ONPASSIVE EcoSystem List

Take a look at the ONPASSIVE EcoSystem:

Below we have listed everything included in the ONPASSIVE EcoSystem in alphabetical order. Hope that it helps to show you just how massive the platform is and how it can help you become successful in your business

Advertising – to drive business and attract customers

Artificial Intelligence (AI)– the Backbone of ONPASSIVE’s automation systems

Calendar Schedule – integrated event scheduling platform

Chat – a communication platform

Contact Manager – for bulk email and advertising

Crowd Funding – a platform for creating a crowd-fund account personal to the customer

Daily Funnel – a new funnel every day to provide traffic to your site

Digital Marketing – a platform using AI to digitally advertise

Domain Name – a name for your site, chosen by you and branded to you

Email Marketing – campaigns to brand our customers

Flexible Wallets – digital wallets to accommodate finances: crypto, fiat, bank cards, etc.

Give Back Fund – a voluntary fund set up for giving charitable donations

GoFounders– the Community of ONPASSIVE Leader Founders

Guaranteed Targeted Visitors – website visitors targeted by interest or market

IP Tracker – a tool that provides a host-name, location, and other info about an IP address

Liquid Hosting / Liquid Responsive Designs – website layout and hosting design that automatically adjusts to screen resolution and provides scalability.

Live Events – Communication events, like webinars or video hosting, hosted in real-time

Market Place – a single place to access and purchase IT commodities and services

Mass Bulk Mailing – ability to send email to large groups in a single mailing

Mass Marketing Campaigns – campaigns that appeal to an entire market

Merchants and Cards – Bank accounts with cards that accept payments through them

Millionaires Club – the club with only ONPASSIVE millionaires as its members

Multi-Businesses – the ability to host multiple businesses under a single “umbrella”

Office Abroad 1000 – Total Global Leaders as based on attaining certain criteria

ONPASSIVE ConnectMe – ONPASSIVE’s proprietary webinar platform

Payment Transfers – the ability to transfer ONPASSIVE funding internally and externally

Print Shop – tools for creating marketing materials

Special Thanks to Jeffery Morlock for providing this list!

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