Residual Income – Bonuses

There are many claims to this statement of having a residual income for life.
Most of the gurus in this field focus on teaching you that you have to adjust your mind to achieve this level of success.

That is hogwash, the reason that most business models fail is because of not having the essential components in place for people to succeed.

ONPASSIVE’s model is born from the experience that has brought success to people and with a leader with a heart to help others make money online.

Products must be sold to earn commissions, most of the home-based business model revolves around selling some product, but even if the products are excellent, to get residual income products must sell every month.

That is where ONPASSIVE comes in both with a superior product that becomes self-funding. Have you ever heard of that concept before?

That is right. The product is paid from your earnings automatically every month, which means there are no out-of-pocket expenses once you have enough customers on your team.

And that is what makes it a real residual income you can count on for the future!

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