ONPASSIVE Information

Welcome, please take a look at the information that we have prepared for you about the ONPASSIVE platform and let me know if you have any questions about what it can do for your business.

ONPASSIVE is a Global IT Company in the pre-launch phase; it is set to shift the way people experience the internet. It has many IT products and services that people use every day on the internet.

The big difference with ONPASSIVE is that everything you need is on one platform and at an affordable price. The details on the packages will be revealed to everyone once the launch of the product, and there will be a 7-day trial period to test drive the platform before making you decide to buy or not participate.

ONPASSIVE’s platform covers a wide array of products and services. We want to help people see the vision and that you have a place to ask questions and get the answers.

In the image below you see the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem, our pages are built to briefly explain the benefits; but as we progress through the launch process, we are updating the pages as we get more information.

Take a look at the list of products and services which are offered through ONPASSIVE:

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  1. Domain Names – Website Builders
  2. SEO – Digital Marketing
  3. Guaranteed Targeted Vistors
  4. Residual Income for Life – Bonuses
  5. Legal & Compliance
  6. Flexible Wallets
  7. Crowdfunding – Give Back
  8. Mass Marketing Campaigns – Video Email
  9. Email Marketing – Contact Manager
  10. Calendar Scheduler – Office Abroad 1000
  11. VPN – Video Conference
  12. ONPASSIVE Webinar – Video Chat – Multiple Business – Staff Manager
  13. Liquid Hosting – Daily Funnel
  14. Artificial Intelligence – AI GEO Testimonials

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