ONPASSIVE Leadership 2020

We are fast approaching the close of a decade, and as the new year begins another decade, thoughts go through our minds about where we have been and where we are going.

Hard to believe it has been ten years since 2010, time flies by, and it is easy to get caught up in the daily routine of life, it is good to stop and reflect on the accomplishments and study the opportunities to improve that we have experienced during that time.

Back in 2010, ONPASSIVE was not a thought in any of our minds, but the groundwork was underway in the spirit of our leader, life had not brought him to the point of starting a new company, but it was coming.

The conditions on the internet that affect people who are trying to make money have gotten worse over the past ten years, and that is why Ash Mufareh decided to make a change. Ash has shared this information with people in his Webinars.

The best part is Ash really has a heart for helping everyone succeed, he wants to see to it that people have a place online that is fair and anyone from anywhere in the world can participate.

Leadership and Vision

There cannot be effective Leadership without a Strong Vision for the direction the organization should move towards. That is something that Ash Mufareh has brought to ONPASSIVE.

Ash’s vision of a platform that provides people with all the tools necessary to be successful in any type of business, but more especially an Online Business. This is where Ash enables the ordinary person with the ability to be successful at making money online.

The main reason that 95% of the people are not successful at earning a living online is that they do not make any money form all the schemes that are out there promising the world, but delivering nothing in for there time & effort in return.

When I first heard the concept of ONPASSIVE, I really did not believe that it was for real; instead, I thought that it was just another scam, but what kept me interested was listening to Ash Mufareh speak in the Webinars.

There are over 50 hours of Webinars (starting back in September of 2018) in the back office of the GoFounders website. Once you become a GoFounder, you can listen to all of them as many times as you like too.

I have watched all of the Webinars, and it took a while before I started to believe in what Ash was saying. Another thing that I noticed was that Ash never contradicted himself if something changed; he always explained it in the next Webinar.

The point is that the Vision for ONPASSIVE grew and just kept getting bigger and bigger! Now it is massive; it is going to change the way many people experience the internet.

Sample Leadership Statement

There are many Leadership guides on the internet that we can take a look at today, but these are the traits that inspire me to strive to achieve.

  • It has always been crucial for leaders to lead by example, setting high moral standards, being honest, and conducting themselves with integrity.
  • Leaders guide both themselves and their followers to do what is right and fair.
  • Lead from the front line, identify the vulnerabilities of people, and sponsoring their personal growth.
  • The behaviors of the Leader inspire the same responses from their followers.
  • Leaders with proper ethical behavior send a strong message to followers that affect what they attend to, what they think, how people construct their own roles, how they behave.

These are admirable qualities to have in a leader and rare to find in either the online world or the brick and mortar business world. I have seen these qualities demonstrated by Ash Mufareh and continue to see him live by these standards.

Your Leadership Vision

How does that align with your own vision of what a leader should have? We think about these things when we are looking to join a group or organization.

For the most part, I thought that I was not going to find such a leader. In my years of searching, there has never been someone who consistently demonstrated these qualities.

It is refreshing to find; Ash is attracting people that share in his vision and filling the GoFounders program with leaders from around the world who are joining together to make ONPASSIVE and excellent business to be part of in 2020.

If this is speaking to you on a personal level, then you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at the GoFounders position while they still are available.


Under Ash Mufareh’s leadership, he has never announced a date for the official ribbon-cutting “Launch Date” of ONPASSIVE. Everyone involved in this process keeps hoping and waiting for the day when the announcement comes.

No one wants the “Official Launch” to be over with than Ash himself; he has shared that with us many times. But, we all want things to work correctly from the beginning, and that is worth the wait.

The launch of ONPASSIVE is so massive that it is over most of our heads so far that we cannot even imagine what it is going to look like. Just looking at the image of the ONPASSSIVE EcoSystem gives you an idea.

The past three months people who are paying attention see all the preparation that is going on behind the scenes, all the work that has gone into the social media outlets in mind-boggling, to say the least.

It is truly amazing and shows the quality of the work that is coming from that department within ONPASSIVE. And just to give a shout out to the support group, they are always prompt and helpful every time that I deal with them through the back office.


