate globally and be able to handle high volumes of traffic without crashing. This is important to businesses that count on using webinars to conduct meetings.

I am looking forward to the roll-out of this particular platform, as we meet more people online and around the globe, it becomes more important to see this technology improve.

Online Security – Money Transfers

One of the things that people must be confident about is the security of their information and the funds that they have in their accounts.

This is something that concerns me as well as everyone who is in business, whether online or not. The security that ONPASSIVE has incorporated within the system is the highest quality, and best described as “military-grade.”

Another function that ONPASSIVE will add to the marketplace is the ability to transfer funds from one member to another very quickly. This will be a convenience and also allow another form of payment for people to use to pay bills.

The more thought that goes into the technology, the better it serves the businesses and their customers. People are going to enjoy the benefits of being able to transfer money around the world more quickly because ONPASSIVE is in over 200 countries, and members will be able to transfer money from their wallets to other members.

Legal and Compliance

It is good to know that the company you are getting involved with shares the same values that you do, especially when it comes to being legal and compliant in the countries that they operate.

Global companies like ONPASSIVE has a responsibility to ensure that they comply with the laws and attract people who want to abide by the rules.

ONPASSIVE Founders are people who want to follow the rules and laws, they are generous people and thoughtful of others, which also helps to build an organization you are proud to be part of in business or other endeavors.

I have seen the quality this demonstrated by many of the Founders and feel that most are genuinely ready to help others, whether they are directly on their team or not.

Founders like Marty Degarmo, Mike Ellis, and Dan Street have been very helpful to me and inspire me to want to be more useful to others, they also stress the importance of following the rules to ensure the business runs smoothly.

Power of a TEAM

Having a team of people works better and is more fun than trying to do something by yourself. It can get lonely working on a business by yourself.

Having a TEAM can help you stay on track to give you sources of energy, knowledge, and even keep your morale up when you hit a low spot.

Building the right team takes time and effort. Ash Mufareh has given the Founders more time to work for their teams before the launch officially happens.

We are looking for more Founders to join the ONPASSIVE team; these are the people who see the big picture and want to participate in the pre-launch activities.

We are also looking for those who want to get involved with ONPASSIVE after it is finished and ready for the public; either way, we are all on the same team, and the goal is to see people succeed in their businesses.

There are challenges to building a team for a business that has not launched and is still going through changes like calling members “Independent Re-sellers” instead of Affiliates. The name of the Facebook Group that we started has Affiliate in the title, even though the primary function is the same, the legal team changed it.

The purpose of the group is to organize people and be able to contact them when ONPASSIVE goes live. After ONPASSIVE launches, Facebook groups will not be necessary. But for those who want to learn more about ONPASSIVE, please join our group.

Better to Become a Founder

For people who are wanting to get started now, we still have Founder positions available for a low fee. The fee locks your place into the company matrix and allows you access to the GoFounders website.

The GoFounders website allows you to interact with other Founders in the Community, has marketing links, training material, recorded webinars, and many other features.

While we are in the pre-launch phase, the GoFounders website is the communication hub for upcoming events and instructions on the next step in the process.

There are no additional expenses required until ONPASSIVE launches the GoFounder position simply allows you to lock in your place and will enable you to start building your team early.

Anyone interested in learning more or has any question, please leave them in the comment section below or email them directly at




  • Anthony Hu says:

    Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I started my online business for a while now and am actively looking for ways to enhancing my business.

    Here comes The ONPASSIVE ECOSYSTEM. It sounds an exciting program and encompasses all of the necessary components to succeed since it employs AI technology to automate the entire online business process.

    It is a daunting job to run an Online Business, which includes creating a website, hosting it, creating content, marketing it, getting traffic, and converting to sales. The ONPASSIVE ECOSYSTEM, it possible to automate the entire process. What a brilliant idea! I am going to try this system.

    It is kind of you sharing such a powerful system with us.


    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the subject, and I wish you the best success with your business, please let me know if I can answer any question you have.

  • Gracie says:

    Thanks for this post on the ONPASSIVE EcoSystem.

    I have been in this kind of a community where how to make it and earn more on online marketing is shared, it’s a great system for me, and it helped me to where I am today, I ‘ll go for this ONPASSIVE community. I think the registration is quite very affordable, thanks; it will help a lot of people. 

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject, and please let me know if you have any additional questions.

  • Jake says:

    Hi, I heard that AI is going to be happening in a big way in the upcoming years, and I am not surprised that it will be incorporated into web hosting services.  I.e., being used for SEO, keyword research, etc.

    I would not be surprised to see AI used to write your articles for you soon enough. 

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for the comment, while it is great to have assistance with running the mundane parts of a business. Still, as a blogger, I think it is essential to write the content yourself, but you are probably right AI will soon be writing content, and it will be difficult to distinguish between people and machine.

  • Danijel says:

    Hello Chad, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. It is really impressive how technology improves so fast. I actually plan to invest in this but I must first consult with my wife, we have enough budget but still, like to hear her opinion about this as she is a digital marketer and have much more experience than me. Hope it will not be fulfilled.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for the comment and interest in getting started with ONPASSIVE. Let me know if there are any other questions you or your wife have, and I will get the answers for you.

  • Rose says:

    Thanks for this post on, ONPASSIVE EcoSystem, honestly this is excellent article on how to make some changes in online marketing, I would really like to be among the GoFounders of this great community because I can see the future of it as a very bright and thriving community, thanks for this great invention to the online marketing 

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for your comment and your interest in the Founder position follow the steps in the registration link, and it will walk you through the process. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

  • Moi MOI says:

    Hello Chad;
    I am co-owner of a small offshore maintenance company in a central African country that I will not mention here for the job commodities. We are looking for solutions to improve the management of finances and resources, both material and human, and reading your article.

    I already see answers to our concerns; I will subscribe to follow the thread of your next publications; thank you.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for your comment, and let me know if you have any questions about ONPASSIVE, and I will make sure to get them answered for you.

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