Ready for a Break?

This article is about taking a break from the worries in life. The picture above inspired me to think about what it would feel like to not have any financial concerns in the morning while having a cup of coffee.

For most people, there is some concern every day about money; even if our finances are under control, most people do not have so much money that they don’t have to consider the cost of something before planning their day.

The truth of the matter is that most people could use a break from their financial situation. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some additional income coming in to make life more enjoyable?

Unless someone likes avoiding people, preferring the wilderness and being at one with nature, the expenses around travel and entertainment are high and higher the fancier you get.

People can become stressed out by planning a vacation, which is counterproductive to taking a holiday in the first place. I have found myself stressed many times, but when the demands of work increase, we think that it is necessary to play harder as well.

Work Demands and How that Affects Sleep

This week I was reminded about the effects that were not getting the proper rest to keep us functioning correctly. This occurs all the time in my line of work.

People that work shift have more difficulties with maintaining good sleep patterns. Along with these issues, when the people are paid by the hours worked, then it is counter-intuitive to the money issues they may be facing.

Hourly workers are motivated to work extra hours to make more money, so that can lead to people getting exhausted and then not being capable of enjoying themselves when it is time to relax.

The main issues to focus on are the effects of working extra hours and the link to earning extra money and having less time off from work to rest and do other things in life.

Studies show that chronic short sleep patterns are associated with high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. That is another reason to ensure that you get enough sleep, daily!

Lack of Money to Do What You Want

How does the amount of money affect your decisions in taking a break from the usual lifestyle you wish to get away from?

If you could make an additional thousand dollars a month, how would that affect your life? Would the concern go to improving your standard of living, or would you think about getting away for some rest?

The answers to these questions will indicate just how much desire or motivation you may have to pursue online opportunities. The program that we are promoting here is designed to help everyone who participates in achieving a higher income level than they currently have.

The system is set up to force someone (over-time) to succeed. This system is new, and I have not ever heard of a company doing this before, but the owner has a big heart and wants everyone to succeed.

The compensation plan will pay for itself automatically, and it also is designed to run by state of the art brand new, proprietary A.I. software to build the system automatically.

The first time that I saw this concept, I did believe it, but after studying it for months and realizing that successful significant companies are using A.I. technology today.

Are You Interested In More Freedom?

Personally, this is the main reason to pursue making money online. Marty Degarmo and I had a very lengthy discussion on this topic yesterday and agree entirely; the most important thing to focus on with ONPASSIVE is putting money in people’s pockets.

That is the main reason that 95% of people are not making money online; the leaders do not take it upon themselves to make sure their downlines are making money!

How many times have you heard leaders tell you that it is your fault, not the responsibility of the system that is set up to make sure they are successful before moving on to someone else.

When greed is the primary motivation in a system to make it profitable for only a tiny percentage of the participants and the compensation system is not set up correctly, the recipe is a disaster.

Change the Greed with Compassion

Swap out the Greed with Compassion and see what happens when the right Team of like-minded people bands together and work towards a common goal.

That is what is exciting to me, I have been looking for a system; even trying to develop a system to use MLM Platforms to do this very thing, making sure people are successful.

It is not a pie in the sky idea to build a business model based on customers who love the product to join together and create a distribution model that pays them well.

ONPASSIVE is doing that for all the participants; from the beginning, everyone will be customers first! There is no pressure to recruit because the marketing of ONPASSIVE is built into the product lines.

I have watched the development of ONPASSIVE and have listened to “ALL” the private webinars since September of 2018. Even though I joined in February 2019, I went back and listened to everything that has been said by the Owner Ash Mufareh and his team.

The consistency of what Ash has said throughout every webinar is impressive! Things that are on tape can be scrutinized and replayed to make sure they are staying consistent.

It is my opinion that Ash Mufareh is a good-hearted man and wants to help everyone who joins ONPASSIVE either as a Founder or Affiliate to succeed.

The Progress Continues Towards the Launch

ONPASSIVE is massive, and the Platform has to work flawlessly from the beginning to achieve the success that will equally all the claims that are being made.

I have found myself wishing that it would just hurry up already! But, the truth is that I really do not want to rush into something that is not ready.

I applaud Ash Mufareh and his team for the tenacity to hold the line, and there are over 160,000 Founders who are standing by his side.

The GoFounder positions are still available to become a partner with Ash and the rest of the Founders for those who are ready to take a small chance in getting involved before launch.

For everyone else, we are building a Facebook Group to join so that you can learn more about ONPASSIVE and to be notified as soon as the Platform is available to test drive on the 7-day FREE trial after launching to the public.

If you have any questions about ONPASSIVE or the GoFounders position, contact me or join our Facebook Group and get questions answered there as well.

Please, share any thoughts or questions about this article in the comment section below.   

16 comments on “Ready for a Break?

