What is ONPASSIVE NATION & SEEZ-IT.COM? That is the name on our Private Facebook Group. The group is set up as a place for people to come and learn about ONPASSIVE.

ONPASSIVE is a Global IT Company that has active Founders in over 200 countries in the pre-launch phase of the company. There are over 55000 Founders Worldwide at the time of the post.

Growing at an astronomical rate! The company has not begun to market, yet this is happening strictly by word of mouth, and the Founders who want too, are promoting the GoFounders program.

The rate at which people are signing up indicates the desire and demand from people on finding something that works! People are going to be amazed at the services that are coming with ONPASSIVE.

Attracting the Right People

One of the main things that we are looking for is the right people who demonstrate the attitude and leadership that ONPASSIVE represents.

In my experience, I have interacted with thousands of people around the globe for years and have not come across a better group of people than the Founders that I have come to know and respect.

They have taught me many things about marketing and building a team that I have studied for years but have not actually seen in reality, meaning being demonstrated by their own actions.

With no thought for their own many of the Founders are willing to help anyone, even giving information that can be used to help you build your team, without directly helping themselves!

That action is the definition of a selfless act. It is contagious and makes a person want to help others, the best part is the way it lifts the spirit.

Building the Right TEAM

When the foundation of your team-building process is based on finding the right people, who already have the correct outlook on life, it is easier to get the results you want.

Our goal is to bring people together who already have a common interest and then generate funds for the project that they want to work on together.

This is a win-win scenario, and the world we live in will be a better place for these kinds of partnerships. The causes or projects being taken care of in these situations improve the lives of the people that they touch.

One of the things that ONPASSIVE NATION does for people is that it allows them to meet other like-minded people. The group is for learning about ONPASSIVE and getting involved, but in the process, you find people from around the globe who think like you.

These people are the ones to develop the relationship and forge a partnership in the area you want to promote. Not directly in the group but by forming a friendship through social media.

Social Media

The past couple of years have taught me many new things about Social Media. At first, I got started on Facebook about a year after it came out in 2007. Since everything was new, the games got everyone hooked and took up most people’s time.

The same happens to me, then after a while, I got sick of the news feeds and totally shut down my Facebook account. That lasted until a couple of years ago when I started building my website.

In the Wealthy Affiliate training, they get you involved with Social Media and make many completing points about how it can help you with an Affiliate marketing blog website.

I reluctantly reactivated my Facebook account an started again, this time with a different objective in mind. That is to find my team! Who are the people I am looking for? Good-hearted people who are fed up with the B.S. that is out on the internet.

The internet is there as a tool, it is up to us what we do with it, the right people make all the difference in the world! With the right focus, then the whole process is much better.

Facebook with the right group is actually a beautiful place to be, you can find help and encouragement from people who you otherwise would never come in contact with in your daily life.

The Next Step

Once ONPASSIVE launches, the world is going to change, when you put resources into the hands of people, they will change the way companies do business.

Think about the 97% of people out there who are not making money online, this population of people are hungry for something that works!

What do you think is going to happen to all those companies who are not delivering on their promises? They are going to either change the way they do business or go out of business more quickly because ONPASSIVE will be there working.

That is why waiting for the platform to be completed and functioning before launch is so important. Good thing ONPASSIVE has leadership that recognizes this and is committed to building it right!

One of the best things about this time is watching the progression of ONPASSIVE over the last year, meeting the awesome people who are Founders and learning so much about the marketing process.

Before this, I have had thousands of hours of training and working on home-based businesses with many different leaders, of which none of them have shown the character that I have seen and experienced with ONPASSIVE.

I have interacted and communicated directly with the CEO Ash Mufareh through the private Webinars, which is a rare thing from a Global IT Company on this scale.

But, mostly, I have been impressed with the teamwork and help that I have received from my fellow Founders. We are all on one team! And the moto is that “We Are In It to WIN IT!”


It is all about building the right team for your project. That is something that ONPASSIVE NATION & SEEZ-IT.COM can assist you in accomplishing.

How to use Social Media to assist you in your endeavor is another aspect of the knowledge that we can help you with. ONPASSIVE is built to allow everyone who participates to be successful.

We are here is help speed up the process for those who desire a faster result. But remember that everything that we do extra is not required and available to those who want to participate.

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