Product review on Pure Protein Bars:

The Pure Protein Bar in three flavors, there are more flavors, but these are the ones that looked good to me while at the grocery store this week.

We are going to take a look at the break down of the nutritional content and give a general reason why these looked like a better choice.

I am still learning how to eat on a diabetic diet, and some protein bars have too much sugar in them.

If they do contain more sugar than the protein & fiber can cancel out; it would be better to look for another selection, especially for a diabetic person.

Pure Protein Chocolate Deluxe Bar

The Pure Protein Chocolate Deluxe holds up to the name they gave it! At this point; out of all the protein bars that I have tried, it is the closest one to taste like a brownie.

While treating yourself to one of these bars, and adding a glass of Almond Milk, the experience is close to having a real brownie with milk, and this combination could satisfy a sweet craving.

Used it for my mid-afternoon snack, while satisfying the taste it did leave me a little more hungry come supper time.

Take a look at the label:

Of the three bars we are looking at this week, this one comes in with the least amount of total calories at 180!

That is good for those of us who need to lose weight. Also, the sugars are only 3g that makes the net carbs a -5 which is suitable for the low carb diets,

Do not know how they are doing it?

But the sodium content is only 85mg, which is a lot lower than what I have seen in other low sugar products!

The fiber is the only 2g, but the protein has 21g, which is a lot for the size of this protein bar.


The Pure Protein Chocolate Peanut Caramel Bar taste most like a candy bar to me; comparing it to both the other Pure Protein products and protein bars in general.

This protein bar is the “go-to” protein bar when you are having a craving for a real candy bar if your feeling like you can’t resist!

It is that close in taste and texture; the size is smaller so you will no get the same filling sensation and the bigger bars.

Take a look at the label:

On this excellent tasting protein bar; there is 1.5g more fat content, but if you are on a low carb diet, the popular opinion is that more fat is needed in a low carb diet anyway.

It does have ten more calories than the Chocolate Deluxe bar.

The sodium is 103 mg higher in this bar versus the Chocolate Deluxe bar, be careful if you are restricting your sodium intake.

While the rest of the information is almost the same with the only 1g less of protein in this one which still gives it a net carb of -4Here the fiber is <1g which is offset by the lower sugar at 2g.

This bar has a higher sugar alcohol value at 8g indicating where it is getting some of the sweet taste.


The Pure Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar has a crunch similar to a Whatchamacallit candy bar, but that is where the similarity ends.

While it does taste good, the texture is a little chalky when you’re chewing it up. In my opinion, it is not that bad, but I think many people will find it unpleasant.

Smaller bites minimize this effect and drinking some water helps.

Take a look at the label:

This bar is more filling than the other two mentioned before, with that comes higher calorie count at 200.

The bar has sodium also higher with 210mg which is considerably higher than the 85mg in the Chocolate Deluxe. Something to consider if sodium is a concern for yours.

With 3g more carbs and no fiber make this bar come in at +2 net carbs, where the other two bars were at -5 and -4 net carbs.

The carbs are something to consider more closely if you have diabetes.

This bar contains much more vitamins and minerals than the other two combines which is noteworthy to mention because there is a better nutritional value in this bar.


A Lot of the other products out there tend to have a more gooey texture, and even stick to your teeth more so than a regular candy bar does.

While that is not pleasant; it is not a deal breaker for me, the Pure Protein products have in common the texture and feel which more resembles that of a candy bar.

They do not melt in your mouth the way a candy bar does, mostly because of the lower sugar content than candy.

And you have to chew them longer because they tend to be denser.

The Pure Protein Bars are one of my favorite brands now and will be looking forward to trying some new flavors.



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4 comments on “Product review on Pure Protein Bars:

  • Tiffany Domena says:

    Hi Chad!

    I haven’t tried the Pure Protein Bars before, although, I’m always looking for a healthy and tasty snack that my kids and I can quickly grab in the mornings before work or school. The Pure Protein bar looks like something interesting to try. My only concern is whether the ingredients include wheat because my family is on a wheat free egg free diet due to food allergies. Do these have wheat and eggs?

    • Chad Trader says:

      Hi Tiffany,

      All three of these flavors have similar ingredients in them, while they do have milk, soy, peanut and almond in them none of them have any wheat or egg in them.

      The main ingredient is milk protein and whey protein, sounds like they would be suitable for you and your kids to try. These are by far the best tasting a protein bar I have tried so far and they have very good nutritional value.

      They are on the small side in terms of size, but hey… maybe that is good for the kids, shouldn’t spoil their dinners!

      Have a great day!


  • greg2112 says:

    With all the junk and added sugar that is in our food today it is good to have someone point out what all the stuff actually means on the label. I’ve seen so many protein bars am I will definitely check these ones out.

     How do you find out what the net carbs are? 

    • Chad Trader says:

      Hi Greg,

      This is somethng that I learned from the Diabetic Educator Nurse on how to determine the net carbs: 

      Take the Total Carbohydrate grams; subtract the Dietary Fiber and Protein grams,  and that equals the net carbs for the product. Pretty simple really!

      When looking at the sugar grams for diabetics that is important because it spikes the glucose which is not good!

      Something else to realize…   now the labels give you the sugar alcohol grams,  is the sugar alcohol grams for diabetic is okay because it does not spike the glucose. 

      It is calories though, so if watching your weight,  still need to monitor the intake.

      Thanks for your comment hope this helps,

      Have a great day!


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