Many people are wanting this to happen for them from there online business. Just like in the film Jerry Maguire the frustrations about not getting what we want will lead to one of two things.

Either people are going to get motivated and look for things they can do to take action, making things happen for themselves and their business, or they will allow themselves to be discouraged and take no action.

No action is going to result in no results; that is something that you can count on for sure. Taking action is required before you will see results, even if the results do not come out the way you intend.

Take action, and if the result is not to your liking, then make adjustments, that is the right attitude to have in any business venture. Keeping the mindset that you will encounter obstacles along the way.

Once people approach life like this, it makes it easier to attack the problem your facing with the knowledge and satisfaction that you are part of the solution; not part of the problem.

Get FREE Money

In making money, many online people fall into the trap that there is FREE money out there for them to grab. Well, we all know that there is not a magical money tree just waiting to be picked!

Money has to be earned in some fashion unless gotten in some illegal way, which we are not interested in gaining money this way. To obtain more money, you have to provide more value.

How can you increase your value in the world? That is relatively simple, provide the things that people need to address problems or issues they are facing in life.

Companies pay more for employees who have more education because they bring more to the table than someone without any knowledge or experience.

When your business is helping others make money online, you must provide the services needed to answer your customer’s needs. The better you do that, the more inherent value you bring to the customer.

They will easily be willing to pay more for the service or product that you are providing to them, think about how good they would feel if you can do that while at a lower cost to them.

Why It Is So Hard to Make Money Online

The biggest reason most people do not make money online is that most of the companies promoting business opportunities are not equipped to help people be successful.

Most of them have reused technology and do not cover all the needs that a person has to be successful in getting started with an online business.

The statistics are staggering and most people who are trying to make money online either are not successful or they are not making enough money to satisfy there desires.

Building the right business for you requires knowing what your goals are, and building a team of people who are working together, sharing a common goal that everyone benefits together.

Most of the philosophy in the business work revolves around the bottom line and making a profit looking at a fixed amount of time as a month, quarter, or year.

Building something really worthwhile may take a little longer than that and requires a broader vision. Working on a project that is not paying anything out at the moment is not for everyone!

People must be wired differently and be patient, especially when al they hear from other people is criticism and doubt. The ability to tune out these distractions is rare.

People Getting FREE Money

People prefer the idea of getting free money, and they want to see results right away. That is normal, and the mindset of an employee, they want to go to work, work their schedule, and get a paycheck at the end of the pay period.

There is nothing wrong with that way of thinking but it is not going to allow yourself the ability to see far enough down the road to building a business that can free you from working for someone else.

To really have the freedom you must free yourself from the bonds of working for someone else, they have total control over your life when they control all of your income.

Most of the time, Employers control when you can take a break and go on vacation or holiday. If you have a good boss that makes it better, but that is not what I am talking about here.

We know that you must provide value to be compensated, and the more value you bring to the table means that your compensation is also increased about your competition.

Why Can’t I Make Money Online

It is straightforward why people starting out cannot make money online, they do not have anything that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Most of the opportunities out there offer a replicated website with out of date recycled technology that anyone who looks at it with an objective eye sees that there is no value there.

On top of providing little to no value, the system is designed for branding the company and not the participant. Have you ever heard of a company that is going to brand you?

I have never seen one of the companies doing anything like that, other than trying to convince people that you are a business owner by participating in their program, which is promoting their system and their products.

How can you build your own business brand when you do not have your own products or programs to offer that is unique to yourself?

That is why I like what ONPASSIVE is doing by building a system that will brand every participant, all the products and services that ONPASSIVE offers to its customers are designed to help people brand their own companies.

You will have to do some thinking about the type of company you want to create and the type of website to make some money online.


Making money online is something that millions of people desire and is currently very hard to do effectively. Most people who are working online are not making the money they want too online.

We have to change the way we look at the issue and find somethings that work for us instead of making other companies more money.

The mindset of being part of the solution is an excellent place to start, after that start taking a close look at the actions you are taking and ask yourself what is going to happen if you continue down that road?

Are those actions building a future for yourself and building your brand, or is it building some other business brand? ONPASSIVE is created to help everyone who participates do their own business with their own brand.

Check to see if there are still Founding Positions available; Founders’ positions will no longer be available after launch. For those reading this after ONPASSIVE is open to the public, check out the product line!