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The ONPASSIVE platform is unique—many people who do not currently have an online business that is providing income or time freedom desired. ONPASSIVE will change that for you, think about a system that puts all of the tools you need to be successful on one platform.

Another thought is by using the platform to brand yourself. At the same time, the products become less expensive as the AI builds your ONPASSIVE customer base for you, generating a revenue stream and eventually growing it until you are getting all of your marketing for free and making money from using the products.

All of these products above work on branding you! The most advanced technology is working tirelessly in the background. At the same time, ONPASSIVE under the leadership of Ash Mufareh keeps all of the talented staff that created the technology, working on keeping it fresh and cutting edge in every market.

Ash Mufareh is a visionary man with a big heart for people. He knows to make it possible that everyone who participates in ONPASSIVE will be successful by developing the most Guinness compensation plan ever been conceived in the business world. It guarantees that people will be successful by harnessing the power of AI to do the things that people find hard to do and make it automated.

Take a system that is this powerful and combine with the heart to help people, and you come up with ONPASSIVE. The brainchild of our CEO and Leader, the system forces you to be successful. Nobody objects to being forced to make money even if they do not usually care for the thought of being forced to do something.

Those who see the power of using ONPASSIVE to brand their business will appreciate the system and use it to build their business and generate multiple lines of income that is truly passive income. Residual income that increases every month year after year!

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