Sleep Effects on Energy Level

Getting a good night’s sleep can make you feel energized the next morning entirely. While you are sleeping the body gets a chance to repair itself and be able to function correctly.

The first satisfaction you feel, when you wake up from sleep, is not always a good indicator of how well rested you are.

Many times, we can feel either good or bad when waking up; but, after some time passes our overall condition changes in the opposite direction.

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There can be many reasons for this to happen; in the life of a shift workers it happens a lot!

You may wake up early in the morning feeling great and but after mid-day (mid-shift) your energy levels drop, and you have a hard time functioning.

Other times the reverse takes place waking up feeling horrible only to feel great later during your day!

Why is that? Many factors that go into what people consider a good night’s sleep. But poor sleep quality has been linked to weight gain and obesity.

Getting good sleep is critical to so many of our bodily functions, that raising the awareness level is worth it.

Effects Bad Sleeping Habits

Good sleep restores the body functions and builds a stronger immune system. Complete rest helps the body stay healthy and fight off colds and the flu.

There are other functions such as helping the body to regulate temperature better, improves the appetite, and steadies the hormone levels.

All of which is necessary for a good energy level, and an overall feeling of well-being.

Fatigue is something that affects millions of people every day; the lack of proper sleep causes a lot of fatigue.

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Young adults will not get the recommended amounts of sleep many times due to studying for college or going out and socializing until the early morning hours.

After years of this kind of abuse it will catch up and but many turns to energy drinks to try to address the situation.

Typically, that is just a temporary relief of the symptoms and if the energy drinks are full of sugar but they have the crash to deal with when it wears off.

In older adults who have grown up and are more responsible should at least try to manage their lives to get enough sleep.

That is not always the case, sometimes life throws too many things at you, and your schedule is too busy!

The effects of long-term sleep deprivation contribute to obesity by not allowing the body time to reset and rejuvenate every day.

The lack of sleep can cause some people to try to compensate for the lack of energy by eating more, which will contribute to weight gain.

Sleep and Your Brain Energy

Common sense dictates that there is a correlation between our sleep and how our brains are functioning.

We know this just because when getting sleepy our brains start to shut down or go into slow motion.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there are approximately 100,000 police-reported crashes involving drowsy driving; resulting in over 70,000 injuries and more than 1,550 fatalities.

Blur Traffic Accident

That is influenced by more than just not getting enough sleep due to being on the road and everything associated with that.

To illustrate with this fact; is that lack of proper sleep affects how your brain functions and can affect others around you.

We must always be aware of our mental awareness and watch the people around us, to make sure they are not falling asleep on the job or behind the wheel.

Be your brother or sisters’ keepers, and it just might save someone’s life one day!

Sleep and Your Supplements

Here are several supplements that can help people to get a good night’s sleep.

For those who have a hard time relaxing to fall asleep; trying these natural supplements may do the trick.

  • Chamomile Tea – This Japanese remedy has been around for thousands of years, and there are studies to back up the calming effect that it can have on someone.
  • Melatonin – A natural hormone that helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle. It can help someone fall to sleep and improve sleep quality as well.
  • Valerian Root – It is an anti-anxiety treatment that has been around for more than 2,000 years. It does have a compounding effect with other supplements, use caution.
  • Kava Plant – The plant is an anxiety treatment that work for a short term sleep aid for stress-related sleep issues.
  • St. John’s Wort – Used to ease depression symptoms and could be used to make a tea to help someone fall asleep.
Cup of Tea
Relax before sleep

There are some over the counter sleeping pills used for occasional problems falling asleep.

Best to only take these types for just a few days and it the problem does not get better to see a doctor.

  • Unisom Sleep Tabs
  • Benadryl (liquid)
  • Vicks ZzzQuil (liquid)
  • Members Mark Max Strength Sleep Aid
  • Advil PM

Why Does Exercise Increase Energy?

People who exercise regularly say that they sleep better with exercise, better they do when they do not get their workout done.

Vigorous exercisers say they get the best sleep after completing a robust exercise program and they do not get as good of rest when they do not exercise.

Not exercising makes people more likely to become sleeper during the day. The risk of sleep apnea is more significant for those who do not use as well.

Sitting for less than eight hours a day tends to make people sleep fall asleep faster and have better quality sleep.

Another interesting fact about exercise is that it does not matter what time of the day you do the activity. The benefits of better sleep are the same.

Doctors are always promoting an active lifestyle because it is better to be in motion than to be sitting most of the day.

One of the problems with getting older is that it can be easier to remain sedentary, rather than get up and get some exercise. But in the end, we feel better if we make ourselves get some training.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the importance of getting some exercise and make it part of a healthy lifestyle.

Getting out and playing golf, hiking through a wilderness trail, playing your favorite sport or just riding a bike! Make it something that you enjoy doing, and you will sleep better for it.

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