What are you expecting from the next decade? The leadership that you choose to follow is going to have a significant impact on the outcome.

Checking our vision of what we want to achieve in the next decade will start in a few days. Better to take some time now and make sure there is a good plan in place for both 2020 and the next ten years.

Making sure that your leadership is demonstrating the qualities and standards that you are comfortable aligning yourself with both your life and in your business plans.

Hopefully, this article has sparked an interest in finding out more about ONPASSIVE and the GoFounder position.


Please join our facebook group to learn more about ONPASSIVE and the team that we are building. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or email me directly at chadltrader@seez-it.com  

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22 comments on “ONPASSIVE Leadership 2020

  • K Srihrai says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am also a Founder of ONPASSIVE and I want to know when the soft lunch will be announced. Will it take time for a few months or not.
    Kindly give me clarity


    • Chad Trader says:

      Hello Srihari,

      The soft-launch is a process that is taking place and I believe you are questioning when the price increase and marketing campaigns are going to begin. Our CEO and Leader will announce the day and time when everything is ready to go, until then be patient and use the time to build a team of customers so that when we launch you will be positioned to start earning commissions from the start.

      Best Regards,

  • Oloyede Michael says:

    I’m interested but I need more clarity on what is all about, the product it will be selling when launch and what I need to do and also stands to benefit. Thanks!

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for your comments, and I understand your position. To gain a better understanding, please join our Facebook Group, and there is more information there, and it is Free!
      You can sign up for our email list and start receiving daily emails.

  • Akinola says:

    I appreciate your article, and I don’t doubt ONPASSIVE I have been looking for such an opportunity, but can someone who is not an online business person benefit from this opportunity, and please advise on what such person can do to be well equipped to fit in.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for your comment and question about ONPASSIVE. One of the best things that I like about ONPASSIVE, it is built for everyone to succeed! Whether you are a seasoned marketing professional or a regular person who knows how to navigate the internet.

      ONPASSIVE can build a person an online business from scratch or take someone’s existing business to a whole new level. Take a look at this quick video and think of the possibilities of what this opportunity can offer you.


  • Parveen says:

    Hello Chad, 

    Thanks for writing on the ONPASSIVE Leadership 2020. I am fortunate to visit your article. I found it useful for me I am just searching for ONPASSIVE. Now I understand very well about ONPASSIVE via your article, and I also watched your tube videos. 

    All are good, but while joining, we have to pay $97. Now I am not able to open my back office without paying $97. How can I access my back office?

    Thank you

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you, Parveen, for your comments and questions. The $97 GoFounder fee locks in your spot in the company matrix by the time and date that you fund your position. You cannot access the back office until after paying the fee because there is proprietary information restricted and for the Founders. 

      The GoFounders back office contains recordings of all the private Webinars and tools to help Founders to start building their teams before launch. There are many additional benefits to becoming a Founder. If you have any questions, please send me an email.

  • Robert says:

    This opportunity sounds great, but why would someone invest money into a pre-launch business? That makes no sense to me and brings up too many red flags knowing a little bit about Ash Mufareh and some of the less than legit programs he was involved with in the past. 

    You may want to do a follow-up review or remove this one because Ash quit and pulled the plug on the launch of Onpassive back in April, which he announced in a Founders Private Meeting broadcast on around April 25th that he was quitting for health and family reasons. And he makes no mention of refunding any of the money people sent him.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Hello Robert,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and concerns about ONPASSIVE and Ash Mufareh. I have done my research and am fully aware of what Ash did back in April, and that is not a problem because it accomplished his goal.

      ONPASSIVE is progressing and getting closer to the launch, take a look at the ONPASSIVE Blog and all of their social media and tell me if you think of the quality of the work.

      The level of professionalism I have experienced from the support staff and all of the Founders that I interact with is awesome! It still amazes me that negative people only look for the bad in someone, and maybe that is the way they want to view the world. 

      To my knowledge, everyone who has requested a refund from the GoFounder program has received their money back. Unless you can produce someone with a valid claim, I believe in what I have experienced and the other 50,000 worldwide GoFounders.