  • Duane Murdock says:

    Great job Chad! I enjoyed reading your explanation and can clearly see that so many uninformed people are chomping at the bit to see how it all works! All I can say is “c’mon ONPASSIVE! Lets SHOW the WORLD our humane intentions and debunk all of the myths!

  • Gomer says:

    After the 7-day free trial, how much will be the monthly cost after that?

    I’ve tried similar programs before; all of them didn’t work well. The reason for failure is maybe because the system is not as elaborate as this ONPASSIVE’s system. I’ve heard a saying before that goes like this, “People fail, systems work.” So, perhaps if we can have a sound system like this, then we raise the chance of succeeding.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Once ONPASSIVE launches, there is a 7-Day Free trial period to test drive the platform as an Affiliate. There are four levels to join, and the monthly fee will be taken from your earnings, so the out of pocket cost will be zero once you have enough affiliates in your matrix.

      The first level Affiliate is $25 dollars and it goes up from there. The second level is Pro at $125, making the total $150. The third Leader is $250 making the total $400 and the last level is Master $500 making the total $900. Hope that is not too confusing.

      Each level has more products and levels of targeted traffic start at the Pro level and increases with higher levels.

      • Abiodun Olayanju says:

        I want more information on this affiliate of a thing. How can this system impact on my website – I am in dare need of traffic for the site.

        • Chad Trader says:

          ONPASSIVE is in the pre-launch phase and there is no immediate traffic to be purchased. Once ONPASSIVE is launched one of the benefits from the packages is targeted traffic to your website. ONPASSIVE is much bigger than providing targeted traffic, but it is something that anyone with a website needs for success. For more information register to become a Founder through this link: Register Here

  • AirplaneJane says:

    Interesting to learn about ONPASSIVE. Do you know of any real success stories from the program? Is it a scam or a legit business model. From what I have learned, any application that pays you to market the program tends to be a scam. I’m curious to hear about the negatives of the program as well. It seems like a short-lived company as well as it is now 2019 and just opened its doors in 2018. 

    • Chad Trader says:

      ONPASSIVE is in pre-launch right now, so anyone who claims to have done a review does not even know what a review is, you cannot review a company that has not released its products to the public.

      ONPASSIVE has been worked on now for almost two years, and the scope grew as the team of Engineers and Programmers work through the issues. In pre-launch, there are over 41000 people signed up as Founders who believe in the program. In over 200 countries too.

      To see all the products look at the videos on my YouTube channel for more information.

  • Carol5162 says:

    I look forward to the launch of ONPASSIVE. I feel like it should be in the market already. Over time, I have gained an understanding of how this system works.

    I have confidence that it is something that will change the face of online entrepreneurship. With Artificial Intelligence, I believe nothing is impossible. Thank you so much for your updates and in-depth review of this business model.

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thank you for your comment, please join our Facebook group to learn more about ONPASSIVE and be notified when it launches to the public. 

  • Claudio says:

    Hello Chad,
    I liked your presentation about the Onpasive company that is about to launch. 

    For what you explain, it is an MLM type and shows an attractive residual income table.
    I am not sure what kind of product we should promote, and I would also like to clarify better how our income as members would be. 

    Thank you!

    • Chad Trader says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the topic, for more information, check out my other post about ONPASSIVE or join our Facebook group to learn more for FREE!

  • MissusB says:

    I have been reading about ONPASSIVE for a couple of months now. It is clear to me that it has been set up as an MLM business. I want to know more about how it works or how easy it is to sell products (if there is any). Many people tend to step back into this kind of system.

    However, I do believe that with a great strategy, it can work well for you. I have seen lots of people doing great in this business, and I wonder how they can make it seems natural for them but hard for the others. What are the skills that a newbie must learn to be able to succeed in ONPASSIVE? 

    • Chad Trader says:

      The ONPASSIVE Platform is built for both the novice and the expert marketer. It does not require any special computer skills other than what it takes to navigate the internet.

      It is a complete plug and play, drag & drop format. The A.I. technology will take care of the building of the system; most people do not want to recruit and do not know how either.

      People that are great at recruiting will automatically help those that they recruit because the system will place the new Affiliates for them.

  • ccav66 says:

    I have heard of ONPASSIVE before, but I must say, at first glance, I did discount it as just another MLM. However, after reading your article and doing some other research on my own, it seems that at first glance, my assumptions might have been wrong.

    The use of A.I. become increasingly popular in recent years. Unlike traditional MLM’s and Ponzi schemes, this looks like ONPASSIVE is set-up the opposite. For me, the verdict is still out, but worth taking another look into OnPassive.

    • Chad Trader says:

      The thing that attracted me to ONPASSIVE was the difference in the quality of the early adds that I began seeing in December of 2018. I was participating in shared traffic websites and looking at thousands of ads per week; the ONPASSIVE ads are much better than anything else out there, in my opinion.

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