Restoring Your Digestive Health

In this post, we are talking about digestive health, what it means to people’s overall feeling of well-being, and the effects that it has on both the mental and physical aspects of the human body.

The statistics from the CDC say that there are close to 200,000 deaths each year related to digestive diseases. About 45 million people get hospitalized due to indigestion.

That is a massive amount of people who are experiencing problems with digesting their food. These problems with digestion spill into the workplace and there are about 22 million lost workdays attributed to chronic indigestion.

Heartburn medication is the top-selling over the counter and prescription medications in the USA with over 10 billion dollars in sales.

Heart burn like eating a prickly cactus!

Sometimes heartburn is a symptom of something more serious such as a heart attack; people need to be aware of the signs of a heart attack and seek help immediately if they think they are experiencing a heart attack.

Most of the time heartburn is a symptom of another condition referred to as GERD (or gastroesophageal reflux disease) which is also called acid reflux. This symptom is something that can be treated by supplements.

Education on Digestive Health

People will search out the education on a particular health issue typically when they or a loved one is having a problem and need help to relieve the symptoms.

We all know that nutrition starts in the mouth comprised of the foods that we eat. It is also the supplements and medications that we take as well.

After we swallow the food, vitamins, meds, etc. that is when it becomes somewhat of a mystery as for how the body breaks down the sustenance and uses it to fuel and maintain itself.

Having a basic understanding of what each digestive organ is doing will help to make a more informed decision on the treatment for the ailment.

The stomach is the first stop for the foods we consume, in the stomach acids and enzymes are released to digest the food. The muscles churn the material to enhance the digestion. Periodically, it opens to release the chyme to the small intestine. 

Digestive System

Looking at the small intestines there are three main sections and here are the essential functions of each:

Duodenum – receives chyme from the stomach, digestive juices from the pancreas and bile from the liver; here is where the acids from the stomach get neutralized a nutrient absorption starts to take place in the bloodstream.

Jejunum – the midsection of the small intestines increases the surface area to allow sugars, amino, and fatty acids to get absorbed by the bloodstream.

Ileum – the last section is where the vitamin B12 and remaining nutrients get absorbed into the bloodstream.

The large intestine is the last part of the digestive system, and it is where the water is absorbed with any remaining nutrients. The indigestible material is stored as feces and removed by defecation.

Above is a brief description of the primary function of the digestive system an is in no way exhaustive but intended to help people have a better overall understanding of the digestive system.

For more in-depth information on the subject check out Wikipedia and other medical research sites.

Guide for Digestive Health

Digestive diseases in the USA affect more than 70 million Americans and cost over 100 billion dollars in medical expenses. That is not something not trivial or to be taken lightly.

With our bodies containing more bacteria than human DNA, it is no wonder that we are collectively experiencing so many digestive issues.

The digestive system contains 60-80% of our immune systems, and it produces the hormones that are needed to regulate the body and function correctly.

Another couple of statistics that is alarming is that 50% of the people in the USA are deficient in Vitamin D and B12.

Vitamin D deficiency can contribute to:

  • Obesity or unexplained weight gain
  • Bone Density Issues – loss of bone mass
  • Sadness or increased risk of depression
  • Poor Immune Function – more chance of catching a cold
Feeling Bad

Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause:

  • Memory Problems – may be the loss of mental alertness
  • Mood Swings – experiencing highs and lows
  • Muscle Weakness – feel like normal things are too heavy
  • Apathy – general lack of interest

Besides the symptoms mentioned above, there are diseases linked to digestive health; this is another reason to take it more seriously and not just think about to relieve the current symptoms, but address the underlying root cause of the issue.

The human body creates 95% of its serotonin in the digestive system; this is the hormone responsible for the feeling of well-being and happiness. Another reason for focusing on your digestive health.

Digestive Health Specialist.

A doctor who specializes in the field of digestive health is called a Gastroenterologist (GI). They have to go through an extensive additional three years of training after attaining their medical degree.

In researching what a (GI) Doctor has to say about digestive health, it is not surprising that the first thing that comes up is the diet.

Most will say that diet is the number one factor in digestive health. So we should learn to read labels and understand what we are putting in our bodies.

Eating a well-balanced diet that is low in sugar and high in fiber does many things to aid in proper digestion and also the blood sugar level in the bloodstream.

Look for bright veggies because that indicates that it is high in flavonoids which contain potent antioxidants and help to maintain proper digestion.

Find ways to manage stress levels; high-stress levels can negatively affect your digestive system and cause many unwanted side effects.

Prevent “leaky gut.” This term leak gut describes increased permeability resulting from inflammation in the intestines. The symptoms of a “leaky gut” are bloating, gas, cramps, aches, and pains or digestive irregularity.

Monitor your alcohol consumption as it can lead to digestive issues and increase the risk of intestinal cancers. The last thing that most GI Doctors are suggesting is to get screened when there is an increased risk from genetics factors or if you are experiencing chronic digestive symptoms.

Best Supplements for Digestive Health

Probiotics and friendly bacteria in things like yogurt and other dairy products that will assist in the digestive process.

Chamomile Tea is used for many ailments but can also help with the digestive system and can give people a better sense of peace.

Ginger is used for stomachaches and can assist the body in digesting the food better.

L-Glutamine occurs naturally in the body and if there is not enough present, adding a supplement containing it can help with digestion.

Good fiber sources such as Psyllium can relieve constipation by absorbing more water in the intestines making the stool easier to pass.

Repair Plus by Avisae

The supplement that you choose needs to be of good quality and address the issues that you are having. This digestive supplement is something that affects any other supplements that you may be taking.

If the digestive system is not working correctly, then the body will not be getting the nutrients from either the food or the supplements.

Proper maintenance of the digestive tract will ensure that the body is processing all the nutrients that are available in the system.


It is imperative to take a good look at your digestive system and ask yourself the question if it is time to cleanse and repair your digestive system.

Take the time to learn more about digestive health and how it can affect all the different areas of life.

The time and resources that you dedicate to ensuring that your system is functioning and will pay you back in feeling better. You will be getting the most out of the food that you eat.

This method is essential to absorb the Vitamins and minerals that you need for proper energy levels.

Listen to the advice of the GI Doctors and think about your diet and how it affects your overall health and well-being.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this article and hope that you go some useful information from it. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please leave them in the comment section below.