      The last thought has to do with why someone would want to invest with a company in pre-launch; this one is easy would you like to go back in time and have the opportunity to invest in Google before it launched to the public? Besides, $97 is not an investment. Most companies require much more before they consider something an investment.  

      Thanks for taking the time to reply.

  • Joy gateru says:

    Wow! Great article, I have heard about this Onpassive, but I never had adequate details about it, it’s grateful to me to learn what it is. However, ONPASSIVE has not yet launched.

    I think it was already a great idea when I compared myself from back ten years ago, I never knew about making money online, but now I have been learning more ways to earn money through on online marketing.

    I believe that there has been considerable improvement in the online business. I am sure to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more about this. Other related articles as we wait for the launch, I will have to be a member too.

    Thank you for sharing such an excellent article.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you, Joy, for your comments and for sharing your experiences with online marketing in the last ten years. I have learned so much more in the past ten years that it is mind-boggling to me as well. Thanks for signing up for my news feed, and if you want more information, you can join our facebook group and get on the mailing list. 

  • DorcasW says:

    Hello, it is an excellent experience when one can find confidence in another worthwhile person. In this post, you have sharpened the trust and confidence of many who have become doubtful and have lost faith in the business that deals with ONPASSIVE

     Do you believe Ash in everything that he talks about ONPASSIVE leadership in his webinars? I want to be as excited as the many are delighted.


    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you, Dorcus, for your thoughts on Leadership, and to answer your question, I do believe Ash is sincere, genuinely caring about people.

      I think Ash wants to break the cycle of people losing money in their businesses, or not to make enough money to give them the financial freedom most people are striving to accomplish with their online ventures.  

  • JR Bible says:

    Leadership has such an impact on society today. Exceptional leaders lead by example, have integrity, vision, and will help those they lead to growth. Sad to say, it’s that excellence in leadership that’s rare today. Many leaders on the world scene would slightly push their group from behind than lead from the front.


    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you, JR, for sharing your thoughts on leadership, I agree with you and the observation on how leaders typically try to lead by example.

  • Linda says:

    As an MBA major, I must say your article really caught my eye, but mostly because you discussed leadership. You make perfect sense when it comes to having a mission and vision statement. Each entrepreneur must develop one to make their business plan. You can do it; as I read on here…

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you, Linda, for sharing your thoughts on the subject of Leadership, I have studied Leadership for many years and marvel at the lack of excellent leadership skills in the management of companies today.  That is what inspired me to write this post, because of the rarity found in Ash Mufareh.

  • asmadi says:

    Hello Chad, I accidentally reached your website. I love your writing about ONPASSIVE leadership and vision. However, at first glance, I read on Facebook about ONPASSIVE, which talks about affiliate. And to be honest, I am very interested in being a part of ONPASSIVE.

    But before I do it, I want to be sure. Why should I join? And what are the benefits of joining this program?

    Please help!

    • Chad Trader says:

      Hello Asmadi, thanks for your comment and questions about ONPASSIVE. There is some confusion about what ONPASSIVE is and the way it is going to pay its members.

      The best way to describe it quickly; is to say that ONPASSIVE is a Global IT Company that is in the pre-launch phase.

      Once it launches to the public, it will pay its members a commission for being Authorized Independent Re-Sellers of the IT Products.

      I know that is a mouth full, but it is from the legal reasons that there is such a distinction between that and an affiliate.  ONPASSIVE is not an MLM or Network Marketing company, as many mistakenly think it is essential to know the difference to be legal to operate in more than 200 countries before it launches to the public. 

  • Jessie says:

    Hey, thank you for the excellent post! I enjoyed this post because I have been trying to find a suitable site and useful ideas on how to be a better leader, especially in the online marketing world.  I think this would be proper training honestly, and it may be something I am willing to sign up for shortly!  I hope it is going to be as good as it sounds!

    • Chad Trader says:

      Hello Jessie, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on the subject hope that you find the success that you are looking for, please let me know if you have any questions and I will be glad to assist you.

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