Thank you for your interest in ONPASSIVE. We would like the opportunity to help you get the information you need to see if this company is the right fit for you. ONPASSIVE is a global Informational Technology and Artificial Intelligence Company with proprietary technology developed by the Companies Tech team.

All of the technology is fresh, not recycled, created by the company programmers and engineers to build a system that encompasses everything a person needs to access the internet, start a website, market your business branding your company name, and driving traffic for you.

The ONPASSIVE Ecosystem is massive and takes time to grasp all that it has to offer. This project is the vision of our CEO Ash Mufareh, a man with a big heart who wants to help ordinary people make money online in a home-based business.

There is a ton of information about ONPASSIVE on the internet. Still, the best way to see the vision is to listen to Ash Mufareh talk about his journey to creating ONPASSIVE and how the project grew from its original scope to the giant company it is today.

In my opinion, Ash Mufareh has the biggest heart for helping people that I have ever seen in a leader with his level of success. Many leaders say the right words, but their actions do not reflect the same meaning or message. I have been following Ash and listening to all of his webinars since September of 2018. He always talks about the Founders/Customers before himself, and I have never heard him contradict himself; that is amazing to me because most people contradict themselves all the time, even if they do not mean too.

Please take the time to watch this video of Ash speaking to a ZOOM meeting where he describes what lead him to take on the challenge of creating this type of company and developing the system that will change how many people experience the internet.

36 minute video

Thank you for taking the time and please let me know if you have any questions about ONPASSIVE or the GoFounders position. One of the great things about ONPASSIVE is the people who have been building the Founder base share in the vision with Ash and want to help others succeed. I have never witnessed so many people helping each other.  

We have a  Facebook group you can join to meet some people and see for yourself. There you will find more information about ONPASSIVE and many Founders to answer any question that you have.

Click and go join the Group

You can contact me through email at chad@seez-it.com if you have any questions or need assistance with any issues you have with ONPASSIVE or GoFounders. We help everyone who comes to us even if they are not directly on our team. Because at ONPASSIVE, we are all on the same side!


Paul Nebajohannessmith227@gmail.com WhatsApp: +237 679 137 660

Joseph Suh Ndangohjosephsuh8@gmail.com WhatsApp: +237 677 908 510

If you are new to ONPASSIVE and wish to join, please click here to go to the registration page from the ONPASSIVE ULTIMATE Team rotator.

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